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Comment The engineers lament (Score 1) 179

Ford chose death and destruction over the lives of customers.

To this day I won't own Ford.

Get ready to change your mind! Hear from the engineer who caused the pinto not to be recalled:

But does a rear-positioned gas tank qualify as traceable cause? Traceable cause suggests a deviation from the norm. It turns out, however, that most compacts of that era had fuel tanks behind the rear axle. A former head of the N.H.T.S.A. testified on Ford's behalf, stating that in his opinion the Pinto's design was no more or less safe than that of any other car in its class, like the Chevrolet Vega or the A.M.C. Gremlin. Under cross-examination, one of the chief witnesses for the prosecutionâ"an automobile-safety consultant named Byron Blochâ"conceded the point.


"Yet, from an engineer's standpoint, the same information is much more ambiguous. Every car on the road is differentâ"safer in some ways and less safe in others. So does the one area where the Pinto is worseâ"by two miles per hour in an infrequent subset of a rare kind of fatal crashâ"mean that the car is defective? A radically redesigned Pinto would not have saved the Ulrich girls. In the trial, the defense successfully argued that Duggar was driving at close to fifty miles per hour, and nothing short of a Sherman tank could have survived the impact of a four-thousand-pound van at full speed."

That is, these were people who cared about the problems they thought were problems. The entire time that Gioia was working on the Pinto case, he drove a Pinto. "Look, the facts of the matter are that in normal use this car is perfectly fine," he said, shrugging. Later, he sold his Pinto to his sister, for six hundred dollars. At the time, the Pinto was being tried in court for the murder of three teen-age girls. But it should be remembered that, in the end, Ford won the Ulrich case. The engineers got the chance to present their evidence, and their testimony carried the day.

I cant possibly quote the whole article but its really quite good: You can believe your simplistic version of events, or you can read the truth as illustrated in a way only malcom gladwell could do.

Comment Re:Just compare the prices of other utilites (Score 1) 200

"The term "natural" implies being OK, renewable, then good to use."

Uh you can redefine words all you want, but don't act like your hipster defintion is correct.

NATURAL: (1) existing in or formed by nature (opposed to artificial)

This is what happens when you listen to too much marketing, and let the advertisers change language for you. But i bet you think "organic" means something other than "characteristic of, pertaining to, or derived from living organisms".

Face it, you've been duped, but please don't advise other people on "correct' language use referencing your silly newspeak.

Besides "natural gas" is a noun. Its not implying anything (adjective). Its hardly a propagandists twist like "clean coal". People have been using the noun "natural gas" for hundreds of years.

Comment Re:Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 4, Insightful) 805

The original poster is correct. We shouldn't be using illegal labor to justify low prices. I don't have a problem with immigrants. I have a problem with illegal immigrants not paying their fare share in taxes. Most of the money they make gets sent back to Mexico anyhow.

Comment Re:VIP (Score 2) 610

To me that's the number one reason it seems completely faked. Who talks like that, as if somehow that means you will get a better quality of help?

Hes either a retard tech or its manufactured somehow. I am not a donal trump fan, but if someone were to find similar posts on technet then i might be more inclined to believe this. However the timing is just too convenient for trump.

There is a lot at stake here for the entire world to base solely on reddit "evidence".

Someone could have known his handle before hand, created the account back in the day and posted that because they knew about Benghazi and emails being requested. Or whatever, i am not following it that closely, but the "very very VIP" line strikes as a clear planted statement. No one talks that way, certainly not personal information about their clients when posting on tech forums.

If hes a retard though, then all bets are off. Someone will subpeona reddits logs, i know they have given logs out in the past.

Comment He aint going home, no way (Score 1) 387

Why does he want to go back that much? I've been to the USA, its not that great. Russia is no picnic either but I think he could try for a more sympathetic country than america.

There is the possibility that he has been turned by the russians. Why else would he want to go back so badly? it makes no sense. I suppose he thinks hes the most american of any of any american, but its far too soon for history to have been the judge. Maybe he just loves america so much? Plenty of people leave shit countries for a better life, doesn't mean they still don't love where they grew up. But times change and you don't always end up where you thought you would be. Ask any refugee. I have some that live in my building now. They spent 20 years of savings just to escape syria and now have nothing and have to start all over again. In their mid 40s, with 3 kids.

He is a true patriot for the USA (and there aren't many), but he shouldn't expect to go back ever. Hes lucky hes not dead and should embrace that while its still true. There are worse things than not going home again. Blend into the background for 20 years. Become a cook, and marry a nice russian girl. That's my advice if you troll slasldot mr snowden.
Thank you for your service to the world. Even if obama pardons you, trump will execute you the day you set foot back, so I would just forget about it.

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