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Submission + - SPAM: Cloud Buster app

SpectateSwamp writes: Better than The Cloud — A USB thumb drive and a powerful Multi-Media App

Video, Audio, Pictures, E-Mails & Notes are instantly
Searchable / playable through RANDOM or Direct access.

This important info resides on a thumb drive. Fast, Portable and Secure.

My notes files are of primary interest to Me. I have stored years of "Google
search" strings. So now and then, I'll randomly sample those. Most interesting!!!
My notes include todo item lists. Daily diary type entries. People / names etc.
I archive & retrieve passwords of web sites where I have registered. I save the URL
Links along with any text comment on these threads of interest..
I maintain an email friends list that I forward jokes along to...
Almost everything gets stored and tagged with a "??Dec2015" DATE-STAMP, so I can recall recent entries by date...

"Fast Forward" "Rapid Video Sampling" or other high data-to-screen action will be much slower over the net.
More intensive features are available when the data is in hand. Lets face it Clouds are SLOW.

When your Treasures are txt, jpg, bmp, mpg and Mp3 like this. It can be ported to all computer types and the Cloud. For Decades...

Any CRM "Content Resource Managment" App without random — is seriously lacking

I have more data than all the corporations I worked for in my first 30 years of computing combined (1970 thru 2000)
My custom app can plow through emails and notes at 20,000,000 cps

With this app there is no Big Data

[spam URL stripped]... Personal Learning app demo #01
[spam URL stripped]... Personal Learning app demo #02
[spam URL stripped]... Personal Learning app demo #03

Submission + - Marijuana Candidate - Crusader - Medicine Man won't curse Anti-Pot People

SpectateSwamp writes:

My initial thought was to place a curse on these halfwits. But the results would be more devastating than the Expo 86 — there would be dead dumb asses everywhere.
Expo just got lots of rain and bad weather as predicted. It wasn't till the curse was lifted 17 days later that good weather returned.

Instead every day I am doing blessings for those that sign the petition here in BC so we can vote on it in the next Provincial election.
People are brainwashed, stupid or have ulterior motives / vested interests when they think Pot people should quietly sit back and lose their homes, assets and face jail time.

I'd like a cage match with anyone that thinks pot should remain illegal.

Marijuana Candidate — Oliver BC 10Sep2013 — Opening statements 2:07 seconds

Marijuana Candidate — Oliver BC 10Sep2013 — closing statements 1:38 seconds
photos of the medicine stone media from waaay back
Photos of Tokin stone t-shirts and stone replicas

Comment The 2ndbestest program doesn't need a flowchart (Score 1) 315

For simple things no flowchart is needed ever.

I'm saying look at the 2 page flowchart of the print logic. That was the only tuff thing in doing a Search Engine. A search finds text and hi-lites it. First and formost. Then if the next line has a pic or video or song. Stand back and Look out. you are on your way with flowcharts.

Comment Flowcharts aren't hard once you know the app (Score 1) 315

One other time I needed a flowchart. We were making changes to a property management system to give it budgeting capabilities. The oiginal programmer (working at a different ministry) said "Don't touch that code" I charted it out and passed it by my supervisor. We tested it and it worked. I was the maintenance contractor after that...

Comment FlowCharts can be very useful (Score 1) 315

Talk to them about flowcharting:

When you have a nasty task, a simple flowchart can be a big help.

The above 2 charts are the flowchart for hi-liting TEXT search results. Follow the logic in the source code

Once I threw out a program I was struggling with and did a flowchart that evening. The next day the program ran first try. That doesn't happen often. By the time I decided to throw it out and start again, I knew the problem inside out.

Submission + - 160 questions for honest civic candidates (

SpectateSwamp writes: "4 of the 11 local candidates have answered the questions. The rest would be foolish not to respond.

There will be a Chamber of Commerce forum on Wednesday that will consist of 3 (well known) questions answered 11 times.
Instead of 33 random questions pulled from the Hat of 160 questions. Booo to CofC
They stole the previous meet the candidates forum now YOU want this one."

Submission + - Chamber of Commerce - Called out for forum rigging ( 1

SpectateSwamp writes: "The latest fiasco is "public not being allowed to all candidates forums"

This isn't something new; they were fixing forums way back in 1993 when I ran in the YellowHead riding. I have a couple videos where I caught them in the act. Uploading shortly when I locate the files.

