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Comment Re:Because he had a server in the USA (Score 1) 80

Using your logic I can host all the infringing content I please as long as someone else owns the hardware it runs on. I can also run over people with my car because the bank still owns it and they are therefor responsible. The bottom line is the court believes he was infringing copyright in the USA and sent a legal extradition order to Poland. What is the court supposed to do, subpoena the hardware itself?

Comment Re:In all honesty... (Score 1) 241

Do you remember george w bush?

Face it, america the world is watching you. Don't fuck it up. Clinton isn't that great, but trump is both stupider and more violent than george w bush ever was. It was extremely hard to get rid of that asshole. Trump may just end it all.

So your damn right people should ignore some stupid BS about some stupid clasified documents and someone stupid fucking insecure MAILSERVER! Do you know how many hosts on the internet are insecure? like fuck who cares!

TRUMP is going to nuke the fucking world man. You americans are like the densest fucks ever. This is exactly the bullshit that got george bush elected. People were apathetic about gore, i remember it, and then bush snuck right in. No one thought he actually had a shot either.


"So you only like the truth leaked when it's about people you don't like? If there's damning evidence that's being hidden about people you agree with, you would want it hidden?"

If it involves prevention of the literal end times, then yes. At least until the damn american election is over! I'd rather she was impeached after getting into office than trump gets anywhere near that kind of power!

Comment Re:Apple makes stupid hardware decisions (Score 1) 236

" Someone will invent gigabit wireless."

Dell has been shipping "wigig" docks since at least 2013

I used one last week with a new dell laptop. They have a range of only a few feet, but they do work and can share screens and network and all that over it. In fact the one i was using is second generation. Its an intel technology.


Comment Enough with the SJW bullshit (Score 2, Insightful) 634

Reddit needed to make a policy change to keep the site profitable. They knew the changes would make fedora wearing neckbeards like yourself start foaming at the mouth so they made her the "fall guy". The changes were enacted and your anger was directed towards her instead of the site. Mission accomplished.

Comment Re:Not enough affordable housing? (Score 1) 270

"The better solution is don't "take" the money, just let developers choose how many units they want to invest in and they will remedy the problem, profitably, without stealing anyone's money."

Oh i guess you haven't been to vancouver and surrounding suburbs where the developers are in the pockets of the government and love to choose towers full of one bedroom and bachelor condos.

Letting the developers choose what to build has ruined this city for families. 2 bedroom condos are 400k in the suburbs (more like 1mil in the city) and there simply are no 3 bedroom condos in most developments.

The developers know that selling a 2 bedroom condo for 1 million is not as valuable as selling 3 bachelors for 550k each, but both take up the same amount of space.

Developers maximize profit - that's it. The city makes a deal with the devil for the tax revenue and land sales. Up until recently they did not care at all about what was built. Now you get 5 token 3 bedroom units in a tower of hundreds. its a joke.

But dont believe me, see for yourself:

thats what they build if you give the developer carte blanche. Luxury condos.

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