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Portables (Games)

Submission + - Skype for PSP?

SpooForBrains writes: It appears Sony may have plans to introduce Skype functionality in a future revision of the PSP firmware. Enterprising firmware fiddlers have discovered references to a non-existent module: "skype_plugin.prx" in a decrypted copy of the 3.10 firmware. Similar poking and prodding in the past uncovered the posibility of add-on camera and GPS units long before they were officially launched.

Submission + - Ex-MI6 Officer Publishes Banned Novel on Blog

SpooForBrains writes: Ex-MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson has been fighting a battle with the UK Secret Services for some time now, over his plans to publish a novel detailing his experience in the service, and over claims that he published a list of MI6 agents online (a claim he denies). The latest salvo in the battle (as reported on The Register occurred on Friday when he published the first chapter of his new novel "The Golden Chain" on Blogspot. He has since put up all the remaining chapters, apparently in an attempt to have them seen before the security services have them taken down.

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