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Comment Re:Crying wolf (Score 1) 184

Maybe the difference lies in permission?

It seems like a better situation all around when you are not dependent on legal agreements and "may I look at this source please?". This also does not guarantee that your fix will be used (though it is quite likely to be).

What if you are a smaller company than Samsung? Maybe Microsoft will just ignore or outright deny requests to see the source code.

I think the ability to see code and make/publish changes to that code independent of permission to do so is an important right.

Comment Netflix says "nothing has changed on our end" (Score 4, Interesting) 437

Netflix tells us that there's been "no change" in the way it handles VPNs, so you shouldn't have to worry about the company getting tough any time soon. With that said, these blocking errors started showing up in the past few weeks, so it's not clear what would have prompted them.

Comment Silicone? (Score 1) 193

I think you mean Sillicon

Any of a class of synthetic materials that are polymers with a chemical structure based on chains of alternate silicon and oxygen atoms, with organic groups attached to the silicon atoms. Such compounds are typically resistant to chemical attack and insensitive to temperature changes and are used to make rubber, plastics, polishes, and lubricants.

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