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Comment Re:Ask Slashdot (Score 0) 151

Despite the lowly vocabulary, the parent is 100% correct.

The best indicator ever that something is just useless and completely ignored were it not as a toy, is that there is no open source alternative being worked on.

I mean, some toy projects even get the open source alternative going. When it doesn't have, it is a very clear indicator that nobody cares outside of the little world that is san-francisco bay area.

Comment Only fair when we do it (Score 3, Insightful) 146

This seems like a lot of whining from Microsoft considering they marketed the XBOX 360 as a 1080p machine, though almost all the games rendered in 720p (the PS3 had many more games rendering in higher resolutions that generation). Since the PS4 Pro will play 4K video and render at higher than 1080p (then do some extrapolation tricks), I’d say Sony can call it a 4K Box.

Comment Re:So in other words it's used and is useful (Score 1) 248

You must not live in a part of the world where the weather forecast includes phrases like "Snow and sleet above 3,000 feet tonight." This is very common in the western U.S. That's the reason that interstate highways are frequently marked with signs reading "Elevation 2,500 feet."

If I'm driving on a road that doesn't have elevation signs, but I know that there is going to be bad weather above a certain altitude, shouting "Hey, Siri, what's my current altitude?" in the car is going to make for far better trip planning and execution.

Comment Re: So in other words it's used and is useful (Score -1, Troll) 248

1. "Not as useful" is subjective. In the last six years I don't think I've ever plugged anything into any of my mobile phones 3.5mm jacks. Bluetooth audio has been around for a long, long time and I've always used that instead. Meanwhile, I've used apps that require, or would be enhanced by the presence of, a barometer pretty much every day. Weather trends, hiking, skiing, and lots of other activities other than playing Xbox in your mother's basement make a barometer very useful.

Old-fashioned 3.5mm jacks are so obsolete that in many Asian nations, they're only used for holding "mascots" — Little cartoon charms.

2. If you think you can fit both in, then you should patent your great knowledge and make millions. But you won't. Because you're not an engineer, just another internet troll. I'm going to guess that the fleets of highly paid, highly trained engineers Apple has on staff know a little more about how the iPhones are designed than some random loser who is such a total loss he has to post AC.

How's that floppy drive working out for you, Mr. Dell?

Comment I'd say Glass Houses is the real reason (Score 1) 333

There is reluctance to take actions base on evidence uncovered by illegally hacked emails. Doing so would invite more entities with political motivations to just hack more. Republicans have just as many (if not more) skeletons in the closet as Democrats. I’d say these are very close to Fruit of the Poison Tree kind of findings. Add to this the suspicion that the Russians are trying to game our political system by hacking and leaking and it all becomes a morass.

Comment Re:Pretty sure this is just a thumb in the eye... (Score 1) 30

It'll never happen. People lose control of their names all the time, especially in the fashion industry. Look at Kate Spade. She made a big brand under her name, but then sold out to a giant megacorp. That megacorp owns her name now, and she has to start hew new fashion line under the name Frances Valentine.

John thinks he'll win the lawsuit because, like so many other people in Silicon Valley, he's arrogant and thinks the rules of every other industry don't apply to tech.

Comment Re:Monero (XMR) is the most private payment method (Score 1) 212

Monero ( is the most private existing cryptocurrency.

Not quite. It's one of the most private ones.

It is similar to Bitcoin but based on an entirely distinct codebase (CryptoNote).

This should already ring a bell -- it's based on something else. There are a few other CryptoNote coins, which are no less private. Some of them have technical advantages, like being much faster to update the local blockchain. In addition, there are other privacy-oriented cryptocoins which have nothing to do with CryptoNote.

Monero's advantage is having a large developer/support base. IMHO, Monero is like the Microsoft of privacy-oriented cryptocoins, with lots of money and men in suits behind it. While they can deliver their product, they're not exactly the most exciting tech.

Comment Re:Incorrect (Score 1) 178

Instead we get a chunk of silicon that can't be used for anything except x265

That is not at all the case, for instance all of Apples advanced math libraries (under the umbrella "Accelerate") will make use of a GPU if one is present and faster than at the CPU. They handle things like linear algebra stuff (linpack) and all sorts of vector operations, including FFT...

This sounds very much like OpenCL or CUDA, or whatever the Applets call when you do general computing on GPU shaders. The video decoding bit is a different ASIC altogether.

That said, it would be nice to do more of these common operations like video decoding in GPGPU software instead of all these different bits for different purposes. I understand that some of the open-source GPU drivers already do some video decoding in the shaders, but that's about it. I guess something like ffmpeg/libva in OpenCL is too much to ask, since many people already have strong enough CPUs for those things, and there are no obvious efficiency gains compared to dedicated decoding hardware.

Comment Re:Also significant is CPU burden (Score 1) 178

we get a chunk of silicon that can't be used for anything except x265, which I'm sure will have Windows drivers and be supported in Flash player, and maybe will get experimental Linux support 2 years after.

I watch H.265 videos with MPlayer on Linux, using an Nvidia GPU for the decoding. Admittedly, it's with the closed Nvidia drivers, but apparently the free drivers also handle the video decoder. It's dead easy since the VDPAU interface is fully open -- doing the same on Intel or AMD GPUs needs some extra work, and the results are not as nice. Of course, not all GPUs have the decoders in the first place.

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