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Comment Re:I thought diesel ran cleaner (Score 1) 238

Typical compression ratio in a Diesel engine is somewhere around 20:1, vs a gasoline engine that's running 10:1 or there about. That means that your 3.2L V6 is pushing 46500L per minute of air through it (3.6/6*20*1550*3 = 49600. Your gasoline engine is 3.2/6*10*1800*3 = 28800L/minute.

Basically this is displacement/cylinder * compression ratio * RPM * number of intake strokes per revolution. As such, your Diesel is pushing just under double the amount of air compared to the gasoline engine.

Ever wondered why diesel tail pipes are a lot larger than gasoline ones? This is why, diesels move a lot more air.

For the record, I drove an '06 TDI, and won't trade it for a gasser until it falls apart.

Comment Re:No plutonium is not an issue here (Score 4, Informative) 107

No, the lead was a simulator for the plutonium pit. The Depleted Uranium tamper surrounding the weapon isn't particularly radioactive. The tamper is there for two reasons, one the density and high inertia of it confines the chemical explosion long enough for the nuclear reaction to occur. Secondly, fast neutrons from the plutonium chain reaction then cause the tamper to fission, generating another portion of the weapon's energy.

As to why you're flying the aircraft with a weapon such as this, it's because it is supposed to be a live training mission, testing all the electrical interfaces, mission profiles, etc... and without the plutonium pit, the weapon is inert from a nuclear perspective. At that point, they also didn't have really viable simulators that could be used as a proxy.

Comment Re:Electric cars won't take off (Score 1) 174

Oh, so fuel prices reach what they are elsewhere in the world? most recent price I saw for regular here in Vancouver was $1.19 CAD/L, which works out to $3.40 USD/gallon, though that's a significant improvement over what it was a while back when it sat at $1.50 for quite a while.

Face it, the US has artificially low fuel prices, you guys are just starting to join the rest of the world. The world won't end, the sun will still rise and set, and the bitching will continue.

Comment Re:breaking news (Score 3, Informative) 190

Especially when there's no fucking reason to fuel up while crew are aboard.

Actually there are a number of reasons to fuel right before launch, some specific to SpaceX/Falcon 9 and some in practice.

1) If you fuel the rocket you have a lot of people that are working in and around the rocket when it's in a hazardous state for a long period of time, with no means of escape. Think of all the technicians in the white-room who are strapping the astronauts into the capsule etc... The astronauts, when strapped into the capsule, have a good escape system that will get them away from the fireball.

2) In the old days, it did take hours to load propellant into the rocket, and having your astronauts strapped into their seats that long was lunacy. With the Falcon 9, that process is down to 40 minutes.

3) The Falcon 9 requires this. The design as it stands depends on sub-chilled propellants to achieve the required performance. This means that the rocket can't sit for long on the pad fully loaded, certainly not long enough to strap in the astronauts.

All in all, with the way that the Falcon 9 works, and the reliability of the launch escape system, it's actually safer to load the propellants when the astronauts are already packed in.

Comment Re:What about forest management practices (Score 4, Insightful) 191

and the current forestry management practice is to put them out ASAP, you're right on part of that.

Actually, modern policies are to let it burn as much as possible, and only fight it where required. In our situation, they protected our facility (we run a retreat center in a deep valley) by doing controlled burns throughout our valley. This greatly reduced the fuel load, while protecting the larger/more established trees, and saving our site. In the end, the forest will be far more healthy because of this fire.

There were some other fires, further into the back country that summer as well, and for the most part they just kept them under observation, and allowed them to follow their natural course.

Comment Re:What about forest management practices (Score 4, Interesting) 191

A fair amount of this can probably be traced back to this. In the days of yore, the Forest Service had a policy of "Out by 11" (the next day). The reality is that just caused massive fuel buildup in the forests, and made them far more flammable than they were in the past. That said, climate change has magnified this problem and made the tinder box even more dangerous.

Reference: I spent two summers ago at the heart of the Wolverine Fire in Chelan County, WA. We watched over 1000 acres burn in 15 minutes (from 8 miles away) and it's what I imagine what a Nuclear weapon going off would look like.

Comment Re:The issues in a nutshell (Score 2) 157

It would probably end up diverting tens of billions of dollars from actually fixing the immigration system.

The only thing that will ever stop illegal immigration from Mexico is fixing Mexico. You don't see many people crossing illegally between Canada and the US, even when significant portions of the border is secured by nothing more than a drainage ditch, or a cut in the forest. No matter what you do, no matter how high a wall you put in, or if you put in east-germany style no-man lands with land mines, and soldiers with orders to shoot to kill, people will still come.

All they need is even the slightest glimmer of a life that is better than where the are. Fix that, and they're a lot more likely to stay where they are.

Comment Not just Firewalls, Routers too. (Score 1) 30

This is bad, really bad. It's not just the firewalls that are at issue, but it's also all their routers, if they're running most modern versions of IOS and/or IOS-XE.

The only thing to do right now is to slam ACLs onto your interfaces to block connections to UDP port 500 and 4500 from anywhere except where the other end of your VPN is coming from.

Comment Re:Not a nice way to die (Score 1) 429

the ordinary mousetrap is humane, effective, reusable, and available in multiple sizes. They kill instantly; you'll never find a mousetrap with a live rodent wiggling around in it.

Not true, in my years of dealing with mice out at the cabin, I've managed to trap one mouse in two traps (it got it's rear end caught in one, and head in the other), and have found more than one trap where the mouse was maimed, but still alive (usually when they trip it with their rear ends).

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