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Comment Re:hyperloop without the hyper or loop (Score 2, Informative) 218

If by average purchase you mean average age of cars on the road, you're very wrong. The average age of a car on the road in the US just surpassed 11 years old. This is exactly why the longevity and long term resale of a car is very important. I know I won't even think about an electric car until they ensure it will last at least 10 years without an expensive overall. I'm currently driving a 14 year old car and have no plans to buy a new one as this one keeps going strong, I have real doubts the same can be said for electrics.

Comment Re:Absence?! (Score 1) 595

Just like we need to change our entire economy and way of life because global warming is killing us all and 1996 is the last year to take action or we will all be dead in a decade. Oh I mean 2000 is the last year to act, or 2010, or 2014 etc.... Yet now even NASA says there has been no warming happening in over 12 years. It's funny how global warming nuts and IPV6 nuts sound very similar in their alarmism.

Comment Are you trolling us? (Score 2) 237

I can't agree more. This is the worst crap I've ever seen. I've been coming to slashdot viewing stories for a decade, I never saw any issues with the classic design. This is just pure change for the sake of change. The sites I tend to read and stick to the most are very simple and minimal like the classic slashdot, reddit etc.. If I wanted some pretty over-designd blog I'd go over to any of the hideous Gawker sites or AOL news. I was part of the digg community when they made their huge sweeping design change, I was also part of the exodus because of it. Don't follow this path. I do know I won't be in the minority based on these comments, if slashdot forces this change, it won't be my daily news source anymore, it's too hard on the eyes. Go back to classic and leave it be, abandon this idiotic folly.

Submission + - Early iPad prototype appears in litigation against Samsung ( 5

danomac writes: The litigation against Samsung has now turned up an early prototype of the iPad, from 2002. This prototype is shown against the article against the iPad 2 and Samsung's Tab 10.1, and it dwarfs both in size and thickness. It's almost as thick as a notebook.

Samsung is saying the early design isn't even close to what the Tab 10.1 is now. It does, however, feature the same rounded corners as the current generation iPad.


Submission + - Don't super-size my smartphone! ( 8

Steve Max writes: Editor Paul Ockenden wonders, "Has anyone else noticed what’s been happening to top-end smartphones recently? They’ve started to get big – really big. But do people really want that at the expense of carrying around such a huge, heavy lump of tech in their pocket?". The trend for bigger and bigger screens is clear, but is it what consumers want? Is it what you want?

Submission + - Large Auto Warehouser Switches to OS X

good soldier svejk writes: Computerworld reports that, "Over the next 60 days, AWC (Auto Warehousing Co.) will begin systematically pulling the plug on all Windows-based PCs in its cavernous auto processing shop and power up Macs to execute virtually all of its revenue-generating operations. The move comes on the heels of a quiet wholesale replacement of Windows-based servers for data storage and Web operations, which are now running on Apple Inc.'s Xserve RAID machines."

Apparently, the company tested OS X and was impressed with the feature set and long term return on investment.

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