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Comment Re:then can create a single wifi network? (Score 1) 47

I believe apple airports do this.

I assume all mid range consumer Wi-Fi will within the next year.

I purchased a ubiquity access point to do this, it's actually pretty cheap of you already have a router, and the long range was enough that I don't need a second one anyway.

Comment Re:YouTube? (Score 1) 40

I'm actually alright with that for something that is intended to be used as a reference point to test codecs and distribution.

Though, I suppose arguably re encoding it could be seen as violating ND.

Considering the summary implies that Hulu, etc. can use it as a demo of the quality of their streams, but the NC definitely prohibits that (promotional demo for a for profit service is definitely commercial use), the summary is just stupid.

The ND may or may not apply to reducing the size by encoding (it could either be fair use, or alteration, depending on interpretation), in the context it's being presented, NC is definitely more limiting.

Comment Re:Not enough bang for the buck (Score 1) 117

I'm in a similar situation. My limit is $200, but I want the battery of the bigger ones in the size of the smaller, and the stylings of the nicer ones.

I'd pay $200 for a 2nd gen moto 360 of the smaller size if it had the battery.

But they're both $300 and I'm not confident of the battery.

Just adding that I'm less concerned about the price than you, but still too expensive.

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