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Comment It's almost like people want different things (Score 3, Insightful) 145

Not everyone values the same features in the same way, and it's really really easy to make assumptions. Complexity vs simplicity, replay value vs. seeing everything the first time through, etc. Variety doesn't give an inherently better experience compared to something well polished. Really tiny changes to things like matchmaking can vastly change the experience, and really small UI stumbling blocks, can actually be a massive frustration; not because some users are dumb, but because they want something with literally zero frustrations in the limited time they can play. There's not even anything inherently wrong with players who really like shiny graphics. If that's what they enjoy, then good on them.

Even assuming that more accurate physics makes a more playable game seems pretty disingenuous.

Comment Even without environmental concerns (Score 2, Insightful) 338

can we maybe slow down our use for business reasons? I'd rather have moderate-speed sustainable growth, at slightly higher fuel prices that help drive commercial advances in solar and wind, than find out in fifty years that we've drilled out all the easy-to-get wells and don't have nearly enough commercial investment in other fuel sources to keep up our demand for energy.

Besides, petroleum has some pretty nifty properties besides energy production that I'd really love to keep having easy access to. Like, cheap plastics. Burning it for energy is kinda like using our limited helium reserves for toy balloons.

I don't think there's going to be any kind of peak oil civilization-ending disaster...just that prices will go up. But if they go up a little right now, they won't have to go up by a lot later.

Oh yeah...and from a foreign policy standpoint. We have a ton of oil here in the USA. Energy independence is nice, but it's not critical right now. Wait until Russia closes its borders, the Middle East falls apart and turns off their spigots, and Europe is begging for fuel at any price...can we maybe use our massive national reserves then instead of now? (needing to have the infrastructure in place ahead of time does complicate things I'll admit)

Comment Re:Stealing (Score 3, Informative) 149

If you sell limited-edition prints of a painting, and people buy it because having one out of only a hundred has value to them, then someone making counterfeits is decreasing the value even if they don't directly take from the original creator.

If these game points are considered to have value because they take time, effort or skill to obtain, and then someone finds a way to manufacture more of those points by deception, then clearly it's diminishing the value of the legitimate ones.

Comment Re: They were able to do this because... (Score 4, Insightful) 149

If these points were 'earned' from playing games, then it sounds like they're not much different from winning tickets at a Skee-Ball machine. If the publisher decides to gate content behind them, I don't see how that's even the slightest bit unethical. They create content and then limit access to it.

This seems a lot like printing your own skee-ball reward tickets, using them to "buy" passes to the exclusive backroom pinball arcade, then selling them on Ebay. You obtained a thing through deception, and everyone in the transaction agrees that the thing has value. How isn't that fraud?

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