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Apple Patches Massive Holes In OS X 246

Trailrunner7 writes with this snippet from ThreatPost: "Apple's first Mac OS X security update for 2010 is out, providing cover for at least 12 serious vulnerabilities. The update, rated critical, plugs security holes that could lead to code execution vulnerabilities if a Mac user is tricked into opening audio files or surfing to a rigged Web site." Hit the link for a list of the highlights among these fixes.

Comment Quant != Finance Phd (Score 4, Insightful) 301

There will always be a quant element in finance. I'd guess there will be fewer quants in five years than there were in (say) 2007, but there was definitely an over-supply then. Having said that, most quant jobs don't require you to have had specific training in finance or financial mathematics. For the best firms, its much more about your mathematical and programming abilities. So you definitely don't need to specialize now in finance to become a quant. You could make a case that focusing on AI would be a bigger draw with quant firms. The other advantage of not doing finance now is that it gives you five years to think about whether you want to be in a career where when you get down to it, you rent out your brain to rich people so that they can get richer. I do work as a quant and find it interesting and competitive etc, but ultimately its a money thaang.

Comment Losers (Score 1) 237

Earthlings, up here we are running a book on whether you will manage to establish human life off Earth, before an asteroid or solar event,your own ability to waste huge sums on weapon systems or your depletion of your current resources renders Earth completely unihabitable. Your inability to correctly respond to your situation is very amusing to us. We don't think you will make it with the space prrogram you have now. However, if you do please bring a few of those ipod thingys with you. They are cute.

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