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Submission + - FCC Publishes 'White Spaces' Rules

Stellian writes: "The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted a Second Report and Order that establishes rules to allow new, sophisticated wireless devices to operate in broadcast television spectrum on a secondary basis at locations where that spectrum is open. It's the first time we have access to clear specifications for these devices, dubbed TVBDs — 'TV band devices' by the FCC. The published guidelines allow manufactures to create protocols and build compatible devices, which could be available in 18 Months, according to Larry Page.
The full PDF text of this Second R&O is published on the FCC site."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - How far is Xbox360 Emulation ?

Stellian writes: While Microsoft marketing would want you to believe the technology behind Xbox360 is years ahead of current PC hardware, the truth is consoles are outdated before they even reach the shelves, so much so for a console 2 and a half years old. Dynamic recompilation techniques used in Apple's Rosetta are able to run PPC code with 50% efficiency under an Intel core, so a recent quad should be a good replacement for the in-order, 90nm, 3-core Xenon. The Xenos GPU is related to Radeon R520 (X1600-X1900), so a high end video card should be able to keep up — the emulator could hook the API calls to the customized DirectX used in Xbox360, and translate them into native calls. Sure, there's the not-so-small problem of the missing specifications, and DRM keys for game decryption (stored in Xenon's ROM), but projects like Free60 have already uncovered vital information in their successful attempt to boot Linux. While obviously not a simple task, from where I stand such a project looks very interesting to take on. Could Slashdot tell us why we are not seeing any progress, not even a single open-source project attempting Xbox360 PC emulation ? What are the technical show-stoppers you anticipate ?

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