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Comment Re:Seems wrong to me (Score 1) 221

" Perhaps not even "ford compatible gas tanks" because a patent cover the tank design."

You clearly have never part shopped for car parts.. You cannot prevent aftermarket parts as you state it. There is no law stating that you cant produce ford compatible gas tanks in any country that i am aware of. Thats why you often have multple people who make gas tanks. Don't believe me? look it up. http://www.rockauto.com/en/cat...

These companies simply want to bring computer licensing models to things like toner carts and that is BS. The rulings for the courts were probably printed on re-manufactured toner cartridges. Who the hell buys brand name toner? Lexmark should be focusing on making their printers cheaper to run (use less power, use less toner), not creating a monopoly on cartridges. Guess which is easier though.

Comment Re:Dictionary attack? (Score 1) 45

"By all appearances, Apple's assertion that this is a collection of information obtained from other sources, rather than an actual iCloud leak, appears to be true"

"Most of the people admitted to reusing the password on other major sites, though a few claimed they hadn't."

I re use passwords too. There ain't no one who doesn't. That some had unique passwords is significant, yet you gloss over that. You can think that some users are lying, but i'll bet its for real. I re use passwords, but for very important services they are of course unique. Having remote whipe on a phone seems to fall in that category, so I am inclined to believe that some are telling the truth.

If even one is, it means that somewhere got compromised. Maybe they only have a few hundred accounts, but still, they probably do have the ability to do what they say they can do, and most users should change their passwords in any case.

can't be too careful...

Comment Re:My how times change. (Score 1) 270

Say I bought 100 bitcoins back when they were worth nothing and never touched them until today. One bitcoin is worth $1055 now. What did I lose? Changing them into currency isn't a problem. Newegg accepts bitcoin so I buy random items and resell them on eBay. So yeah I take a slight loss there along with fees but come on how is that not a sound plan?

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