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Comment The Future (Score 3, Interesting) 46

Frameworks like this are definitely the way forward - Enyo, Monotouch even Unity for the gaming community. While the particular flavor of language isn't my thing multi-target environments where developers can leverage their existing skill sets are always welcome. I applaud the effort - and will probably read the book. Thanks for the review.

Comment Re:Stephen Baxter - Titan (Score 1) 1365

I have to say that I agree with your assessment of the book - it was depressing. However I felt that it was a story that Baxter wrote to stretch out the amazing level of research he did for the significantly better, and somewhat magnificent "Voyage", where he postulates an Apollo-based mission to Mars in the mid-80's.

Titan in comparison was utterly ridiculous in its use of Apollo technology. Like taking the Saturn V out of the rocket garden in Florida and restoring it for flight (in reality they've moved it to a huge walk under indoor display). The human dynamics of such a ridiculously long flight were depressing and readable but the basic notion was absurd.

Comment Re:The Forever War, Joe Haldeman (Spoiler) (Score 1) 1365

Actually while the war itself is depressing and the cultural changes that the main character experiences divorces him from the culture and reason he is fighting - it has an upbeat ending and message. Society has passed through good and bad cycles and reached a stable equilibrium - ironically the kind of society they were fighting in the first place, just didn't understand. The individual characters end up happy because in such a society they hedge their bets and recreate a set of "baseline cultures" just in case they need to go back to first principles. Good stuff.

Comment Re:Blood Music by Greg Bear (Score 1) 1365

"Forge of God".. The latter books kind of dilute the story somewhat.. But that book as a standalone.. Very gritty and probably exactly what would happen.

Yes the end is totally a bummer I agree. The sequel Anvil of Stars really is quite gritty and depressing in its own way - even though it has a "Humans kick ass" plot.

Comment Respect in everything not just exit interviews (Score 1) 550

I think it pays not to lose your cool in any professional environment. The key (as far as is humanly possible) is to be polite, respectful and easy to work with or for, in any professional context. Bottom line, chances are that you will cross paths with these people again, and the probability increases significantly when you meet people who know other people etc. Case in point. I used to work with a fellow developer who was just an ass. Unhelpful, condescending, backstabbing - just a plain awful human being (good coder but soft skills were a real issue for this jerk). In the last 10 years I've been asked multiple times to provide a reference for this guy via mutual contacts simply because I worked with him in the past - and have refused every time. Politely and legally. It speaks volumes. Lots of doors have closed for him just because he couldn't take the time to act like a decent human being. ...and it costs so much energy to be a dick, why bother burning bridges?

Comment Theres a category for that (Score 1) 463

Thats what EB-1 and EB-2 green card categories are for. A green card where you can apply for permanent residency based on your own achievements. If you are writing research papers or filing patents left, right and center it's a good category as you don't need employer sponsorship.

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