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Comment Re:Pics or it didn't happen! (Score 1) 412

Personally I think you've already made the assumption that naked infant pictures are in some way embarrassing. To my mind, they're not. To most Europeans, they're not.

It seems I'm really struggling to say this sufficiently clearly: The difference between a photo of a naked 4 year-old and a clothed 4-year old to me is the clothes, that's it. I really don't care whether the kid has clothes on or not, it makes absolutely no difference to the photo, and the first comment that would come to mind would be something like "wasn't that Summer of '73" or "Hey look at the size of that sand-castle you were building", or something equally irrelevant to the clothing situation.

If someone wants to get all upset over the photos, then fine. It's a bit weird to make an issue out of it, but whatever. Similarly, if the parents don't want to take the photos down, that's also a bit weird, it seems like basic courtesy ought to rule here. As I said, I don't really care; I think it's a matter for the family to handle, and apparently they think it's a matter for the courts to handle. Fair enough. I don't really see why it's news, either.

Comment Re:Pics or it didn't happen! (Score 1) 412

[sigh] My point was that *I* live in the USA. If *I* posted pics of my 4-year-old niece naked, then *I* would be in trouble in the USA. Because nuts.

FWIW, I have no desire or plan to post pics of my niece naked, I see no reason to. I just don't regard it with the same level of apparent disgust that Anonymous Coward "Pics or it didn't happen" 2 posts up seems to.

I don't have a horse in the race here - I don't care what the parents or the child do in this particular case, I think they're both being stupid, but whatever.

Comment Re:Good Lord... (Score 2) 412

The law in the UK is specifically *not* for this sort of thing:

"The most recent amendment to the law, outlawing the possession of pornographic photographs of children, was introduced seven years ago, amid intense lobbying from campaigners who included Mary Whitehouse. Although John Patten, then a Home Office minister, emphasised it was not the intention to catch innocent family snaps of naked children in the bath or on the beach"

I quickly googled. There *are* people getting into trouble for taking photos of naked teens etc. on European beaches, but the photographer wasn't related to those teens and that makes a big difference. Naked teenagers is also a lot different from naked 4 year-olds. I didn't find anything successfully prosecuted over naked infant snaps when the photographer was related.

Comment Re:Good Lord... (Score 4, Insightful) 412

Maybe in the US.

It's pretty commonplace for infant kids to run around naked on the beach in Europe for example. My niece is 4, and when I'm iChatting my parents over in the UK, it's pretty common to see her wandering round the house naked (lunchtime here being bath time in the UK). I don't see why photos are any different. Nudity just isn't such a big deal when the kid is so young they're still "innocent", at least for most Europeans. As far as I'm aware it's the same in Asia. It's mainly the US that's so puritanical over the human body.

And (presumably) the photos aren't sexual in nature. If someone was jacking off to them, the fault lies with that person, not with the photo.

Comment Re:linux etc (Score 2) 585

Liberalism ("Progressivism") is precisely what has led to the creation of the US prison state and fomented the spread of fascism in the US. I've personally watched it happening in real-time over the last 5+ decades.

Fuck that's funny. Even more so if you actually believe it.

There hasn't been a progressive Government in the USA for the better part of half a century, and 30-40 years for most of the rest of the western world (a handful of European countries aside, and even they've shifted significantly rightwards).

Right-wing Fascism evolved into right-wing Neoliberalism and it has been running the world since - at the absolute latest - the '80s. So the modern world shouldn't surprise anyone - the political right is the side of royalty, corporations, the church, the military, and other similar hereditary, conformist, strictly hierarchical, stratified, undemocratic organisations.

Comment Re:Tabs are redundant these days (Score 1) 391

I believe you mean 4.8 MiB, not 4.8 MB.

Back then, the term mibibyte hadn't been invented, but yes, when they were referred to as 4.8 it was a binary and not a decimal unit.

Standard disk size then was 5 MB, which was about 4.8 MiB

When? The disks I'm thinking of came as a removable platter with a published capacity of initially 2.4 MB (or what would now be called mibibytes), increasing with later models to 4.8 MB.

