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Comment Re:Granular permissions to apps (Score 4, Informative) 64

Since Android 6 apps install with no/limited permission, the first time it wants your location (or to access your camera, a file etc) a pop-up from the OS asks to grant it.

I like that feature because it allows me to see why the app needs this or that permission.

Comment Re:misleading (Score 1) 179

But they do actually disallow tipping cash, and I have had drivers refuse it before they cut the pay.

The reason I switched to lyft is the awkwardness of the tip that's not supposed to happen with Uber. It's a safety issue too.

I'd prefer they just charge enough, I don't even care if it's more than a cab, the drivers actually show up and take me wherever without complaining.

In a smaller city at least, these companies aren't competing with cabs, they are providing an unmet need.

Comment Re:Bait & switch? (Score 1) 61

In my experience that's true with Tmobile.

They have never forced me to change plans, even when I was on one that hadn't been offered for a couple years and was less than the price of it when it canceled.

They may try to get you to change with incentives, but I've not personally experienced a forced change (just an anecdote, but I was on a plan ripe for forced switch).

They got me to change when I was traveling to Canada, as the new plan had free slow data roaming in Canada. I took the throttled video forever as a trade off for a much cheaper two week vacation.

Comment Re:This is only happening because DOJ blocked ATT (Score 1) 61

Basically, the AT&T deal came with a spectrum infusion for T-Mobile if it fell through, and a chunk of earnest money too (if memory serves).

Once the selling failed, they (T-Mobile) took their business as a business seriously, and started competing hard. They were able to build to a more competitive network, kept their prices down, and started being a real threat. Tmobile has gotten notably better coverage every year (4G where I used to have edge locally for example).

In most areas I've been Tmobile is as good as AT&T (we still roam on them, part of the deal, the places where I get an AT&T signal when I can't get a Tmobile one are few and far between (south of buffalo on the lake, and rural VA), and even when I do, the signal is almost worthless and spotty from AT&T.

Verizon is the only company with meaningfully better coverage, but until very recently they were triple the price or so.

Comment Re: DOJ blocked ATT -- Now Cable? (Score 1) 61

My options are up to 3mbps DSL, Cable, and Cellular.

January 1st my cable (internet only) went from $55->$87, I was going to cancel but they knocked me down to $60 (25mbps FYI).

Cellular was the better option over DSL (for someone living alone). for an extra $25 I can get unlimited tethering, throttled after 25 or so GB on Tmobile. I could probably make do only streaming SD and doing serious work from the office (my only use of internet at home is video and reading).

I think over the next 5 - 10 years wireless will be real competition, considering it already is for people living alone (not as good, but hits the value point really well, starting to look good enough). Either that, or someone will come up with a need for a lot more bandwidth, 25mbps pretty much covers the typical home today (a couple of 1080p streams and some spare for other stuff). Sure, I wouldn't mind 1gbps, but it's not really worth much extra to me, my cellular currently gets me 25-50 mbps, faster than Comcast until the throttling, I'd gladly pay a $60 addon to my bill for a device that was throttle free, had an Ethernet port, and and worked on the cellular network. My latency isn't great on cellular though (40-60 ms).

Even so, I think cellular is going to be what starts a real broadband price war, it has low capital outlay (as it's mostly there already for making the phones work), it's improving rapidly as the needs are not (4k only tripling them or so).

Comcast either needs a game changer in need or to not be customer hostile, otherwise tmobile, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T are going to destroy them. They need to start now too, as people will spite switch if they don't do something.

Comment Re:Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 805

Sales tax that is pretty universal to everybody budgeting.

In CA, it doesn't apply to food or utilities, and rent (?), doesn't apply to savings or other taxes, it does appear to apply to clothes shop though, some people don't need to worry about that.

Pretending the effective tax rate of sales tax is anything approaching the nominal rate is pretty dishonest.

Just like pretending struggling to cover a month with a 160k/year salary is a failure of basic home economics.

It's not unlimited money or anything, but it certainly is enough to live comfortable and have money for a rainy month.

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