Anybody associated with this group deserves our scorn. Maybe dog poop at their business entrance or a slap from old ladies. This is a major crime against democracy.

We would be better served if the Mafia or Hells Angles ran the forums. At least we would know what to expect.

A number of people are prepared to stand with me as I video those attending. Locals deserve a replacement forum.

I'm waiting for responses from chamber members. What's your side of the story. Use your real names please.

Doug Pederson AKA SpectateSwamp"

Submission + - Computers & Camcorders together at last (

SpectateSwamp writes: "Computers need Digital Video to unleash their full potential (for the common man) and use up some of that monster disk space.

This FREE short video course; will provide everything you need to know, to do DV on a PC. Even if you know next to nothing about computers.

Why is learning this software important? Because it makes video extremely easy. Be off, shooting and displaying your Mpeg video right away. All you have to know about your Camcorder is: How-to 'set the time-date'; How-to 'off-load your video' and How-to 'clear Camcorder videos'. The rest is handled on the computer by this 1 simple program. You'll even get a copy of the Program source code.

The key is to start doing digital video, in the simplest of methods possible. Have fun and advance from there if you like.

Digital Video on TV is brain-dead compared to Computer DV. — PC's rule — Boo.. Cel phones; screens too too small.

forum Poll options:
Swamp Video Rules the Digital Video world

*with this video method the novice can leapfrog the computer Guru / usage wise
*most businesses are sucking the hind tit when it comes to Digital Video
*The source code is out there. All OS verdors should implement their version
*in a "Digital Video ShowDown" Swamp Video wins hands down
*Digital Video is the ultimate next frontier. This is 'the way' going forward
*Next GREAT feature: 2 windows showing in sync video from 2 camcorders. Will BLOW them away. Far away
*Video for TV is pure pure stupid
*Swamp video sucks other media players are better (please specify)
*Swampie has been blogging about video and media players for years and has gone over the edge
*this is the dumbest thread I never knew"

Submission + - Digital Video ShowDown - a non starter (

SpectateSwamp writes: We challenged everyone from the manufacturers to the lowly video player companies.

But nobody showed. Was it the wrong forum? Could this be the best Place for the discussion?

The state of Digital Video is a mess. Lets wise up people.

Submission + - The best Mpeg video player

SpectateSwamp writes: There is little doubt that mpeg has become the standard video format on the net and home computing.

Waaay back (2002) when this app's video capabilities were being added; Mpeg gave you the ability to start and stop play anywhere in a clip. For that reason Mpg format became the focus. (Avi Wmv and Vob) videos do play.

When developing custom software; you can suit yourself and that's just what this beauty does. The program has features the others will be working on for years.

The 'golf' option plays each short video in it's entirety then the last 3 seconds (the swing) in slow motion. Within 10 minutes of leaving the golf course the nearly 200 video clips (from 2 camcorders) are up and playing on the clubhouse screen.

A similar option for wild wild party video gigs. The Profanity Delay / Censorship option 'PD/C' prevents the final 3 seconds of video from playing. Someone says something nasty. Shut off recording. Someone does something illegal shut off recording etc etc.

By creating a mini video (2secs or less) as the golfers approach the tee; a 'group break' record is created. Now the play back can be done 'random by foursome'. OR for Real Estate — shoot a mini clip outside the house and 5 or 6 from inside and have videos play 'random by property' in the office window.

This player can continuously pick a random video then play a random segment. Freezing for 4 seconds on the last frame. If you have lots of video you'll enjoy random.

There are a number of other great video features. The above are those the competition doesn't have.

A popular video format is nothing without great video playback capabilities. Swamp video and desktop search is by far the greatest mpeg player to date. Or any date.
For detailed info: Google "spectateswamp"

Time-line playback makes it easy and fast. No video editing — No Joining videos — No Splitting videos.

4 hours to knowing and mastering Digital Video. Guaranteed!

Submission + - 2nd Bestest program ever (

SpectateSwamp writes: I used this small program while doing telephone billing system conversions. It is quick and easy to create and it has short term and long term value.

