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Comment Re:Firefox will be fucked by malware like this, to (Score 1) 77

The difference is that Firefox requires each new revision of the extension to be reviewed, so you can't just sneak in malware.

It could happen, sure, reviews aren't perfect, but it is a lot less likely, and if you're a malware author, probably not worth buying someone off for that low probability.

Comment Re:Market Forces (Score 2) 231

Truth be told, there is no need for work visas to make a knowledge transfer. The foreign employee can come by it's own accord, in a "vacation" and observe local operations, or selected US employees can be forced to tutor foreign colleagues in person or via the Internet. Those who refuse or do not produce results, are the first to go. Sure, the H1Bs streamlines the whole thing to the point where they've outsourced the knowledge transfer process itself.

Comment Yet one more reason (Score 4, Interesting) 43

...to colonize Mars. We probably have another 50 years of relative safety. But it's clear that the human body is a nightmare from a information security point of view: it will accept almost any rogue DNA and happily incorporate it in it's own cells and replicate it, like an Win98 autoruns any USB drive inserted. The attackers of such a system have a definite advantage, defenders cannot close the autorun functionality without dramatically re-engineer the human being. So all it takes is one mad genius with the right tools to create an unstoppable, airborne, deadly virus.

Comment Re:other market factors to adjust for (Score 1) 200

That's pretty much an established business strategy, to buy or subsidize your entry into a new market with profits from your existing cash cows. Google did it wih Youtube and Android, Apple did it with everything except the iPod and so on. It's certainly a gain for customers if profits, instead of being disbursed to stockholders, and invested in new products and increased competition.
What set Microsoft aside was it's complete ruthlessness in leveraging it's OS monopoly to crush competitors using anti-competitive tactics that made consumers poorer.

Comment Re:Hackers Are Pampered (Score 1) 102

I contemplated working out the surface area of north korea, estimating amount of available plant matter.
Then maybe doing simulations on just how much a typical poverty stricken family might have access to assuming that there wasn't some thug there preventing access...

Then I realised that I really just didn't care enough.
So, fine, whatever, maybe you're right. You're operating pretty heavily on assertions though.
Rabbits have been a fine food source in places like France for a very long time though, and a good source of protein if indeed all you have is grass and twigs.

Comment Re:Hackers Are Pampered (Score 1) 102

I was using straw in a general sense hoping people would abstract â

Ok. Let's say any high cellulose greenery of which the natural world is full.

Last I checked, North Korea is not, in fact nothing but bare rock.

Things rabbits can eat that humans will extract little to no nutrients from:

Here's the thing.
North Korea actually should be able to feed itself. It is profoundly disfunctional due to its political system and therefore, well, full of wild stuff.

Rabbits can eat that. So, unless the rabbits ate the country to the ground (unlikely with hungry people around), at least there'd be *some* source of food out there that doesn't require intensive agriculture.

But, yeah, even if North Korea wasn't any good for farming, there'd still be tons of stuff for a rabbit to eat.

Comment Re:It DOES have permission (Score 3, Insightful) 234

Agreed. It's absurd how many apps require all these permissions to be installed.

If you want the app, you agree to that.
I still haven't upgraded Waze since their new "social" integration required a ton more privileges, mostly to phone private info. And this despite running XPrivacy - I just can't be bothered to go through the whitelisting for it, when current version works well enough. Ditto the updated Google Search app.

It'd be nice if apps had a base set of privs then expanded sets that could be allowed on install or later by request to the system/user. Also it'd be nice if the privileges were a lot more restricted, like "Use Ad Service to show you ads" instead of "Use Internet"

So, I installed a little Fisher Price Animals app for kid, and set XPrivacy to "ask" mode. On startup, XPrivacy popups popped up indicating the app wanted my Localisation, Phone Identity, Telephone (calling/numbers - probably just so the app could know when a call was coming in if a kid was playing, but still, the sort of broad category Android requires for something like that), Sensors, some Shell cpu thingy I couldn't be bothered to figure out, but that it seems to run just fine without, and, Shell lib calls for the animal sounds.
But, yeah, you allow broad categories, some inoccuous, some just 'cause they want to know how many users they have or something, and, surprise!

Comment Re:What they don't tell you (Score 1) 588

Eh. There's a hell of a lot of variety of beer nowdays. You're probably thinking of a doppelbock there.
There's a legend about monks brewing it to help get them through fasts.

But I'd certainly not recommend using that approach to pacifying babies to moms â

Usually if you keep a baby fed and changed and comfortable they are pretty calm. Teething can be rough..
Unless they have some other problem like thrush or something.

Looks like I might be wrong about the hops tho...

Anyway, apparently alcohol in milk falls off at the same rate as in blood, so probably the easiest way to do it is enjoy the beer immediately after a feeding.

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