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Comment Re:Softare and wording problem (Score 1) 210

Some Vaio laptops have an option to only charge to 80%. I set in on mine and the battery is still trucking after many years.
Of course Sony Mobile is the old Sony Ericsson, a completely different business unit. They probably don't know about it and the patents, if any, may have been sold with the laptop division.

Comment Re:Peak Aeroplane (Score 1) 290

The three V bombers were designed for high altitude operations. They were switched to low altitudes due to the threat of SAMs. The air down there is denser and wears aircraft out faster.

The Vickers Valiant wore out first, with it's long flexible wings.

The Avro Vulcan has delta wings which are less flexible and allowed it to operate at low level for far longer.

The Handley Page Victor lasted longest because it was converted to reconnaisance and tanking and stayed in thinner air. It's enormous bomb bay made it suitable for this job.

The B52 was never switched to low level operations so comparing the fatigue life of its airframe to the V bombers isn't really fair.

Comment Re:um (Score 1) 276

they are worthless for hitting anything after the first round

That was the point! They say you should never explain a joke, but just for you...

The first few shots hit the victim, recoil pushes the gun off target and the rest of the bullets cause collateral damage. Therefore semi-auto has less cost to the taxpayer as the bullets all hit the target, which explains governments don't like civvies getting automatic weapons - they want us to do our murders cleanly.

There, feel better now?

Comment Re:Smokeless powder (Score 2) 276

The main problem with magazine explosions in warships or tanks is the propellant charge, not the shell filling. Shells are generally pretty insensitive and the bursting charge of an armour piercing shell is comparatively small.

Obviously rail guns remove the risk of propellant and warhead explosions, but the price is no indirect fire. Naval gunnery is mosty used for shore bombardment these days, firing at targets behind a hill isn't going to happen with a railgun.

While "traditional" tanks rounds were explosive, modern ones are generally kinetic, but ammunition explosions are still a risk due to the propellant. Surprisingly some WWII tanks fired solid shot at the start of the war, but almost modern APDS rounds appeared in 1944.

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