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Journal SolemnDragon's Journal: blinder's birthday, news, and so on 26

11 june- blinder's birthday

he steadfastedly refuses to tell me what he wants for his birthday, or even to make definite plans

So here's a poll:

a.) A guitar

b.) a drum

c.) Nothing, because it's obviously what he wants (blinder, you are not permitted to choose this answer.)

d.) get him trmj, but don't let trmj cook

e.) take him out for dinner (Warning: this involves getting him to commit to a restaurant)

spite) a six-pack of beer

culture) tickets to a show like blue man group

silly) a comic book store gift certificate

game) a games store gift certificate

movie) forget this entry, i can't think of any he doesn't own

trinket) a trinket he will never wear and not care about

WoW) epic gear from the AH

Other) got any real ideas? The guessing game is killing me.

Calories so far today: 400 (breakfast)

Did y'all know i'm trying hard to get back down to my former weight? I'm still trying. I'm fighting innate laziness, repeated flares, the lure of chocolate, and the side effects of medications.

500 fewer calories than i burn in a day puts me at barely 1000 calories. :(

Not much chocolate fits into that, so i'm developing some willpower. Fortunately, it makes a nice, obsessive distraction from everything else i'm burnt out about in my life. Going back to the gym tonight, determined to break the 25-minute barrier.

Other news: blinder's dad visited. After the baby shower and wedding in my family in the 2 weeks previous, we're now definitely due for some down time and quiet.

Yay, quiet!!!!

Some of you may have noticed the friends-only restriction on my journals now. I just don't have the energy to deal with it. If you haven't been friended but want to comment, shoot me an email.

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blinder's birthday, news, and so on

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