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Comment Re:Summary makes no sense (Score 1) 284

He made a standard court filing to identify the owners of the few parcels of land that are completely surrounded by his property so that they can choose whether they want to pay any back taxes and continue to own the land, sell to him (or someone else they choose) or officially abandon the land to the State. Apparently some of these half acre plots can have hundred of owners, most of whom have no idea they even own the property, so no one bothers to do anything with them.

From the article it appears only one even had a resident, who left a few years back, and he's actually supporting Zuckerberg's filing so that all the owners can be properly identified and paid.

Comment Re:May not be as bad as the clickbaity headline sa (Score 1) 284

He followed standard Hawaiian procedure for identifying land owners of essentially abandoned properties. The suit requires the owners to be identified and served before any actions are taken and if they choose to they can simply ensure all property taxes are up to date (or make arrangements) and then continue using/not using the land as they desire.

Zuckerberg isn't forcing anyone off their land; most of the owners don't even know it exists but after this they will and can possibly make a few dollar off of it.

Comment Re:May not be as bad as the clickbaity headline sa (Score 1) 284

From the article, this is exactly why this process is used,. By filing they have to notify the owners (most of whom have no idea they own anything) and then they get a chance to settle up (if in arrears) and sell before the government just seizes the land and auctions it off.

Comment Re:Hacking review !== Election results review (Score 1) 557

I don't have links but from news reports I saw before they stopped the recount they found that in heavy Clinton areas that used certain types of optical scanners the numbers may have been inflated due to mishandling of ballots. Essentially, the person had an issue running the ballot through the first time and then retried but the machine actually registered both attempts as a vote for Clinton (assuming they were Clinton votes because they were in heavy Clinton districts). They were finding a larger number for their scanned totals than they actually had physical ballots for the recount.

While not voter fraud per se (since there was no intent shown), it definitely put a spot light on a major flaw in the system that apparently was well know from prior elections.

Comment Re:Is Canada Better? (Score 1) 590

The Charter of rights is no where near as strong as the 1st amendment.

While the 1st amendment protects all speech, including hate speech, with the limited exception of direct calls for action (incitement) or libel/slander laws, our Charter gives lots of wiggle room for people who are merely offended, even if what was said was 100% true, to bring the speaker/writer in front of the kangaroo court system of our Human Right's Commissions. The HRCs are designed for convictions, not honest airing of facts, and place so many limits on the defendant as to make sure their nearly 100% conviction rate stays in place.

HRCs regularly stretch 'trials' over years and while the plaintiff's costs are 100% covered the defendant is on the hook for every penny spent on their defense. At the end, the plaintiff receives whatever fines the HRC imposes (free money since they had to spend none of their own to effectively sue someone) and the defendant, on top of their already staggering legal fees, must now pay an often exorbitant fine.

At one point the primary user of the HRC system was one of their own lawyers who filed multiple suits (few if any of which involved a targeted group of which he was a member) and made over $50,000 in just a couple years off of fines.

Comment Re: So... (Score 1) 1321

As far as I can tell the anti-Semitic claim comes from a statement from his ex-wife during their divorce proceedings. Hardly an unbiased source but when you want to demonize your opponents you'll grab at anything.

At this point it's just become a talking point and is repeated, without any supporting evidence, by every late night comedian and most reporters.

Comment Re:You can't (Score 1) 1321

The biggest thing stopping this type of implementation on a large scale in the US is their odd requirement to have every f^%#*&! elected office/initiative voted for on the same day. Limit Super Tuesday to Federal offices and then have another day for State and possibly a third for local and you can have simpler ballots with only 2 or 3 positions which are easier to have paper trails for.

Instead now you have ballots in some districts that closer resemble an AP calculus exam which makes counting and verifying exponentially harder than it should be.

Comment Re:Stupid. (Score 1) 248

Well in every poll I've ever been to the handling of the ballot, outside of the actual booth, is done in plain view of pretty much everyone else in the room. They can't see what was placed on the ballot but everyone can see you going to the poll worker and getting a new ballot.

As there is no law about arriving in a group, for someone so inclined to buy or force a person to vote a certain way, it would just take 1 person to arrive with the group and stand in the back so as to go last and be able to watch everyone else hand in their ballots.

Comment Re:Simple Solution (Score 1) 317

You can ruin you ballot and request a new one in, as far as I know, every poll in the US. That doesn't solve the issue with coercion that the banning on photos prevents since the ruining of the ballot and request for a new one occurs outside of the booth and anyone present at the poll can see you doing it.

So as for the examples given above of an abusive or controlling spouse, they would most likely see you ruining your ballot and requesting a new one and then demand you show them both pics of your ballot.

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