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Comment This is not a surprise to me at all (Score 1) 839

Of course they are going to look at the game in a situation like this. The American way is that nothing is your fault yet always somebody elses. The same thing happened at Columbine, when the kids did that they looked at computers, games, and music that they listened to such as Marilyn Manson. Yet that was not the reason for the kids taking part in that. The real reason was rejection from fellow students and other people in their lives, and also the boys had menta problems. Instead of realizing that it was their superiors faults because they did not pay attention to the boys they blamed and media and such. With this situation the kid obviously had mental issues and the parents and/or teachers or people around him. This is not the games fault, it is the child's fault. He is guilty and needs to be charged as an adult.

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