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Comment Re:Gets the history wrong (Score 1) 511

" still in common use today"

I for one have never once seen that connector. And I see ALOT of different connectors.

Looks like coax, but with a large RCA type centre post? looks like RCA but with a weird circle on the (female? trans?) end? On the other hand, you got BNC which provides a lock and already merges RCA and f-type. Why does your connector exist?

Comment Microsoft just trying to level the playing field (Score 1, Interesting) 57

Microsoft has been uninterested in cross-platform gameplay since....well, forever. They've actively tried to kill PC gaming (or at the very least, make it a second-class gaming experience to the Xbox). Not to mention they double-dip with their accessories ( For example, Xbox One Kinect having a proprietary connector so they can sell the USB 3.0 Windows Kinect).

Now Microsoft has suddenly seen the light! They want to enable cross-platform play with Sony! Hmm, I wonder if that has anything to do with the low sales for Xbox One compared to PS4. Sony's refusal makes them the "closed" bad guy now. Great marketing, but it doesn't actually improve anyone's gaming experience. Psyonix's leadership is either naive about the console business or willfully acting as Microsoft's proxy to attack Sony.

Comment Re: Where are big pharma's recreational drugs? (Score 1) 415

Firstly yes, grand parent has never heard of pheonix tears, oil caps, and other eatables. You don't have to smoke at all.

Secondly, saying you cant OD is BS. As a regular user i have OD'ed a few times. Eating too many eatables and not getting the right dose is very easy to do. Basically you "feel" like you cant breathe and "feel" like there is a heavy weight on your chest for 30 minutes or so. All you can do is lie on the floor, try not to completely pass out and watch your breathing. NOt fun.

My tolerance is very high and i can easily OD on eatables. You probably cant OD just smoking it, but times have changed and there are so many more options available now. For instance pheonix tears which i do quite regularly needs to be dosed about the size of a grain of rice. Double that as i have by accident, and its a similar comatose feeling, heart rate slows, etc. Now i'm pretty sure that I have never almost died or anything like that, but i really don't know. There are many new untested products out there these days, and its all "buyer beware" when it comes to dosing. In canada there is no regulation, so you don't even necessarily know the percent of substances in the product. Some of the products, like phoenix tears, is in the 80%-90+% of thc. Incredibly potent!

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