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Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 498

Freedom of speech doesn't mean there isn't any repercussions from your speech.

There is a common misconception that just because you have free speech you can say what you want and your life should be unaffected from it. Sorry Speech is too powerful to be unaffected from such actions.
Freedom of Speech is primarily to insure the at Government will not imprison you just because of your beliefs and if you feel such systems are wrong you should be able to speak up against them, without having the government try to silence you.

This doesn't mean your job is safe or your career in general.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1, Informative) 498

Actually Nurses know what is going on much more than what doctors do. And often they are the smartest people in the room. Doctors worked hard for their title but not necessarily because of extreme intelligence. Just as long as you have average intelligence and the time and money to invest in med school you too can become a doctor. Most people who become Nurses (Many different levels) PA, NP etc... Do so because they rather be helping people, and not stuck in school.

Comment Re:GET YER VIDEOS HERE! (Score 1) 214

There is never any love on Slashdot only temporary allies.

Unless a company sells a fully Open Source phone which is modular and allows personal hacking. However built in is everything including a 25pin Parallel port. As well at 1tb of RAM and 1eb of Storage. Battery Life 6 months without a charge. and All in a paper light and thin framework that can't be ugly.

Comment Re:Because Windows Sucks (Score 1) 258

Well it has been over 20 year and Linux still never caught up.
In short Linux for the Desktop will never catch up to Windows, until the Desktop becomes financially dead. With XP staying past its welcome and Vista being such a bomb... What happened? Apple took over not Linux.

I use Linux for my main PC. And it is great... However to get people to switch it means a big investment on my part at being the Linux support guy. Because Linux for the Desktop assumes either the End User is very experienced or is a complete noob. There is a gap in the UI for people who needs to do complex things without having to go to the command line to do it. And type a list of a dozen commands to get there.

Comment Re:non-news is non-news (Score 1, Redundant) 155

There are many simple reasons why this could be the case.
1. 32gig chips may be older chips. We had 32gig capacity iPhones for a while chances starting at the 3GS they may be still using the same chips from 7 years ago. Why use those old chips? Probably because they are cheaper then brand new 32gig chips. And people buying the 32gig model get so because they are cheaper.

2. Fragmentation iOS and your apps take up a lot of space. Small storage increases the chance of running into fragmented storage needs so duping that 4 gig will need to broken up a bunch of times to fit. While the bigger devices have free spaces in huge chunks.

3. Less then ideal driver. Being that most people will not be using their 32gig phone to store a lot of data. The driver/os may not be optimized for write speed or if using an older chip there may be extra error checking or error checking added to the 32gig chip driver.

Conspiracy everywhere logic is quite tiring. The closest to a conspiracy I have seen is mostly laziness in the organization who will stop and say that it is good enough to be released.

Comment Re:odd--- (Score 1) 234

The point was that they had some sort of exit plan ligned up. They just didn't quit in a huff. Because Apple did something they felt so strongly against that they needed to quit. But more to the fact, they had plans to move along. Apple decision just gave them an excuse to move forward.

Comment Re:Big news (Score 1) 227

However the real question how much in DNA would determine if a new-hire will or will not work out?

Problem 1: What makes a good leader? A good leader for company A can be a horrible leader for company B. It would even be different across many departments. IT Departments usually have well educated self motivated employees where the leader will need to make sure they are working in concert with each other, and their priorities are inlign with the institution.
The Billing department may have lesser educated group who is just doing the paperwork and doing mostly the same thing all the time. A leader in that group will need to motivate that group and make sure they are actually doing their work.

Problem 2: No Risk No Reward. Classifying people as a good leader will remove the diversity of leadership types. By having a mediocre (safe) leaders you will weed out the possibly bad, or the possibly genius leader. Who's different style really causes a positive change.

Problem 3: Leadership homogeneity: Often highly motivated and aggressive people can put your company in political battles for power all the time.

Problem 4: Nurture side of the equation: Genetics only goes so far. You could be genetically prone to be shy, but you have learned to be outgoing. You may still be an introvert, but you can act like an extrovert when needed.

Comment Re:odd--- (Score 1) 234

Don't forget to mention.
Who work in an area where they can easily find a job elsewhere.
I bet these guys had jobs ligned up before the "bravely" quit Apple.
Rarely a whole department will quit at the same time. If the job really sucks you will see a migration where people quit over the course of months. Because normally before you quit you need an other job.
Having Apple not join open compute sounds more liike the first intent to look elsewhere. Then the reason to quit.
I expect they all just got picked up by some companies they found out they were all quitting at the same time so they used that as the reason for their exit interview.

Comment Re:Why go for fluff instead of meat? (Score 1) 171

Emails given out of order and context in order to show how corrupt Clinton is.
So we get some of the vetting process of picking a VP.
Going against trump it may had been a good idea to consider a democrat successful business person, just to put a stop to the business person knows more than a politician debate. However with trump just being insane it isn't much of an issue so they went with the borrinh not to upstage VP pick.

Comment Re:pixel (Score 2) 212

For many people (I guess more than 1 out of 2) the ecosystem doesn't matter. What they have on their phone is a bunch of free apps. Also I expect many of these Note users were Previous Apple users who was looking for something new.

However for most of the people who really don't care there isn't that much difference.

Comment Re:Get it MFers? (Score 5, Interesting) 356

Well the real question is what are the details that may not be in the story?

Journalists tend to protect themselves so to expect full reporting on what the journalist may had done in excess of just covering it, may be left out.

I know this is circular reasoning but I would like to figure out the other side before I go all crazy.

Comment Re: You gotta fight for your right to (Score 1) 212

You could focus your blame on the studios who publish the shows and not on netflix that is trying to broadcast them following the rules.

Because when the company follows the rules Netflix doesn't become Napster which took little to no concerns of the other companies IP rights. We may not like the current IP law. However if you are going to work with them you are going to be better off in the long run than if you don't.

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