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Comment Re:There is still long way to go (Score 2, Informative) 410

What about those of us geeks that LIKE WebOS? I mean, I can do everything that an Android user can do and MORE with WebOS, and WebOS makes it easier to do.

Tell me you Android users, can you patch your Android device with a kernel that allows for multiple types of adaptive overclocking? No? funny, I can with my Gen1 Sprint Pre using WebOS 1.4.5.

Even funnier, It's not a feature i'd use.

In fact, I've been doing it for at least 3 point releases of WebOS.

Wait. Your Android device isn't getting an OTA update from your carrier? You can't even GET an OTA update because your only 6 month old device isn't compatible with Froyo? And you have to be even MORE of a carrier bitch and pay out more money just to get Froyo, but you can only get a gimped version with features missing?


Bought my nexus one without a contract, installed a modded os (Cyangoen) and installed a great deal of useful apps.

I just don't see how you people think Android is "open" when it looks like only the CARRIERS have any real access to the phone without a complex hack that is only really possible for Alpha Geeks and is as lkely to BRICK your phone or cause the carrier to drop your contract as it is to unlock it.

Documentation on how to flash your device so it doesn't end up bricked can easily be found and it's instructions are very clear. It does not take an an overly technical person to do this. I don't think it has a higher rate of being bricked than any other hardware being flashed.

Other than having a metric crap load of apps (about 99% garbage apps too.) you Android users appear to be getting LESS for your money than us WebOS users. Yeah, I have a device that's over a year old. At least my software is up to date, and uniform across all carriers and devices. Having a brand new Android device that's completely locked down and using a gimped old version of Android is like owning a Ferrari that has a Yugo engine and needs champagne as fuel. Flashy, expensive to use crap.

No thanks, I'll stick with WebOS.

Apps are what you make of them. The applications I find useful I install and keep. Even if we use your somewhat "99% percent garbage apps too" estimate that still leaves me with 1% of apps that might be of value. I'm not sure why I'm replying to your post other than to say it seems like you really don't like the android platform. I can't help but wonder did you by chance brick one of your android phones? :-)


Submission + - Greens call for end of corporate personhood ( 1

guzzlersden writes: 109 Green Party candidates nationwide are calling for a "Green New Deal" to end the legal doctrine of corporate personhood, which grants corporations constitutional rights that had previously been reserved for people.
The Internet

Submission + - Officer challenging internet anonymity ( 1

Some1too writes: Ok here's the scoop: During the G20 summit not too long ago footage was capture of an officer threatening to arrest a protester for blowing bubbles in their directions. In his own words "“If the bubbles touch me you`re going to be arrested for assault, do you understand me?”. The video is uploaded to youtube and an animated parody is made showing 'officer bubbles' as he's now known arresting various characters (Santa Claus, Barack Obama). The usual youtube hilarity ensues in the comments. Officer Bubbles doesn't like what he reads so he decides to sue Youtube for 1.2 million and request that they reveal the identity of the anonymous authors. I wrote a opinion piece on the subject here. The blogosphere is really burning up with this one, I'm assuming that Officer Bubbles will soon be very familiar with the Streisand effect.

Submission + - Mobile Passwords: When 3 Is Better Than 1 (

itwbennett writes: Entering passwords on smartphones is unnecessarily painful, says security research Markus Jakobsson. In addition to having to enter text on a tiny keyboard, there's no auto-correct feature, but there could be and it could be used securely if we use pass sentences instead of passwords. Consider the pass sentence 'frog work flat'. How secure is that? 'The frequencies of these words in the English language are 10 to the -5.13, 10 to the -3.20 and 10 to the -4.36. The combination therefore occurs with probability 10 to the -12.7 — the product of those three frequency values — or approximately 2 to the -42. That is a strong credential,' says Jakobsson.

Submission + - President Obama to appear on Mythbusters ( 2

Muondecay writes: President Obama will be featured in the December 8th MythBusters episode, "Archimedes Solar Ray," during which he will challenge Adam and Jamie to revisit an ancient and somewhat controversial myth: Did Greek scientist and polymath Archimedes set fire to an invading Roman fleet using only mirrors and the reflected rays of the sun during the Siege of Syracuse? This is part of a White House effort to highlight the importance of science education.

Comment Re:I don't usually complain about summaries (Score 3, Funny) 157

I don't usually complain about the summaries (because I know they're all bad) but this one was a real disappointment to me. Carnivorous swamp beast?? I'm looking for this bad boy. But no, it's just a little cute furry guy, a little irate because someone is holding him by the throat. I would be irate too. OK, I know it's news, but such a disappointment. If it was a slashdotter vs that cute little guy, I'd put money on the beaver like thing. You're forgetting what years of living in a basement does to muscle. To most of us that is a BEAST.

I think the average slahdotter living in his basement would have no problem choking something of the size of a small rodent...

I tried to resist but it was just too easy. I feel like I should also state I live in a basement, post on slashdot and have a girlfriend... ;-)


Comment Re:What OS? And how annoying? (Score 1) 366

I had some mod points but i'll waive using them to tell this funny story:

I worked at a head office for a large oil and gas company in their call centre. One day a net send message popped up on all the computer screens in the office: (I've changed the wording to protect the guilty) "I'm XXX and I like licorice".

