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When did you make me your friend?

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  • It was something about you emailing someone, a company I think, and you posted about it. I added you then emailed you asking to give results if you ever got any. You responded saying that you would if they do, but you doubt they ever will. Ah yes, it was FOX news! Ever get a reply? It concerned FUD.
    • Um, no, I think it was Sony - about motion sickness. Or did I mail Fox news once? I don't remember...
      • Did I mention I got attention defficit? :P I have an awful memory ^^;

        I think I remember the Fox news item now... i think they were spreading FUD about Microsoft and Linux. No, I didn't get a reply. They probably deleted the mail, as in "just another angry linux user". Can't blame them, tho. At least they apologized in public :)
  • I'm sorry but I don't remember which post gave me the incentive to put you on my friends list. What I usually do is: see a shocking and very interesting post I agree with, look at the history, the friends', fans', foes', and freaks' lists, read the personal web site if any (do you have one? I like to see what other /.ers do in real life :p ), and add it to my list if I'm still interested. I also see in your profile that you like anime which is a small "bonus point" to me.
  • Like the others I don't really remember. Though it was not that long ago.

    Going through my e-mails about your journal being updated, they start 21 April, so it was probably somthing that you posted just before then.

    Looking at your profile it was most likely a religious/cult type post. :-)
  • I think it was sometime early this year/late last year. Around the time I looked into the Slashdot relationship system and how that worked. I don't remember the specifics, but I believe that I read a post that riled me up enough that I was going to reply -- then I saw that you already had, and had made a more thoughtful reply than I was planning on. So I added you to my friend list to make sure I would notice your posts in the future.
  • ...but you were probably giving some right-winger the what for.
  • To clarify:

    I'm a devout catholic, but at the same time, believe that faith is blind without reason (I agree with JPII's encyclica "faith and reason"). I've also studied (for religious reasons) cults and psychological manipulation, which led me to become quite smart regarding politics. So I guess that turns me into someone relatively centered.

    That, and the fact that I hate the RIAA, MPAA and all form of control and political censorship. I belong to the "hacker culture".

    Regarding porn, i'm against free (as in
  • I checked my friend-adding journal post and you're not in there, so it was sometime before last December. It might have been through a StalinsNotDead journal, or a random witty comment.
  • It was a post of you in the last blue security thread. I hope that when they're fully online again I can protect two spamflooded accounts of mine where I'm sure I get spam from pharmamaster himself.
  • I honestly have no idea. You probably made an insightful comment that I agreed with, so I added you to my friends list so I might take more note of what you have to say.

    I basically add anyone who proves themselves to be intelligent thinkers, even if I don't always agree with them, at least their comments are worth reading. And possibly their journals. =P
  • by linvir ( 970218 )
    I kept stumbling onto your user info page. Now I'll think "Hey, it's this guy again" when I see the icon.

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