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Submission + - How America's Top Tech Companies Created the Surveillance State (

sertsa writes: What? You thought this started recently?

FTA — . . .the cooperation was usually “voluntary” in large part because companies couldn’t afford to seem uncooperative, . . . “The ways that pressure works in Washington are very subtle,” he says. “No one’s getting bribed, or punished outright. But it’s the good little Indian that gets rewarded. And these companies needed the goodwill of the NSA and other agencies.”

Submission + - Simpsons Co-Creator Terminally Ill (

Stashiv writes: Sam Simon, the 58-year-old co-creator of Fox megahit “The Simpsons,” has vowed to tackle his terminal colon cancer diagnosis by donating his vast fortune to charity.
The nine-time Emmy award winner made his name writing for shows like "Cheers" and "Taxi" before hitting the big time by developing “The Simpsons” alongside Matt Groening and James L. Brooks. Simon left the iconic animated series in 1993 but continues to earn “tens of millions” from the show in royalties.

Submission + - T-Mobile launches zero-down deals for mobile phones (

awaissoft writes: The promotion lets buyers get their hands on phones and other mobile gadgets without a down payment, but the devices must still be paid off in full via monthly installments.

Consumers will be able to pick up a new iPhone or Galaxy S4 phone through T-Mobile with zero dollars down.
Starting Saturday, the carrier's new summer promotion offers a variety of 4G LTE smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and mobile hotspots with no upfront cost and regular monthly payments. For example, you could get Apple's 16GB iPhone5 for $27 a month, Samsung's Galaxy S4 for $25 a month, or Nokia's Lumia 925 for $20 a month.....

Submission + - NASA: Mars hit by some 200 small asteroids or bits of comets per year (

coondoggie writes: You'd need an umbrella made of kryptonite if you were to go walking on Mars apparently.
NASA scientists using images from the space agency's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) have estimated that the planet is bombarded by more than 200 small asteroids or bits of comets per year forming craters at least 12.8 feet (3.9 meters) across.

Submission + - LuL LuLzSec (

Stashiv writes: Reports suggest that the LulzSec homepage went down earlier today after a number of rival hacking groups threatened to turn on the group.

At the time of writing, the LulzSec Twitter account can be found on Google but 'doesn't exist' once users click through to the social networking site.

A hacker going by the name of Oneiroi is claiming to have brought down the LulzSec homepage in an attack codenamed 'Operation Supernova'.


Submission + - EVE Online - mass player unsubbing due to store (

An anonymous reader writes: Basically most of the vets who play EVE Online are quitting en-mass. CCP, the publishers of EVE Online are pushing ahead with a micro transaction store ($70 for a monocle on your avatar) which will include in-game benefits. Massive nerd-rage. CCP is in damage control but leaks from within in the company indicate that they will move ahead with their plans.

Submission + - Hackers leak Tony Blair's address book (

mask.of.sanity writes: An underground hacking group has leaked what appears to be an address book of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The address book contains about 60 entries including names and addresses allegedly "friends, and family" of the former PM along with contacts allegedly of members of parliament.

It also allegedly included Blair's National Insurance Number.

Address book on pastebin.


Submission + - Dragon's Call for a Player's Death (

bbgsite writes: Recently, a DC player volunteer had passed away, the DC community sent a request to Ever Dream Studio, asking for developing a new in-game class named after him.
Barbarian (IGN), a GH (Game Helper, a special title for player volunteers) of Dragon's Call community, had just passed away due to bad health. The player community posted up a condolence thread for him and asked the game official to create a new class — Barbarian, in memory of this kind and superb GH.


Submission + - Shaw Capital Management: Bin Laden Related Malware (

chrysmaine writes:

03 May 2011
Black hat search engine optimization (SEO) attacks are nothing new, but the surge in internet use since the announced death of the terrorist leader has led the FBI to issue a quick warning about malware-laden search results on the internet.

With big news comes big ruse, so the FBI was wasted little time in issuing apress release warning about poisoned internet search results and email attachments. Less than 48 hours after the occupier of the number one spot on its most wanted list was killed by a US military operation, the FBI is asking the general public to proceed with caution when reviewing Osama Bin Laden related emails, search results, attachments, and media files.
The warning reads: “The FBI today warns computer users to exercise caution when they receive e-mails that purport to show photos or videos of Usama bin Laden’s recent death. This content could be a virus that could damage your computer. This malicious software, or ‘malware’, can embed itself in computers and spread to users’ contact lists, thereby infecting the systems of associates, friends, and family members. These viruses are often programmed to steal your personally identifiable information.”
The FBI urged the public to report any suspicious material to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), while also asking for increased skepticism of items received from trusted sources.
As Infosecurity reported earlier today, numerous IT security vendors have identified malicious domains linked to malware when reviewing Bin Laden related search results.

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