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Comment Re:Really, Microsoft? (Score 1) 321

no i didn't lie, linux has not corrected the reasons i cant switch OR use my windows based programs. If you were even a tiny amount correct lol then why is linux at 2% worldwide desktop installs.after 25 Plus YEARS clearly if your argument held any water more then 2% would be using Linux. Again your lame argument is just that, useless words that no one cares about.not your money so why would you care...I will stick with 7 untill..

Comment Re:Google's control over the code? (Score 1) 60

"Google has no control over existing Android code".

clearly they DO have control somehow and listen, this is china since when does china care? stealing is what they do...Andorid was bought by google so they didn't even create it as many seem to think they have...

Comment Re:Want people to return to the theaters? (Score 1) 138

Dude its that expensive every place you go movie,sporting events music concerts it costs over 100.00 no matter what you do.Now it seem its OK to force people to watch a half hour of ads before a move starts to me that false adverting. Saying the movie starts at 8 when it really starts at 8:30 is a lie but our lawmakers are too busy playing party politics or have someone else buying their tickets or getting in for free to care or even notice what is being done to the American public. IMO the prices and costed we incur today is because of inflated prices to fill adverting budgets......

Comment Re:Interesting, but... (Score 1) 181

Don't do much shopping do you? lol the bottles,packages have been getting smaller and smaller by the year instead of raising the price they make a few oz smaller package for more profits because now you need to buy 2 to get as much as the 1 package.cereal boxes are smaller,pasta boxes are smaller,spaghetti sauce bottles are smaller all by a few oz. ect ect.

Comment Re:Send it an email? (Score 2) 101

Your yahoo email address is also your yahoo identity used to sign into every service they have which isn't many these days. Gone are the chat rooms, yahoo messenger probably just as dead yahoo games and so on. that may be why they care, seems dumb to be but its the world we live in today...i have a few old yahoo email addresses i closed never looked back made sure nothing was in them before i did though.

Comment Re:He owes me over $4M as a result of spamming me. (Score 1) 146

Question since you have a judgement against him why are you not making his life a living hell taking everything he owns? unless hes living in his parent basement lol wage garnishments? and so on. seems having a judgement means not much just look at spamford Wallace, billions plus in fines and judgements plus i don't see on your site a final result in your dealing with "e360Insight and Bargain"

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