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Comment Re:Leading National Brand (Score 1) 243

I agree on the point about kirkland signatures goal.

Let's assume for fun that it is not a goal, but an actual claim the balls were "equivalent or better than leading national brands". Every single term has to be defined, and likely in court, since those are not legal terms. Leading national brands is plural so, top 3, top 5, top 50%? Then, in golf balls each brand has many different balls. So, which products are we comparing from each brand. Then, what parameters are golf balls measured against each other. Once we have that what does equivalent or better mean. Equivalent in plain English does not usually mean exactly equal, and there is such a thing as measurement error. So, equivalent could mean within 5% of the leading brands in whatever parameters are measured.

Comment Re:Is it just branding or is it a real patent issu (Score 1) 243

About $199 new from Costco, when I bought mine many years ago. Not sure what the current Costco sets run.

And, you can get a custom built set from Monark Golf for about $350. Pick your own knock off gold head, shafts, and grips and the desired length. Which is nice if you are shorter or taller than average. Funny when people are paying thousands for custom name brand clubs.

Comment Live Distros....find your desktop environment (Score 1) 486

Everyone has their opinions, I would suggest trying some out on your own using live distros (CD/DVD or USB drive). I have been using linux since 1998 at home, and it is great. Live distros are a beautiful thing.

You can boot into a fully running OS and try it out without installing it. It will also let you know if it is compatible with your hardware. It will run slower than if you installed it, but it will run and you can get the feel for it.

As you read through these comments, you'll see names of distros. All of them should have live versions you can try out.
Try them to see which desktop environment you like the best, that would be a good start. I use Mint XFCE. There is also Mint KDE, Mint Cinnamon, Mint Mate. Maybe others now too. Some distros, like Mint and Ubuntu have specific packaged versions with these desktop environments as the default. Others don't and you would hvae to install them and try them out. You can also have different desktop environments on the same machine and switch between them if you like once you install it.

For a beginner, I would say to stick with Ubuntu or Mint, which is based on Ubuntu. They have good guides/documentation, and large communities. You can also check out, which shows the most popular in terms of downloads. I am sure there are some of the top ones I haven't tried yet.

That is the beauty of it - take some time and try them out.

Comment a question for you... (Score 1) 97

A serious question - what kind of phone do you have?

I have known one person who had a Windows phone. One. I don't know anyone anymore who has a blackberry. Well, my son does. It's my old one from work that I had 5 years ago, he uses it as a pretend phone. Everyone talks about physical keyboards, but I could do no better on that than I can on my Android phone.

I would actually love for there to be alternatives. And I think that is what we have with Android. Not alternative OS, but alternative providers. Who provides Windows phones? Who provides iPhones? See the difference? Now if Google takes Android fully into their castle, that is when alarms should sound.

Comment Re:Just repeal it (Score 1, Troll) 536

The astronomical prices only exist because of the assumption that everyone has healthcare and it isn't coming out of their pocket. Have people pay for these things out of their own pocket and you'll see how quickly prices come down. Prices have escalated astronomically since the so call "affordable health care act". Also, you fail to mention in your "make everyone get it" speech that Obamacare specifically doesn't apply the mandate to Muslims. How exactly is that fair to all of the real Americans?

Comment Just repeal it (Score -1) 536

The problem with Obama care is that the majority of Americans wanted it repealed, not replaced with something else broken. Also the Trump hating media kept stressing that 24 million Americans would lose coverage, which is not a bad thing when you let those 24 million have a choice and not be forced to buy insurance they don't want.

Comment Where is the countersuit? (Score 1) 395

I would expect that RottenTomatoes has also *increased* the viewing of many movies as well. I know that I have often gone there and looked at the highest rated movies when looking for something to add to my Netflix DVD queue. I like looking at the critics vs reviewers rating as well. Many a good movie (to me) has been panned by critics. Likewise, many critically acclaimed movies don't always get good reviews.

It's just information though, the choice of what to watch is still mine.

And I knew Batman vs Superman was poorly rated.... and I still added it to my queue. I didn't make it through it though, shut it off after about 1/4 of the way in. Just terrible.

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