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Comment Re:Captain Kirk says... (Score 1) 308

So maybe all that minor stuff on your list would take 20 years. Maybe. Lets triple it and say 60.

you still have infinity more years. What will you do for the next thousand? the thousand after that?

I mean many writers have touched on this. For me, I often can picture of the "apathetics" in the movie Zardoz. Who just kind of froze up one day.

"First they stop by a colony of outcasts called Renegades. These are Eternals who, through boredom, malice or discontent, repeatedly violated the rule of law and as a result were punished by being aged, gradually, into senility. They will spend eternity in feeble-minded old age.

The next group they visit are the Apathetics. These Eternals stand around staring blankly in a catatonic, vegetative state, having lost the will to live but, like the Renegades and all other Eternals, unable to die. Friend tells Zed that this is the main reason Brutals are now forced to farm crops for Zardoz-- someone needs to feed these unproductive members of Eternal society. Death is an impossibility in the Vortex because anyone who kills himself is simply reincarnated by the Tabernacle."

I saw that movie when I was a kid and it always stuck with me as a great example of the necessity of a finite life.

Comment costco (Score 2) 463

I have heard costco has a legendary refund policy. That they will take back things after years of use.

Those are physical things that use real resources. No mans sky can be copied and deleted a billion times effortlessly, but only a 2 hour refund window? Why can't we have refunds whenever the hell we want on intangible property?

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