I laughed to myself, clicked ok to the message and then suddenly the phones began to ring off the hook. The amount of callers waiting on hold kept increasing to unimaginable numbers. A few minutes later one of our second level guys walked in and we asked him to sit down and help us with the call volumes due to some idiot who had sent a net send message to the complete company (50 floors of employee's).

The guy turned completly red sat down and started taking calls after calls. It was then that we immediately knew who the guilty party was. He wanted to send a net send message to one of the other tech guys in the building but had sent it to the whole domain instead.

Needless to say he was known as the licorice guy from there on out.

I've always wondered if he stopped using net send....


Comment Thank you! (Score 4, Informative) 213

I can't say that enough! As an older person who was returning to university your mathematics and physics exercises and videos were a life saver! I truly appreciate all the hard work and effort you've put into your educational materials (website, videos, lessons etc). They helped me immensely and I don't doubt for a second they will continue to do so when I finally begin my full time studies in September. It's people such as yourself that really help make a positive difference in our world. You're inspirational, thank you and keep up the excellent work. One last time: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Some1too.
The Internet

Submission + - What did people do on the internet before the Web? ( 3

ribuck writes: "The web wasn't invented until 1989, and didn't really catch on until 1993 when the Mosaic browser was released. But the internet is much older than the web. So how did people use the internet in the good old pre-web days? There was email, of course, and FTP, and also a bunch of other interesting protocols. If HTTP and HTML hadn't come along, we might just have enhanced Gopher instead. Many of the pre-web protocols are still in active use, but sometimes it's only nostalgia that keeps them going. Try typing finger at the command line to see how blogging works using steam technology."

Submission + - Government Approves First US Off-Shore Wind Farm (

RobotRunAmok writes: In a groundbreaking decision that some say will usher in a new era of clean energy, U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said today he was approving the nation's first offshore wind farm, the controversial Cape Wind project off of Cape Cod. The project has undergone years of environmental review and political maneuvering, including opposition from the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy, whose home overlooks Nantucket Sound, and from Wampanoag Indian tribes who complained that the 130 turbines, which would stand more than 400 feet above the ocean surface, would disturb spiritual sun greetings and possibly ancestral artifacts and burial grounds on the seabed. But George Bachrach, president of the Environmental League of Massachusetts, hailed the decision, saying it was "a critical step toward ending our reliance on foreign oil and achieving energy independence. "

Comment Re:Awe (Score 1) 29

Seriously, I'm in awe of these pictures and how much is out there. Between these and the new hubble images, it really drives home two things:

1) I miss living in the country. The night skies on clear nights were awesome. 2) I regret that I will not live long enough to see faster then light travel. Perhaps my son will see it.

I certainly hope that my children will get the chance to travel our of orbit. I'm still holding out that i'll step foot on the moon or another planet before I leave this beautiful blue marble. (A man's gotta have his dreams right?)

On a serious note faster than light travel by the next generation? We can always dream....

Comment Re:A big flop (Score 1) 206

Not sure how you're defining a big flop. Just by having google and android hand in hand the branding is getting out there. HTC devices are now known to be reliable by the consumer. For the record I own one and bought it new with an extra battery (you can't go wrong for 25$). I bought it when it was still unavailable in my country of origin. I don't use a dataplan but connect via wifi. I'd rather know the cost of my device upfront and have the ability to change carriers whenever I feel like it rather than being locked into one carrier for two to three years. Until our carriers monthly service plans fall to a resonable monthly cost (under 30$ a month) i will not support them any more than I need to. Android, HTC, google, the open source movement and the consumer are all winning with this thing. Not really understanding how this is a loss or flop. S.

Comment Re:I'm very happy with my asus wl-500w (Score 1) 344

... crack it open and you can remove the wireless card and replace it with your own ... the wireless card had been glued to the router board ... I ended up using a pair of scissors to pry them apart and I thought for certain I had ruined either the card or the router board. God I love slashdot.... always the best advice!

On a serious note I tried to remove the card in every which way I could think of and it wouldn't budge. I couldn't tell that it was held in place with the sponge and glue (it wasn't visible). I don't know if that's a common practice in devices like these because it was the first time I opened one up. I thought someone might find the information helpful if they were thinking about opening theirs. (I was fully aware of the possible consequences.).

On a side note; It's also a good idea to loosen up and have a few beers before trying the famous hardware removal by scissors technique. It's as extreme as extreme ironing btw. S.

Comment I'm very happy with my asus wl-500w (Score 4, Informative) 344

I'm very happy with the unit for the following reasons:

1) crack it open and you can remove the wireless card and replace it with your own.

2) will run with openwrt

3) I'm shocked at the amount of abuse mine took. The wireless card had been glued to the router board using some kind of foam. I think the combination of the glue used and the heat from the device made it stick together strongly. I ended up using a pair of scissors to pry them apart and I thought for certain I had ruined either the card of the router board. Much to my surprise when I unbent the clips for the card it started working fine (I was prepared to trash the router in order to try and get the card out).

4) I've flashed the unit several times between the stock and various other images. The thing always comes back from the dead if you take your time and understand what you're doing. I guess it's firmware has some issue in how it addresses the interfaces which causes a conflict when trying to run something like FON (or so I'm told. Not certain how this applies if you're running openwrt). I bought mine a few years ago now when the N standard wasn't on a lot of hardware at the time. I haven't tested it's functionality in that regard.

I'm planning on buying a decent Atheros based card for it and use it in Sept. Hope this was helpful in some way.

Cheers, S.

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