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Comment not impact but electric arc (Score -1) 161

Chicxulub was not formed by a rock hitting Earth but by a massive electric discharge. Where we find falling rocks from space we don't find craters, where we find craters we don't find rocks fallen from space. Craters are not caused by rocks falling from space. Learn more at thunderbolts dot info.

Comment "impact" ignorance (Score -1) 199

Out of 10 pages, 1 was title and abstract, 1 was references, 2 were charts and images, 2 were the elaborate idea that a computer generated cartoon showing the sun in galactic arms during what are believed to have been extinction events somehow proves the assumption that "impacts" not only cause craters but that those craters also caused mass extinctions. While it is true that evidence suggests some craters' origins coincide with some extinctions, the evidence does not suggest those craters were caused by falling rocks from space. Overwhelmingly the evidence shows these craters were caused by electric discharge.

Comment "impact" ignorance (Score -1) 199

Out of 10 pages, 1 was title and abstract, 1 was references, 2 were images and charts, 2 were the elaborate claim that a cartoon they made on a computer places the sun in a galactic arm during periods believed to be mass extinctions which they quite spuriously attribute to "impacts". While evidence does suggest some historical extinctions correlate with known craters, the evidence does not suggest that these craters were caused by impacts. Overwhelmingly these craters are shown to have been caused by electric discharge.
Role Playing (Games)

RuneScape Passes 1 Million Subscribers 48

An anonymous reader writes "The online Java-based fantasy MMOG Runescape has reportedly surpassed 1 Million paying subscribers. Gamasutra has a Q&A article with the Jagex co-founder and lead developer Andrew Gower about the UK-based firm's success. 'Counting roughly 4.6 million who play the free version of the game, RuneScape has more than 5.6 million players, says Constant Tedder, managing director of Jagex. As such, it represents credible competition to the big kahuna, World of Warcraft, which has topped 8 million paying subscribers. Part of the secret, Tedder said in an interview, is that the game doesn't take itself so seriously. In one recent event, players could transform themselves into penguins and infiltrate the penguin army to see what they were up to in the penguin underworld. The game has been growing largely by word of mouth.'"

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