I ask the customer for a screen shot of their most important information from their current system. This example is the subscriber file. It takes me no more than a couple hours to create a pretty good replica of their old Subscriber details.

First I print all the field description info onto the screen. Right after that is being displayed I put a DUMMY input statement. I save that screen capture to a newcust0001.bmp BitMap file. Then I comment out the dummy input statement and put in a display of the newly created newcust0001.bmp (as a background) Now I can put the subscriber detail up on the screen with simple prints.

With this quick program I can examine the new data in the same format as the client and by holding down the enter-key see it flash through all the conversion records. After the conversion and the old system is gone. The new clients like to be able to refer back to the old system to compare accounts old and new.

Being this was so easy to do. I'd ask for WorkOrder and transaction info from the old system so that they could be referenced as well. We never convert that data but it is important. What was the last work order on the account and check the transactions to see payments etc. Sort of ETL without the "Load". Just the ET. (The Bestest)

So there you go. Source code to the Bestest and 2nd Bestest programs ever. Just use the bestest and maybe peek at the code to see how bad it is and with 2nd Bestest. Use it and use it lots. Years ago (1975) a good friend of mine said if he was designing systems they would all be text files. With this combo of 2 bestestes. It makes good sense. Very good sense.

Submission + - Get your new CamCorder. Video is now a snap

SpectateSwamp writes: 2 lines in a text file determine how each video plays through simple controls along with search details / catalog info. The second line has the path to the file. During the auto-catalog option the APP creates 2 such lines for every *.mpg found in a folder or drive. Very quick and easy. So you are off and looking at your videos almost immediately. Easy is fun.

It's quick to learn a few other "time-line" playback instructions to have the videos start at a specific number of seconds in and play for just 5 or 6 seconds in slow motion.

When it is this easy to shoot and off-load video for immediate playback VIDEO becomes "an obsession".

If your are looking to purchase here are a couple more points to consider during your CamCorder purchase.

For those who want extreme digital zoom; consider a spotting scope. Just set up your camcorder behind that. It works see:

Get one with a remote. It eliminates the jigglies at the beginning and end of each video clip when the start / stop button is depressed. It is also required when pairing up with a spotting scope. Once it is set up; you don't want to touch it.

Some camcorders can record with the screen door closed. That's a good feature when out in the cold cold. I have used my bare hands as a heating pads for My camcorder.
Example of mid winter with screen door closed. Slo-mo playback and videoing that display screen.

Some manufacturers name their files: yyyymmddhhmmss.mpg. That's handy if you want to merge video clips from 2 or more camcorders.

Check out power alternatives to extra batteries. Some portable power units will run your camcorder along with lights. Then you can have the camcorder powered up and READY without worrying about the battery. They are cheap and have other obvious uses.

The best zoom of all is manual zoom. Get in close and circle the subject. So don't let the zoom factor weigh too heavy in your decision. Same for screen size (not that important). I shoot a lot of video during bright daylight and video with movement, where checking the tiny screen is just a distraction.

When looking for video comparisons. There are so many videos on the net you might be able to have somebody do a low light video example; if asked nicely. Maybe?

Get a camcorder that isn't too expensive. Otherwise you won't risk it by taking it everywhere. Cheap and with you "is best camcorder you can have".

For me I shoot "mpeg video" and "short clips". That allows for immediate upload to the NET (with no editing). I use my custom software (that I can't mention here) it plays avi and wmv but not with the same functionality as mpg. The APP does a lot more but video is it's main advantage. A good video player software is a very important part of the video experience. Both the app and the source code are FREELY available on the NET.

I have had 2 long term camcorders (Hitachi & Sony) and both have their good points.

Now is the time to buy a CamCorder! It's OK. This software makes it simple.

Submission + - Empowering Your video playback capabilities throug (

SpectateSwamp writes: Here's the skinny on HOW to quickly capture slow motion golf swing videos for ALL the participants in a tournament. The ON/OFF switch is Key!

We took our 2 camcorders to Hole #2.
That TEE had the best lighting and least shade. The Hole runs to the North North East. Quite good for early morning and noon Tee-time Shoots.

For the quickest results follow this simple Videoing recipe.
*AS each 'new' foursome arrives at the TEE:

-Shoot 1 extremely short video clip (1 or 2 seconds max)
  of the tournament sheet or white-board with golfer names and Flight# or video the Golfers as they drive up in their Carts.

