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Submission + - New layout remains broken? (

Sparr0 writes: "I continue to be mostly unable to use Slashdot on the new layout.

It looks like this.

5 stories on the front page, 4 of which are usually collapsed by default. I can't tell why the top story appears as a speech bubble from the search box, there's usually a "tip of the day" type of note in a speech bubble there. Clicking the "Many more" button yields a circular progress animation for a few seconds, then back to "Many more" with no new stories. The "Fullscreen" link at the bottom seems to do nothing. Clicking the 2pm/1pm buttons shows me a specific hour block of stories, I think.

When I click on stories I am usually greeted with a false opportunity to get first post:
This story has 0 Comments ...
This discussion was created for logged-in users only. ...
Post a Comment

I also can't normally find any way to submit a story. I had to refresh the page a dozen times to get the link for this page from a tip-of-the-day bubble.

There are many other ways in which the new layout is much less useful or usable than the old. Why did this leave beta and get foisted on us? Why haven't I seen any other discussion of this, on the few stories where I can see comments? And, most importantly, where is the best place to ask questions like this, when you're having problems using Slashdot so you can't really ask on slashdot?"

The Internet

Submission + - Workaround for slashdot RSS homepage bug 1

Sparr0 writes: To work around the current bug causing the slashdot front page to be served as an RSS feed, disable the "Low Bandwidth" setting on the Help & Preferences > Index > General page, or the equivalent setting for the Beta Index if you use it.

Submission + - Will lack of DX10 on XP spur OpenGL development?

Sparr0 writes: "Since Microsoft's announcement that DirectX 10 will not be released for Windows XP, which means no Shader Model 4.0 and no Geometry Shaders, I have been waiting for news of game developers switching to OpenGL in order to get the best graphics on the best hardware on the most popular gaming OS... But there is nary a whisper of such. Will such a shift occur, even if only in small amounts? When? Why not? It is probably safe to say that Unreal Tournament 3 (AKA UT2007) will have OpenGL as an option in Windows, but that is both unsurprising and also a long way off. Ditto for Quake Wars, and most anything else that we already knew was going to have a native Linux clients. But where are all of the other big names with Windows-only offerings? Why haven't we heard from Valve, Blizzard, Sony, or EA, to name a few?"
The Courts

Submission + - FBI raids Security Researcher's home. Surprised?

Sparr0 writes: "Christopher Soghoian, the subject of a recent story, has now had his home raided. Details can be found on his blog, including a scanned copy of the warrant. Boiling down some of the legalese, the charges (if any are filed) will be "conspiracy to knowingly present a false and fictitious claim upon or against the United States, or any department or agency thereof in violation of USC 18 secs(2,371,1036,1343,2318) and USC 49 secs(46314,46316) and 49 CFR 1540.103,1540.105" (edited for brevity). The bad news is that he really did break the law. The good news is that Senator Charles Schumer did too, on an official government website no less. The outcome of this trial will be academically interesting, at least. At best, it could result in ruling against some portion of the law(s) that the TSA operates under."

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