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Comment Re:Awful (Score 1) 62

The stick is ideal for games where you need the ability to move both quickly and precisely (say, to whip to the left and shoot the damn torpedo coming at you) with both hands, but not so much on platformers, for instance, where you want to move precisely before jumping to the next spinning, fiery climbable wall while some demonic dream-dad is throwing knives at you.

I played it on PC, with WSAD for movement, and it was still a pain.


P.S. You forgot to mention that the knives were on fire, too.

Comment Re:He is correct. (Score 1) 465

"Reality isn't fun. If it was we wouldn't play games."

I'll second this and say that those people who want realistic games are a stupid minority who don't understand game design.

I'm a game designer/programmer who still spends a lot of time playing the original Ghost Recon with his friends. Often with respawn time set as long as 60 seconds, or respawns disabled entirely (and ALWAYS limited in quantity). This is a game where at least 70% of all bullet wounds are instantly fatal (and the rest are no joke), and where aiming usually requires you to hold still and aim carefully.

I also play games like Worms 3D, Spaceward Ho!, Harvest Moon, Starcraft, Tetris Attack... pretty wildly varying levels of realism there.

I'll have to say that people who relegate entire other groups of people to "stupid minorities" are stupid minorities who are sure not understanding something, not least of which that other people might have different tastes than them.


Comment Re:...Patch Tuesday (Score 1) 341

Complaining about WGA is as stupid as people complaining about having to put the cd / dvd in to play a game. It's a very minor form of copy protection that causes no inconvenience to users - well, users that don't like to bitch about the massive effort of having to put a disc in to play a game.

The only reason I have a working optical drive between the three computers that I A) use regularly and B) have a monitor for is that a replacement for my most recently deceased one arrived today.

All the effort in the world won't cram my Brood War CD into the empty space that used to hold my G5's DVD drive and make it work.

I'm pretty much the biggest anti-DRM person that there is.

I think the fallacy in this statement is so blatantly obvious that I don't even need to point it out. (Which I did anyway. Go figure.)


Comment Re:My Kingdom for a Datagrid Element! (Score 1) 541

When's the last time you laid out a site without a table element on every page?

I haven't made a website with a table-based layout in seven years. The only thing I use tables for nowadays is presenting tabular data.

In fact, just thinking about table-based layouts made me feel a little sick.

Of course, I've also been incredibly lucky in that I don't have to support IE, so the stuff I do in CSS actually works. (Just thinking about supporting IE made me feel a little sicker...)


Comment Re:ah, they learn (Score 1) 57

Really? I honestly don't recall ever having to preserve ammo in Half-Life. Maybe it's just been too long since I've played it but...

During the parts where you're still in the Black Mesa facility, there's never a shortage of ammo. Even the nuclear weapons are well-stocked. In fact, I remember thinking, "This game has WAY too much ammo."

Then I got to Xen, and the ammo supply all but dried up.

Through excessive use of the crowbar, I managed to still have a reasonable quantity of ammo left when I reached the Nihilanth. I ended up finally killing him by zapping him with the (infinite ammo) bee gun continuously for a minute or two after pouring all my ammo into him. (I imagine it's easier if, unlike me, you manage to survive his "teleport" attack; the rooms you get teleported to are full of ammo, the problem is just surviving the floaty death that comes with it long enough to teleport back.)


Comment Re:Why am I not surprised? (Score 2, Insightful) 95

I have had to restore from a Time Machine backup and I will never use it again. It was so much work because it does not backed up most of the system and ---

Whoah, whoah, whoah. Hold it right there. By default, Time Machine backs up every single file on the hard disk. If you were cheap enough to deliberately exclude system directories, you should expect that a full restore is going to be less than painless.

Not only that, but doesn't it pop up a scary warning dialog if you exclude system dirs?


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