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Submission + - Twitter-shaming can cost you your job - whether you're giving or receiving (infoworld.com)

tsamsoniw writes: "Hoping to strike a blow against sexism in the tech industry, developer and tech evangelist Adria Richards took to Twitter to complain about two male developers swapping purportedly offensive jokes at PyCon. The decision has set into motion a chain of events that illustrate the impact a tweet or two can make in this age of social networking: One the developers and Richards have since lost their jobs, and even the chair of PyCon has been harassed for his minor role in the incident."
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - What Sun's OpenSolaris means for open source 1

Stony Stevenson writes: While Linux and all of its various incarnations have seen a great deal of breakthrough attention during 2007, another open-source operating system has been slowly gaining ground: OpenSolaris. And now Sun is banking hard on bringing Linux enthusiasts into the Sun fold. Not just to code for Solaris, but to use it the way they'd use Linux as their desktop operating system, and not just something that runs their servers. And, ultimately, it looks like Sun is hoping to use open-source Solaris as a way to get people to buy Sun systems.

Aside from Solaris itself, though, what does Sun have to bring to the open-source table? That can be summed up in three letters: ZFS.

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