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Comment Re:Efficiency (Score 0) 68

Those programmers with 10 years experience moved on (or became too sick to work due to no healthcare). You get the guys they dragged in off of the street yesterday.

If you REALLY want to save some cash, outsource the CEO. He's the single most expensive human resource and there's plenty of qualified European CEOs used to working for 1/10th of what an American costs.

I could not agree more on this!

Comment Re:Lack of commitment (Score 0) 541

I agree with you on the 2-3 year job hopping. I had a job where I made virtually the same for 3.5 years and then switched and instantly gained 20%+ on my salary and then did it again after a year for another 20%+.

Now I am at 1.6 years on my current job and already looking for the next one. It is the way to move up and make way more money than to stick around and hope to impress your employer.

Comment Re:Why hasn't the board fired Ballmer? (Score 0) 343

here are some possibilities:

a) they're scared they won't make it out of the room, though if the board organized they would probably be able to overpower him with only minor casualties.

b) his net worth of 15.2billion (not sure how much is ms stock) they could be scared of what happens afterward.

c) the ms board is as out of touch with the market as ballmer is, and don't think something is wrong.

It is simple, bolt down all the chairs in the room. Problem solved, and now fire him.

Comment Re:Origin (Score 0) 204

If this was in a comic universe, that'd be the obvious outcome: Bio-tinkerer dad is working on a treatment, long-delayed by red tape, protesters and activists attacking his lab for the use of animal testing. When his daughter's heart starts to fail he becomes desperate to cure her before she dies. Short on time tests his prototype serum on the closest biological relative to hand - himself. The treatment grants him the opposite of her symptoms: Great strength and incredible powers of regeneration. As he rushes to hospital he arrives at her room moments after she dies, syringe in hand. Quickly prosecuted for his unauthorised genetic experimentation and unlicensed human testing, he escapes to become BioDad: Doctor on the run, medical consultant for the villain population, stealing supplies as he goes for his last desire: To exact revenge upon those who slowed down the march of science, and cost his daughter her life.

That is pretty sweet, looking for the movie...

Comment Re:Good ... (Score 1) 1073

Marriage gives you certain benefits - taxes, insurance rates, access rights, etc - that no other 'grouping' does.

You're never going to get government out of all of the things that marriage gives benefits to.

Rights are given by the government. If marriage gives you extra rights, then the government says what those are.

I am just curious, could same argument be made for having polygamy? I mean what is the difference between TWO people in marriage compared to THREE or more? What difference is there to have more than TWO people in same marriage?

Comment Re:All of them. (Score 0) 226

There is no real reason why Google can't do all of these things. Their core market is information. Gathering information. Processing information. Sorting and utilising information.

Once you're good at this, it isn't hard to expand into various uses for that information.

And with the recent NSA scandal, I think they are providing enough enterprise features... even if it is to a couple of 3 letter acronym organizations...

Comment Re:big box stores are dying (Score 0) 214

I think this is clearly a sign that the old "Big Box" stores of the 90s and 00s are on the way out. Best Buy is slowly realizing that they'll never be able to compete with Amazon on price, and they don't want to serve as Amazon's showroom, where customers check out the products and head online to actually buy it. But they realize this trend, and how Apple can have a showroom in their Apple stores, and not care if someone ultimately buys it in the Apple store or on (or even an Apple product in Best Buy) -- Apple gets paid either way. So by teaming with Microsoft to get them to put a store inside their store, they get to charge them rent, and Microsoft gets paid whether the customer buys the Microsoft product in the store or later on online. I'd almost expect Best Buy to do this with other companies, like having a Sony Store inside, which would ultimately effectively make Best Buy a "mini-mall" of electronics instead of a stand-alone store competing against amazon and walmart (two companies that are difficult to compete against). Microsoft could be a guinea pig here.

That is an interesting concept. I like where this may go.

Comment Where is the INFO! (Score -1, Flamebait) 509

All I seem to find on this PS4 DRM, is vague hints that it is better... Where are the specifics? Xbox said it will need to phone home every 24 hours, Sony? Who knows. How hard is it to give us details that we can come after them when the whole hype of DRM is over?

And $100 cheaper? How much will the Eye cost if one wants it?

To me it seems they have the same exact price point and NO details on how their DRM will work, none.

In this age of information, it ticks me off when they purposefully withhold this kind of stuff.

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