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Submission + - Chinese City Tops Malicious Email List (

Stephen Samuel writes: "The Chinese city of Shaoxing has earned the dubious honour of being the source of more malicious email (21.3%) than any country, other than, of course, China(28.2%) itself — although Romania came a close second at 21.1%. With the study finding that key targets of the email were 'experts in Asian defence policy and human rights activists,' it may be hard for the Chinese government to plausibly deny involvement. The study was done by Semantic while helping Google investigate suspected hacking attacks."
United States

Submission + - US Activist Faces Felony Charges over Twitter use

Stephen Samuel writes: "SteamPunk Magazine author (and, honestly, the inspiration for SteamPunk Magazine) Professor Calamity (Elliot Madison) is facing two felonies for allegedly running a twitter account. To add insult to felony charges, they raided his house in NYC for 16 hours while helicopters flew overhead. Items seized included computers, hammers, fridge magnets, copies of SteamPunk Magazine, "Curious George" plush kids toys, an embroidered picture of Lenin, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs ('martial arts training materials'???:-).

The arrest and search warrants were sealed, but press have had access to some of the details of the incident because Madison has sued the police over the legality of the search and search warrants. Their lawyer has already convinced a judge to put a stop on the police searching of their siezed personal possessions, 'because the raid is absolutely insane'."

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