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SpecTheIntro writes: "This is a game that my company, SRRN Games, finished over a few days this week. We built it entirely in Unity (we used nGUI to help with the UI) with the intention of starting and finishing it as quickly as possible. We've worked with Unity before (Ash II and The Minor Lords were both built in it) but never on a timeline this short. Being able to deploy to all of these platforms in such a short timeline was really awesome.

The game is available on PC, Mac, Android, Flash, and iOS (it's got to be approved by Apple before it goes live, though). Doing something this small with this much reach was really gratifying. I hope you all enjoy it, and I'm happy to field any questions about the development process."

Comment Re:Sad state of affairs for a once great company (Score 1) 210

For example, you figured that the bulk of EA's revenue was from traditional console/PC games. Nope. IIRC like 60 or 70% is all from micro transaction/mobile/DLC/PC. Insane!

Though one odd thing I can't understand is why PC is treated like garbage when not only is this the re-emerging market, but it represents a pretty significant revenue area for most publishers/developers. The PC actually generates revenues on par (or more than) the Wii, PSP, or even the DS's. So why the poor ports and missing DLC/features (which should be in considering this is where the $$$ is at). Any ideas?

I'm not sure where you're seeing that on their 10-K. I found this interesting myself, so I pulled down EA's annual report and I see the following:

Net Revenue by platform:

Consoles - 2342m
Wireless - 472m

That's the current breakdown, and mobile is really only half of that. The numbers add up to the total topline revenue EA reported, so it would seem that right now, wireless revenues only account for ~ 10-15% of their total revenue. Forecasts may paint it differently, but that's because everyone wants to be Zynga.

Comment Re:WUBI? (Score 4, Informative) 214

I think it's new enough that there isn't a lot of first-hand experience with it. The FAQ describes it in Alpha, although the download link refers to it as Beta... in any case, my suspicion is that it is likely not very stable yet. You may want to experiment with it on a home PC before putting it on your work laptop.

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