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Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 560

While it raises concerns, a few things to note: It is one primary study that has just been released and is undergoing further peer-review. Results need to be replicated by other researchers with better controls and varied methods. Why was the control group (92) so much smaller than the cannabis group (982)? This is unusual for this type of study. Possible selection bias, this was heavy current use of cannabis by people who managed to be diagnosed with "cannabis use disorder". Reduced blood flow is a pharmacological effect of cannabinoids. They can constrict blood vessels. The researcher may simply be observing something that for the most part wears off with abstinence (it can take days/weeks for the heaviest of users to clear the system). Other research has suggested cannabinoids may help treat and prevent Alzheimer's.

Comment PS3 mouse response too slow. (Score 1) 168

I've played fps's, including the Unreal Tournament series, for years using a keyboard and mouse. I love the responsiveness of the aiming and the ability to put the crosshair exactly wherever I need to and as quickly as I need to. I gave this a try using a keyboard and mouse for UT3 on the PS3 and was greatly disappointed. The mouse was not nearly responsive enough. There seemed to be many frames of lag between moving the mouse and seeing the result on screen. It was like aiming with a wet noodle. I've tried a few different mice and settings to no avail. At least with the PC there was usually some work around for this situation, such as turning down max pre-rendered frames to 1 or 0. Unless this issue is fixed I would honestly rather use a gamepad for FPS's on the PS3. I believe this is part of the reason the keyboard + mouse controls never caught on for the PS3.

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