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Comment Re:Here's how to beat this game... (Score 1) 96

you clearly never lived in a antenna dead/bad reception zone. those living in and near city's don't have that problem but as little as 15 miles outside a city reception is a bad problem.18 years i lived with ABC,CBS and sometimes NBC forget VHF channels lol for 18 years i love cable i hate being forced to pay for stuff i don't want or need that needs to be addressed ASAP

Comment Re:Is it really so bad? (Score 1) 322

Um the guy choose to not see ads or notifications Microsoft changed those setting foring its will on those users and you saying well why get upset its only a few ads. comon dude you cant be that naive. This isn't about ads or notifications its about Microsoft forcing its will on those who have made their own choices. no they don't want the ads no they don't want the notification. i hope MS gets taken to the cleaners for changing people setting and forcing people to view ads after they have clearly disabled that option.

Comment A war is coming (Score 1) 231

I think every human that looses their job to a robot must continue to be paid full wages and benefits untill or forever. our society depends on people having money that means jobs, skilled jobs, and non skilled jobs. If this continues i see a huge war comming between the rich and the not rich and the poor its going to happen just wonder if i will get to see it. thier are only so many Mcdonalds jobs out thier and seems they want to replace the human their as well.

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