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Comment Re:Just a few... (Score 2) 405

1. Perspective is a funny thing. You can see that the tents were located just past the Smithsonian Castle, which is more like 2/3 of the way to the Washington Monument. You can also see in CNN's gigapixel that the section between the tents and the first row of green barriers is almost empty, and the section after that has very few people standing on the north side, matching very closely with photographs taken from behind. I'm not arguing numbers, but in this case at least, the evidence seems to match statements published elsewhere.

Comment Re:Something needs to be done (Score 1) 68

On the other hand, I play in a band because I enjoy doing it. It has never been about making money. It is a hobby that I find fun. I have no expectation of becoming rich, or even of making it into a full time job. Very few artists, writers, painters, whatever, should ever get rich from their hobby. Especially with so many creative people out there, there just isn't enough money in the market for everyone. If you enjoy doing something, do it for fun. If you happen to make some money, cool, but it should never be an expectation.

Comment Re:close so close (Score 1) 80

Disney, etc are only able to package all the channels together because the cable companies agree to it. If customers weren't willing to pay for their package deal, they'd have to sell individual channels or go out of business. But as long as enough people keep paying for crap they don't want to watch, the media companies are happy to keep bundling it.

Comment Re:Efficiency (Score 2) 904

3.75 billion kwh/night * 365 nights = 1369 billion kwh/year, or almost exactly 1/3 of our yearly energy production of 4093 billion kwh.

One third of our energy budget going into automobiles is certainly a significant portion of yearly production, but not nearly as impossible as the above math made it sound.

Add solar and wind power, new generating stations, etc., plus not everyone will switch over to electric immediately.

Comment Re: Free? (Score 1) 703

Don't forget, though, each student has 5 or 6 professors to pay per semester. 5 * $625 = $3125 times two semesters is $6250. Add in your 25% overhead/utilities, which seems low, and its already up to $7812. Then you have to have at least some administrative staff, unless you are going to do degree planning, financial collection, pay all the bills, and do everything for youself, plus IT, librarians, computers, etc. etc. That $10k seems like a pretty reasonable value, actually.

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