-Start recording the action when the Golfer addresses the ball.

-Shut off recording as soon as the swing is complete.

-then the next golfer in that foursome.

That's IT.

The video is offloaded to the Laptop in 5 to 10 minutes. There are 90+ golf swing clips from each of the 2 CamCorders.

The video software program Does-The-Rest.

The App's cataloging option "GOLF" is selected:

--a text file is created with dual lines that control the video playback.

the 1st text line contains: The Search detail info and video replay controls.
"photo c:\GOLF_0014.mpg " — INFO like NAME & SCORE can be added here later

the 2nd line has the physical location of the video files
"xxx.c:\search\GOLF_0014.mpg" — A mpeg video file named GOLF_0014 on Drive C in a folder called 'Search'

The above lines instructs the software to play the short (6 to 8secs) GOLF_0014.mpg clip at REGULAR speed.

What controls the final 3 seconds (the swing) in SLO-MO is the addition of a couple parameters:

The 2nd pairing of lines uses (start point) and (replay speed) settings

"photo c:\GOLF_0012.mpg start==-3000 speed=125 " -------LINE#1
"xxx.c:\search\GOLF_0012.mpg " -------LINE#2

  (Start==-3000) is the number of seconds (-3000 indicates -3 secs) So start the playback 3secs before the end of the video.

  (speed=125) is the speed where 1000 is full speed. This 1/8 speed is in reality about 1/10 speed due to computer delay time resulting from the rapid video stops and starts from within the Slo-Mo playback controller.

The computer finds all the videos in the specified directories and automatically creates these 2 sets of lines for each video clip captured during the tournament. So these 180+ video files are ready to play Full Speed and Slo-Mo for all swings FS/SM FS/SM....

And the PLAY Begins... On the big screen RANDOM by foursomes... The mini clip that was filmed of the foursome is the BREAK indicator that now identifies each new play group as a SET. The computer randomly selects and plays the foursome's 4 videos. On the BIG screen. All within 10 minutes of leaving the Course. How fast is that.

The mini-clip feature allows for easy synchronizing the video from 2 or more CamCorders. By choosing the Golfer's Seq# along with His/Her video GRP#; (during the auto-catalog; line #1 has " GRP#3 " & " SEQ#4 " added as search details) so playing the videos from CC#1 then CC#2 repeatedly is now a snap.

EXAMPLE of the catalog file:
photo GRP#3 SEQ#4 — (Name and Score can be added here later)
photo GRP#3 SEQ#4 start==-3000 speed=125
photo GRP#3 SEQ#4
photo GRP#3 SEQ#4 start==-3000 speed=125

photo GRP#4 SEQ#0 — (short 1-2 sec video clip causes the BREAK line & changes the sequence counts)
photo GRP#4 SEQ#0 start==-3000 speed=125

The replay was incredible entertainment Value to the golfers as they had their awards meal. They just loved it. What a wonderful momento the monogrammed USB STICKS (with vids set to randomly play) are for Golfers. Everybody will want to SPONSOR a cool timely gift like that.... for video samples from the 2 test tournaments

This method unleashes the full power and speed that was HIDDEN in the "ON/OFF" Switch!!!

Not all Operating System have this video capability but they should or face being left in the digital video dust because of it.

The Mac and Linux fanatics NEED to do a PC landfill rescue (thousands of PCs are going there everyday). Don't let blind loyalty to any OS, hold you back. It's the application software that counts most. Relax; Now we can ALL go to the world of ON/OFF Video power.

If a Camcorder came out with similar ground-breaking Earth-shattering features — You'd go get it, Wouldn't you? This is available here and NOW!

By simply turning the camcorder off. A video break point is created. For Golf the last 3 seconds is the swing that can be played back in slow motion. For Politicians it could be that in the last 5 seconds a lie or untruth was spoken. Those parts can be sampled by themselves in slo-mo or normal speed. Very very short videos can also be used to group the videos that follow. A very short video of the outside of a house then numerous others enables property videos to be the grouped. These videos can then be randomly selected to play in their entirety. What a neat StoreFront window screen-saver for real estate.

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