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Comment DumbSwede Update (Score 1) 20

Sorry about misspelling Ad as Add so many times. I was a bit aggravated and in a hurry posting my rant. I have AdBlock on several other browsers and machines, but the one I'm on now is a company box and I don't use it for as much random surfing as my home box. That said, I've installed AdBlock now and all is well again, though I'm still a little unhappy about having to do this to continue to use Slashdot in a a sane manner. It reminds me of having to specifically choose classic mode when they changed the Mod system. Note, there was a substantial decline in the quality of posts after that change. When you decide the user experience is less important than the Ad revenue it can only lead to decline. Slashdot use to be great because its text dense comment system was fast and you didn't have to have 10Mb download speed. Please don't become like every other overly ad crowded bullshit site out there. Please let us have one forum that reminds of us of some of the simpler and better times on the internet.

Comment OMG fix the banner adds (Score 4, Insightful) 20

I have been a contributer on Slashdot for over 15 years. There have been things to complain about over the years, but FOR GOD SAKE don't let the banner adds chase everyone away. What's more annoying than a Banner Ad? A banner add that doesn't scroll away as you read.

Serious, I will never visit Slashdot again if this isn't fixed ASAP.

Don't be like the thousands of other crap sites that are doing this now. I don't care if it is in the advertisers JavaScript, find somewhat to stop that shit OR I AM GONE!

Comment Or Maybe just the opposite... (Score 1) 382

Lithium is more common in Earth's crust than lead. Plus unlike coal and oil, you use it over and over again and can be reclaimed after batteries are no longer rechargeable (or obsoleted by newer technology). Any shortages are just because we haven't ramped up mining/recovery of it. Once demand is really there we will probably extract it from sea water where it is in relative abundance (and fare less destructive than your apocalyptic mining hyperbole would be).

Comment Re:Pinouts (Score 1) 605

RS232 is still pretty common with the electronics hackers.

A lot of modern embedded computers such as modems/routers have a TTL level serial port somewhere on the board. It's nice to have an extra way into the machine if its network is down, for example.

or you can make one in software.

Or software-as-hardware when programming FPGAs. Many FPGA boards have one traditional RS232 port, but it's only provided with voltage converters, so you need to program the actual signaling logic. But if you only need TTL level signals, you can skip the traditional voltages and use plain FPGA pins.

Comment Re:Gravity wave != Gravitational wave (Score 4, Informative) 82

Let me wikipedia that for you: -- waves on the surface of water whose dynamics is dominated by gravity. See for smaller ripples dominated by surface tension. -- what the fucking article is about

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