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Comment Re:Interesting, but... (Score 1) 175

Don't do much shopping do you? lol the bottles,packages have been getting smaller and smaller by the year instead of raising the price they make a few oz smaller package for more profits because now you need to buy 2 to get as much as the 1 package.cereal boxes are smaller,pasta boxes are smaller,spaghetti sauce bottles are smaller all by a few oz. ect ect.

Comment Re:Send it an email? (Score 2) 101

Your yahoo email address is also your yahoo identity used to sign into every service they have which isn't many these days. Gone are the chat rooms, yahoo messenger probably just as dead yahoo games and so on. that may be why they care, seems dumb to be but its the world we live in today...i have a few old yahoo email addresses i closed never looked back made sure nothing was in them before i did though.

Comment Re:He owes me over $4M as a result of spamming me. (Score 1) 146

Question since you have a judgement against him why are you not making his life a living hell taking everything he owns? unless hes living in his parent basement lol wage garnishments? and so on. seems having a judgement means not much just look at spamford Wallace, billions plus in fines and judgements plus i don't see on your site a final result in your dealing with "e360Insight and Bargain"

Comment Wont change unless forced to by law (Score 1) 261

Someone correct me but wasn't MS forced to provide the default program option because of just this happening? All the millions of dollars wasted getting a conviction for being a abusive monopoly and here we go again same issues and many more on top of that. It time for a break up people.

Comment Re:Two Things, maybe Three (Score 2) 503

And i want the ability to remove any and all programs not needed for the operation of the OS. cortona,their online storage service,the ribbon interface the start menu, ads, the ability to change the UI as i so wish and many other reasons i will never get win 10. when my PC dies i will go Linux and not happily. I dont like linux either for as many reason as i hate win 10. its My hardware its my electricity, MY internet they don't pay one dime for but are using very mush so on win 10.

Comment Re:Simple (Score 4, Interesting) 503

Enterprise Version is NOT available to the general public that leave Pro which if i am not mistake they removed some of the tools/options/abilities used to block their data mining, forgive me i cant remember what it was. And ya i would pay for the Enterprise Version but shouldn't be forced to pay for privacy and usability but as i said before win 10 is not an OS anymore.

Comment Re: False premise (Score 1) 501

My PC is at its near death and very much in time for an upgrade 8 Gigs of ram one or 2 sticks are near death too but cant figure out which ones. A 790i Ultra MB which is my main problem cant add any other HDDS it wont reboot heat i think is the main problem i do run a water cooled Processor. but the main problem will be Windows as i am a gamer and am serious about my privacy and control over my PC. Linux would do for the privacy but out of the questions for gaming and everything else it do. The only copy of windows that would give me the control i want is enterprise and that is not for sale to anyone other then businesses BIG ones lol. what to do ...I have a full legal copy of Windows Vista which i would have to install to get back to windows 7 Ultimate a full copy of win 7 ultimate is like 400 bucks or was i haven't looked in years. very off topic i guess but any suggestions? and ya money is a concern. Saving money has never been my strong suite lol. like you i will never buy a corporate built PC i love building my own, control..ya know.

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