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Comment Re:Contempt of the court... (Score 1) 522

At the risk of being late to the party, I've always thought of decryption as interpretation. The police have the hard drives and they may search them. Just because it looks like trash data, doesn't mean they do not have the data in question. Asking for decryption is asking for the data to be interpreted, something which they do not have the power to do.

Comment Re: Huh? (Score 5, Insightful) 476

And both you and I know that's a useless gesture, and sometimes you simply cannot boycott some companies. Tell me, can you find a computer not made in poor working conditions? Probably not. The problem is the system itself and the way we are headed to. The Americans have an obsession with "competing" with China and India, but this only means that they will end up working for Chinese and Indian wages in Chinese and Indian conditions. Don't worry about me. I'll be good enough to retire soon. You should worry about the people around you when they get tired of living like that.

Comment Re:Makes more sense (Score 0) 222

You don't consume it. At any given time there is x capacity. It either is being taken up or it's not. It might make sense to charge you more for using it during a peak hour, but that's not what any company has thus far proposed. Not that it matters anyway, because this wouldn't be a problem if they simply upgraded their networks with all that government cash they got.

Comment Re:Makes more sense (Score 3, Insightful) 222

Yes, it's not like the customers pay them every month for a service that costs pennies on the dollar to provide, and it's not like these telecoms routinely take government dollars to "upgrade" their networks, right? Yes, why if they don't charge you an arm and a leg using an arbitrary metric they won't be able to upgrade their network, which is why the US has the best service in the world, right? Oh, wait no.

Comment Re: This should be interesting. (Score 2) 202

Let me ask your question a different way: Would you take investment advice from a homeless person?

Well, that's an irrelevant question. Dr. Mason is an actual scientist, but he wouldn't need to be. A sophomore could tell me the same thing and I'd listen to him because the evidence stands on its own. If a homeless man came up to me and told me not to invest in something because of x and y reasons, and he backed those reasons up with sound arguments, yes, I'd listen to him. Maybe he's homeless because he was scammed in a similar way.

Would you be concerned if the surgeon who was about to operate on you had prison tattoos and canker sores?

But I have been seen by a doctor with tattoos, which is odd for me because many people in my country don't have tattoos. It turned out he used to be in the military. But you see, the things you suggested might be pointers to incompetence are not found with Dr. Mason. The problem comes when you realize that you attacked Dr. Mason because he disagrees with you on an internet fight, not because he's been dismissed from academia, or because he's published false data, or anything like that. So again, how about you tell me how you think solar roadways would work? This should be easy for you, since you're not a homeless person and I assume you've taken at least one course in basic physics. As much as you try, you can't trick me. I am from a country with people far trickier than you.

Comment Re: This should be interesting. (Score 2) 202

Even if what you say about him is true (and it isn't as far as I've seen), what bearing does that have on what he has said? I don't need an old youtuber to tell me that solar roadways are a stupid idea. Next time attack the argument instead of the person. Better yet, how, in your words, would solar roadways work? Maybe if you perform this mental exercise you will realize why you sound so stupid.

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