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Comment Re: This should be interesting. (Score 2) 202

Let me ask your question a different way: Would you take investment advice from a homeless person?

Well, that's an irrelevant question. Dr. Mason is an actual scientist, but he wouldn't need to be. A sophomore could tell me the same thing and I'd listen to him because the evidence stands on its own. If a homeless man came up to me and told me not to invest in something because of x and y reasons, and he backed those reasons up with sound arguments, yes, I'd listen to him. Maybe he's homeless because he was scammed in a similar way.

Would you be concerned if the surgeon who was about to operate on you had prison tattoos and canker sores?

But I have been seen by a doctor with tattoos, which is odd for me because many people in my country don't have tattoos. It turned out he used to be in the military. But you see, the things you suggested might be pointers to incompetence are not found with Dr. Mason. The problem comes when you realize that you attacked Dr. Mason because he disagrees with you on an internet fight, not because he's been dismissed from academia, or because he's published false data, or anything like that. So again, how about you tell me how you think solar roadways would work? This should be easy for you, since you're not a homeless person and I assume you've taken at least one course in basic physics. As much as you try, you can't trick me. I am from a country with people far trickier than you.

Comment Re: This should be interesting. (Score 2) 202

Even if what you say about him is true (and it isn't as far as I've seen), what bearing does that have on what he has said? I don't need an old youtuber to tell me that solar roadways are a stupid idea. Next time attack the argument instead of the person. Better yet, how, in your words, would solar roadways work? Maybe if you perform this mental exercise you will realize why you sound so stupid.

Comment Re: Business is Booming (Score 1) 1134

And what if they sky was orange? It's a silly question, as criminals will always find a way to kill each other. In either case, if you are not a criminal, it likely will not affect you. How about tackling the gang problem? No, that would be difficult. It would take investment in communities, police work, and all sorts of hard things, and nobody wants that. No, let's put a band-aid on a hemorrhaging patient. At least that way, you can be content that gang members will be merely stabbing each other all while living in the same violent neighborhoods in squalid conditions.

Comment Re: Business is Booming (Score 4, Insightful) 1134

So you are hoping that people who try to defend themselves are shot simply because they don't fit your ideology. It's nice knowing what people like you think of the value of human life. Must be why you are so quick to stand on corpses before they are even cold to give your terrible message.

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