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Comment Re:Sleep (Score 2, Informative) 259

Ah, the life of a night owl.

I know it sounds weird, but you might try keeping a sleep journal. It could help you collect data and maybe see what's going on. I just started using a program called SleepChart. Seems like it will take a long time to gather enough data, but maybe it will be helpful.

IANAD or anything, though. Just someone else who isn't a morning person.

Comment Re:Eigenmath (Score 1) 776

It may look like it is calculating something impossible; however, I believe it is actually taking a shortcut. Its assuming that you want to take the dot product of two vectors.

You can confirm this by using letters instead of numbers.

      a^2 + b^2

      ac + bd

I believe MATLAB has similar "shortcuts" that you have to be careful of.

If you're worried, it does in fact check the matrix dimensions:

      Stop: inner: tensor dimension check

      [ displays a large, correct matrix :) ]

Comment Octave (Score 1) 776

No problem! I do what I can :)

This has been posted several times in this thread, but I thought it was worth a link since you mentioned MATLAB...

GNU Octave claims to be a free replacement to MATLAB. Even says so in the FAQ: "Octave is a high-level interactive language, primarily intended for numerical computations that is mostly compatible with Matlab." Cheers!


Submission + - Giant Open Source Video Conferencing Robot

oogie writes: "My brother and I ( regular slashdot readers ) have started a company to make human height Video Conferencing robots. The telepresence robot, nicknamed the Giraffe, lets you "be in two places at once" by letting you project your presence ( see, hear, be seen, be heard, and move around ) across the internet. These robots run GNU/Linux ( Ubuntu ) and the software is open source! The robots will retail for between $1800 and $3000. The robots are useful for many things including telecommuting, remote team management, and robotics research. The robots feature a privacy switch so that if desired, incoming calls need to be 'answered.'"
Classic Games (Games)

Journal Journal: Looking for an old game??? 1

Hey, everyone or anyone I'm trying to track down an old, old computer game. I'm not sure if it was for apple or PC but I think it was PC. It's called Fairy Tales, but it's not like mother goose fairy tales. You started off as one of three brothers, when you died as one brother, you would become the one of the other brothers. T he only difference between brothers was the shirt and hair colors. It was like Ultima because you could do just about anything, steal, kill innocent people, it was the f

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