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Submission + - Karma strike against 3

sjs132 writes: Ever get a call by and want to get revenge on the folks that did it? Well This guy did too. But they wouldn't give up who initiated the prank, so some pubilc digging and basic internet sleuthing reveals the owner of prankdail and his phone number. Time for Karma to come a calling....

Comment Re:Not dead on my desktop (Score 1) 1348

There are three big problems I've noticed two stated by the original poster:

1. Fragmentation. Do you release a tar.gz? Do you release an RPM? Do you Release a .deb?

And how do you support them all? What really should happen is one of two things. 1 Package manager for all distros.(Not going to happen any time soon). The other is a 2nd compatable package management system which is compatible/an add-on to the existing Package Management systems. This way as a corparate developer I can just make and maintain one package instead of three. List the library requirements and if your distro can't go up to the proper version you can try to force it (like if your distro back ports a feature/fix).


Rabid hatred of DRM. You know what though I would love to be able to watch Netflix on my Linux desktop so I don't have to fight with my roommates/watch the Jersey Shore marathon while waiting for the PS3.


Being able to play games native/ minimal emulation would be amazing. I know there is Wine and Cedega and CrossOffice, but they are just band aids to the real problem.

Comment Re:I can only assume (Score 5, Interesting) 203

Actually I think this number not completely honest. 6 Days ago Microsoft because a sponsor of Reddit and asked the Reddit community to test it out and give feed back.

"See, Microsoft is getting ready to release Internet Explorer 9, and they reached out to us because they genuinely want to start a dialog with the reddit community. In fact, they've taken the unprecedented step of putting the reddit team in charge of this entire campaign. This is a great deal of trust for an advertiser to offer, and we should both take it as a huge compliment."


Why NASA's New Video Game Misses the Point 205

longacre writes "Erik Sofge trudges through NASA's latest free video game, which he finds tedious, uninspiring and misguided. Quoting: 'Moonbase Alpha is a demo, of sorts, for NASA's more ambitious upcoming game, Astronaut: Moon, Mars & Beyond, which will feature more destinations, and hopefully less welding. The European Space Agency is developing a similar game, set on the Jovian Moon, Europa. But Moonbase Alpha proves that as a recruiting campaign, or even as an educational tool, the astronaut simulation game is a lost cause. Unless NASA plans to veer into science fiction and populate its virtual moons, asteroids and planets with hostile species, it's hard to imagine why anyone would want to suffer through another minute of pretending to weld power cables back into place, while thousands of miles away, the most advanced explorers ever built are hurtling toward asteroids and dwarf planets and into the heart of the sun. Even if it was possible to build an astronaut game that's both exciting and realistic, why bother? It will be more than a decade before humans even attempt another trip outside of Earth's orbit. If NASA wants to inspire the next generation of astronauts and engineers, its games should focus on the real winners of the space race — the robots.'"

MS Design Lets You Put Batteries In Any Way You Want 453

jangel writes "While its strategy for mobile devices might be a mess, Microsoft has announced something we'll all benefit from. The company's patented design for battery contacts will allow users of portable devices — digital cameras, flashlights, remote controls, toys, you name it — to insert their batteries in any direction. Compatible with AA and AAA cells, among others, the 'InstaLoad' technology does not require special electronics or circuitry, the company claims."

Plagiarism Inc. 236

Here's an interesting article on the life and times of 24-year-old Jordan Kavoosi, who has made a business of plagiarism. His Essay Writing Company employs writers from across the country, and will deliver a paper on any subject for $23 per page. In addition, his company will get it done in 48 hours, and he guarantees at least a B grade or your money back. From the article: "'Sure it's unethical, but it's just a business,' Kavoosi explains. 'I mean, what about strip clubs or porn shops? Those are unethical, and city-approved.'"

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