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Comment Re:Police behave better when being watched (Score 1) 332

Maybe if the cops knew whether they were recording but the civilians did not. Otherwise, the variable under analysis couldn't impact the results.

Of course, if you really wanted to rigorously test the hypothesis, you wouldn't only measure civilian reports. You would record police behavior as well. Which means you actually would be recording, and the experiment would be in TELLING half of the police that they weren't recording when they actually were.

Comment Re:If only we could stop the creation of smog... (Score 2) 166

I could see business campuses installing these on their grounds for their own personal benefit. And unlike a lot of technologies that benefit the installers locally while hurting everyone else just a little, this is a net positive to everyone. If you make them cheap and efficient, they'll start showing up by hospitals, in malls, on hotels and apartment buildings, etc, and pretty soon the air everywhere looks cleaner.

Sure, game theory would say that there's less and less benefit for future adopters as the overall air gets cleaner, but if they become a status symbol people will still install them.

I'm having trouble believing that it's nearly as effective as they say though, so it probably doesn't matter.

Comment Re:Seems like it would be worth way more than $200 (Score 1) 49

What's the going rate for getting a legal payoff and having a lot less to worry about? If I found an exploit like that, I'd sooner trade it to Google for a Starbucks gift card than I would try and negotiate with, like, Russia. How would you even start something like that? It sounds like suicide for your criminal record, surely every government has agents posing as agents of other governments to try and poach stuff like that.

Comment Re:Fake GPS location spoofer (Score 1) 395

I'm pretty sure it was never a technical limitation, just a social one. If the same person replies to literally everyone else's comments on a story, it's really offputting (especially if it's the kind of comments that inevitably show up as first posts--you know the ones).

Comment Re: Not really groundbraking (Score 1) 113

After looking I was surprised that yes, they are smaller! Fascinating! Even, I presume, if you allow extra "colors" for stippling. But I have to disagree on the scaling thing. All the SCI games I've seen that were upscaled with third party tools look kinda... not good. Mainly when artists scribble with lines that produce good effects in the native resolution, but look like crayons scrawls if you scale them up to be rounded and smooth.

Oh well. I guess some games probably look better than others (yes Space Quest, no Quest for Glory) and it's all a matter of taste anyway.

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