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Comment Aliens: Stay Away! (Score 1) 1028

So, on the one hand we have Putin making ever larger nukes and others trying to get to first base. On the other hand, we have Hawking an co. finding possible signs of intelligence elsewhere in the Universe. Let's hope our alien friends stay well away from us. We can't get along with someone on our own planet; don't even think about how we'd manage extra-terrestrial diplomacy! I guess that goes for colonising Mars too.... Some people think big, others think they are thinking big.

Comment Darn companies! (Score 1) 236

Currently I use: Services: Netflix and Spotify. Tried Apple music but dumped it due to having no web player for use at work, or Sonos interface (yet). Kit: HP ML115 server running Windows 10 and Plex (for media collected before my streaming days) Samsung Smart TV and PS4 Cambridge Audio stereo amp with Monitor Audio Silver speakers Sonos x 3 And there is the rub. Sonos. I have no way of piping the TV/PS4 sound to Sonos (ok, maybe somehow with a lag). Spotify provide a crap API (I think), while Sonos refuse to allow Spotify Connect to directly send music to my speakers. The worrying thing is, the more of these walled garden, monthly fee charging companies that are around, the more likely you'll need to subscribe to many of them to watch what you want. This encourages piracy by making stuff difficult. Similarly, when a service provider decides to not play ball with another, it leaves the user no choice but to switch to a different service. Not so difficult with music, as most of them see to claim millions of songs these days. So, I'm tempted to sell Sonos and see what happens with Google Chromecast Audio, or one of the Spotify Connect devices which will no doubt be much cheaper than Sonos.

Submission + - Polar watch sync not available all weekend

StirlingArcher writes: Having purchased a Polar Heart Rate Monitor on Friday, I was looking forward to creating a personal training program and uploading it to Polar through their Websync application (and expensive Flow Link widget). This reported SSL issues and have not worked all weekend, as can be seen by the number of people worldwide reporting on their Facebook page.

No response from Polar the whole weekend = bad for business.

Can't say this is a great start to my Polar experience.

Submission + - How would you secure your Parents' PC?

StirlingArcher writes: I've always built/maintained my Parents' PC's, but as Mum has got older her PC seems to develop problems more readily. I would love to switch her to Linux, but she struggles with change and wants to stay with Vista and MS Office.

I've done the usual remove Admin rights, use a credible Internet Security package. Is there anything more dramatic that I could do, without changing the way she uses her PC or enforcing a new OS on her again?

One idea was to use a Linux OS and then run Vista in a VM, which auto-boots and creates a backup image every so often.

Thanks for any help!

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