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Comment Re:I'm shocked. (Score 1) 522

"Microsoft has DISABLED the weather and currency gadgets via a recent Security Update,"

So you downloaded and installed an update without reading what the security update did. it wasn't out of the air ms uninstalled the gadget you gave them permission too. But don't feel bad hundreds of millions of people installed win 10 adware http://www.infoworld.com/artic...
to get a IE security update couldn't get one without the other. this is the kinda BS we will not be able to stop we need laws made to stop this crap. but its no longer safe to just install security patches from Microsoft.

Comment Re:Class-Action? (Score 4, Interesting) 103

Ive thought about that a lot and i really believe MS should support all their OS...security wise .Allowing hundreds of millions of PCs to go un patched security wise is a national security issue..Win 7 been out for how long and still every month their is a new security patch and just because its old and they are tired of supporting it..i say too bad, they released a product that was a security nightmare,and continues to be one. Plus this PC i own can run win 7 forever really. if they don't want to then they should be forced to open the code so it can be fixed. that's my opinion anyways

Comment Re:I'm sure they will fully comply (Score 2) 120

I don't think its a waste i mean they have fined Cardholder according to the number of reports against them. Which imo is the problem, instead of taking action fast they allow the complaints to build up so they can fine them more. Great for them but pisses those of us who report and keep getting called. its the same thing the cia,fbi,nas,reg cops do instead of arresting the guy they know they can put in prison they wait and try to get as many as they can in one scoop. Great for news headlines not so great for those the criminals take advantage of.

Comment Re:I'm sure they will fully comply (Score 1) 120

Just curious, How many times did you report the calls to the FCC? You have your number on the do not call list? because i rarely get calls, 2 every 6 months it averages and i am on the do not call list. And isn't using nomorobo actually hurting the FCC because its getting blocked instead of reported?

Comment Re:Big pharmas hate it! (Score 1) 416

whats stopping big pharm from making weed pills? if they can make say morphine sulfate why couldn't they make a pain killer extracted from a real plant? Ive smoked weed, didn't help my pain at all. I didnt like the high weed gave me either my heart pumped through my chest i got the munchies couldn't stop eating and i couldn't see straight. kinda like being drunk x2 but no hangover. weeds no wonder drug and being high all the time is no life either.

Comment real reason for this story? (Score 1) 465


"Quote"Check your email to see if you got a message from support@blogger.com. If your blog was deleted by Google, the email will explain what happened."End Quote"

didn't the author/blog owner of this do any kinda research? why is this story on slashdot really....

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