Comment Re:Spaces are for people who don't understand tabs (Score 1) 391

When do you use tabs outside of the beginning of a line? The only time I've seen them elsewhere is when people are trying to align columns. And that's a problem with the editor not properly supporting column formatting, not a problem with tabs.

But how do you expect the editor to support column formatting? That is, not how does the editor effect it on screen, but how does it then save the result in a file?

Contrary to what the OP said, column formatting is precisely the whole point of tabs. That's what they were designed for, going right back into the days of mechanical typewriters.

I agree with OP. Tab-challenged people either never learned how to use them properly and make up arguments to excuse their ignorance/misuse, or just want to force their formatting preferences onto other people.

Bollocks! It's not a question of being tab-challenged, or ignorance or misuse. The whole idea of varying the size of tabs to produce an indent which adjusts to personal preference is terminally broken. Yes, it would theoretically be possible, but it requires incredible discipline from your entire programming team, keeping careful track of something which they can't even see! In practice, it just doesn't work.

As a wise other poster said, tabs work purely in theory - in practice they're a mess.

As soon as people started varying tabs from their default value of 8 spaces they lost their usefulness. Their only real value was as a primitive form of data compression, and it really isn't needed now.

Comment Re:Tabspaces? (Score 3, Insightful) 391

That is one of the most annoying things an editor can do IMO (and if someone has put it as a default in the global .vimrc they need to die a slow painful death). If my next line is in an outer block it means i have to delete the damn indentation which is a lot more labour intensive than putting some in in the first place!

Your average editor which does auto-indentation like this generally has enough smarts to realise it needs to go back a level when you finish a block. You keep typing and your desired and configured indentation just happens.

Even if it didn't (and why would you use an editor which couldn't manage it?) it would still be less work to reduce by one level of indent than to insert N-1 levels.

Comment Re:Spaces are for people who don't understand tabs (Score 4, Insightful) 391

It's a nice idea in theory, but it's never worked - nor is it the point of tabs.
If all indents were always solely at the beginning of a line, and always an exact multiple of whatever N you've chosen then it might have a chance, but they aren't and so it just breaks.

Don't mess with the size of a tab character - you'll just cause pain.

Comment Tabs are redundant these days (Score 1) 391

A long, long time ago, in a data centre far, far away...

Back in the day, a multi-user system might have had a single 4.8M hard disk, shared between the operating system and all its users. It made sense to use tabs instead of lots of spaces for indents, because each tab saved you 8 spaces - a pretty good compression ratio, and a worthwhile saving in disk usage.

Then came a period of chaos, where people started muddling up their desired indent with the size of a tab. Decent editors always let you separate the two, but poor quality editors confused them, and so you ended up with tabs being re-defined as 4 characters, or even sillier things.

Given today's disk capacities, there is really no point in bothering with characters in your source files to achieve indents. Be specific, and have however many spaces you want. A decent text editor will let you configure the Tab key to give you whatever indent you want, but for goodness sake configure it to do it by way of spaces.

Back before the sizes of tabs got confused, I've used editors which would do the following:

First press of Tab - insert 4 spaces.
Second press - remove the 4 spaces and insert a hard TAB
Third press - add 4 spaces.

etc. It was all very clever, but unnecessary now.

Comment Re: The problem with GPL (Score 1) 238

The buyer would be forced to give away the asset for free which is why the lawyers I met do not like it.

What makes you think it's their asset? It's GPL'd code; it's a derived work per copyright law, and belongs to the original author.

Not quite. Copyright in the original code vests with the original author. Copyright in the modifications vests with the modifier. The modifier has no requirement on him to redistribute the code at all - he can just use it in house for whatever reason he wants. No-one has a right to demand a copy of it.

If however the modifier chooses to distribute the modified version of the code - either free of charge, or charging as much money for it as he likes - then he must pass on the same permissions to the recipient. Even having distributed it, there is still no requirement on him to give copies to anyone other than those he chooses to give them to - either because he likes them, or because they have paid him loads of dosh. He does however have to pass on all the source code, either at the same time as he provides the executable, or with an offer to provide it later. This of course is how he got the source code in the first place.

Despite the GP's repeated claim, he doesn't have to give it away to anyone.

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