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Comment Automatische besonderen Bedürfnissen helfen (Score 1) 108

But I don't think it has the same colequal meaning as it does in english. "Besserwisser" (know-it-all) or something similar comes to mind as a better translation for "back seat driver".

Knowing Germans I think the correct translation for "back seat driver" is Fußgänger (pedestrian). If you want to insult a German, talk shit about their car, driving or mother - in that order.

Perhaps "automatische besonderen Bedürfnissen helfen" (automatic special needs assist) then!

Comment Genericize the trademark (Score 1) 198

One problem is that the only word that people know how to use to describe Epipen-like injectors is, er, well "Epipen". Arguably the trademark word "Epipen" has become part of the standard English language like "Escalator", "Aspirin", "Jello" and the like. The trademark puts any competitor (present or future) at a huge disadvantage because they can't use the word Epipen, and the public doesn't know how to ask for anything else.

Another big problem in this space is that the time and money to get FDA and insurance reimbursement approval for generic (off-patent) products huge. This creates a large barrier to entry and helps keep the cost of health products crazy high.

Comment More pork needed (pork barrel politics) (Score 1) 497

The real problem with Musk's plan is that merely by existing, it undermines the Senate (er Space) Launch System (SLS). It is true that SpaceX's liquid methane - oxygen combustion system is more efficient than the alternative SLS methods (throwing large barrels of pork overboard). However, Musk's system fails to achieve the main objective of the SLS, which is to propel congressional careers forward.

Thus more work is needed to refine the concept.

Comment Distract from a buggy product (Score 2) 218

I find the timing interesting. After the Tesla crash, Mobileeye admitted that their system can't distinguish cars or trucks entering the main road from a side road. They then said it would take several years to implement this functionality. Then they "dropped" Tesla. It looks to me more as if the Mobileeye product had a hidden defect. If Mobileye had publicised this problem in advance of the crash, it is likely that Tesla and the other car manufacturers considering Mobileeye would have had a better understanding of the Mobileeye limitations, and could have adjusted their plans accordingly.

Comment Verify by DNA analysis (Score 5, Insightful) 314

It would be interesting to use DNA analysis on the 145-year-old and his relatives (living or dead) to verify his age. If his story checks out, then (for example), it could be verified if he is indeed the father or brother to various other people, some long dead, with known dates of birth or death.

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