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Comment Things will be "grate" if Trump gets in. (Score 1) 418

Apparently, trump hired a rabid global warming denier as his energy adviser.; Supposedly, this guy is so anti-global warming that he believes that the earth is cooling and that claims that CO2 is a greenhouse gas are fraudulent.

I have no reports on whether or not this guy is also a flat-earther.

Comment Re:Microsoft should know... (Score 1) 503

It really works well. Given all of the security problems with MS-Windows, if Microsoft calls something 'insecure', it will cause all sorts of CxOs to quake in their boots at the thought.

Just like the way that MS complaints about RPM compatibilities would trigger flashbacks to DLL hell,
or warnings about 'hardware (driver) hell' for Linux would cause panic attacks for specialists who sometimes spent days getting a proper mix of Windows drivers for machines they were building for customers.

etc., etc., etc....

Comment Re:Kicking themselves yet? (Score 1) 158

If you're an MS hater, you're not going to be buying Nokia phones because they're moving to MS Windows. If you're an MS lover, you're not going to buy Nokia phones (yet) because they don't yet have Windows on them. If you're MS agnostic, you're not going to buy Nokia phones because the current crop is going to be orphaned a year down the road (actually -- they've already been effectively orphaned).

No matter how you slice it, Nokia comes up a loser until at least the end of the year.

Comment Re:Inspiring and selfless (Score 1) 242

The same nobility that inspired these geezers (and i use that term with respect) to volunteer will prevent anyone in government or management from allowing them to go through with it.

Japan is the country which gave us the word "Kamikaze". Nobel self-sacrifice in the name of the greater good is a long honoured tradition there -- much more so than here.

Comment charge the dentist? (Score 1) 581

You might be able to charge (and sue) the dentist for your time. You booked the appointment, took time off of work traveled to the dentist (if (s)he's not nearby), and the -- all of a sudden -- you're told "Sign away your free speech rights, or all of this preparation is for naught!" It's a complete hardball tactic. It's designed to pressure you into signing something you'd probably have walked away from if you knew before you made the appointment.

Comment Re:I'm tired of Matt Welsh (Score 1) 139

Are Linux users lemmings collectively jumping off of the cliff of reliable, well-engineered commercial software?

Protip: Say that quote while walking the halls. You will immediately know who your fellow /.ers are by the snickers. If your boss laughs, then you're in trouble.

Well, I'd laugh at that quote -- specifically, the presumptions it implies.

Comment click-through or user surveillance? (Score 1) 380

Normally, when one speaks of tracking click-through, one would expect to have a modified link on a page that, essentially, notifies the source server of the page that they're clicking on a link and then getting redirected to the final destination page (normally an ad, but not necessarily).

What Microsoft is claiming that they're doing here, however is having IE phone home with what a user is doing on a completely unaffiliated page. This, then, raises the question of where else are they tracking what I'm doing? Are they tracking what stories I'm reading on slashdot? are they telling the CIA/MOSAD/KGB when I use a proxy to read Al Jezera? This raises a huge slew of privacy questions about what parts of my browsing history are being tracked in one central place, if I were to use IE as my browser.

Even secure links and proxies become irrelevant if the surveillance is being done from within the browser.

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