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Comment Re:Would somone drunk give the same answer? (Score 1) 144

I stand by my comment 100%. Ive smoked enough to know what it does. Ive drank enough to know the same. If you cant control your body your not in control period end of story. I have tons of pain and i wouldn't never think of using weed as a pain killer because it makes me HIGH which is far worse. the smoke of a roach is 1000% stronger HIGH then a 15 Mg morphine tablet in what your body and mind experiences.

Comment Re: Very Basic Income (Score 1) 618

I was wrong i apologize, that said she is 100% right. your comment"
Union labor tends to build roads in such a way that maintenance requirements on the roads are high enough to require them to remain employed in perpetuity".
Is utter bullshit. US Unions Have no say on road design,materials. They have a say in working rules and conditions, wages among other things. walk a mile in the boots of the men and women you are saying purposely do a bad job. The people who builds the roads are no the same ones who do road repair. they move on to the next construction jobs where ever they might be.

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