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Comment Infrastructure in the open (Score 1) 117

Sure, securing the technology side of things is essential but delivering power to people requires most of your infrastructure to be left out in the open... much of it in remote areas and unattended. Quadruple factor authentication, 200 character passwords, and air gaps don't really matter when some guy with a .22 can bring your system down.

Comment Re:Protecting the Weak from the Strong (Score 1) 224

Where do people get the idea that the 2nd Amendment has anything to do with protecting us from a tyrannical government?

The Constitution give us the means of changing government peacefully. If you don't like the government we've elected, you don't get the right to start a shooting war. That's called treason.

If government breaks down to the point where the Constitution becomes invalid, why do we care what the 2nd Amendment of it is?

Also, "the State" is us. We are the government. I know we lose sight of that from time to time but we still elect people to govern on our behalf.

I tend to view the 2nd Amendment as the choice between a standing army or an armed populace. Now we have both. Joy.

Comment Re:Professors poor in geography (Score 1) 688

I once watched a show on the National Geographic channel where they asked a question before a commercial break and would then answer it when they came back. A little cliff hanger, I guess.

This one was "Scientists believe the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs landed on which continent?"

They came back with the answer "Central America, right next to the Yucatan Pensinsula". Which is a pretty epic failure for the National GEOGRAPHIC channel to find something that's not really a continent, and even if it was, it still wouldn't have been right since Mexico is pretty firmly in North America anyway.

Comment Re:Fuck him and the rest of the Republicans (Score 1) 1116

Are we still pretending that donating money to prevent American citizens from marrying the person they love is just a "political belief"?

You know what would be really shitty? Someone codifying into law a political belief that denies a group of citizens the ability to make medical decisions on behalf of an incapacitated spouse.

Look, I disagree with plenty of things people believe or say. We agree to disagree and move on with our lives. Actively donating money to bigoted causes that seek legalize your views at the expense of mine crosses the line of polite disagreement into "You're an asshole."

Comment Re:Some are more equal than others... (Score 4, Insightful) 1116


Sort of like if I donate $1000 to save the pandas its ok but if I donate $1000 to shoot pandas, people get bent out of shape.

Or contributing $1000 to get more minorities to vote as opposed to $1000 to prevent minorities from voting.

Or contributing $1000 to clean up a local park vs $1000 to dump more trash in a local park.

Or $1000 to fix potholes vs $1000 to create more potholes.

Should I go on?

Yes, there are certain things you could contribute money to that will be OK when contributing to the other side is not OK.

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