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Comment Re:sham victory (Score 1) 116

They will be back at it next week, although it likely will take the FTC 7 years before they make any noise about it again. After all, if they announced that they had shut down these criminals every week and made them promise not to do it any more, people might eventually catch on that nothing was being accomplished.

Comment Re:Dude plays race case, threatens upper managemen (Score 1) 272

People are afraid of our legal system, and things are usually about making sure you can defend yourself against a lawsuit.
I had a friend who got a million dollar umbrella insurance policy when he put in a pool - just in case of a tragedy where a neighborhood kid drowned, he didn't want to be sued. The fact that you and a lot of others probably think "that's not a bad idea" means that lawyers have weaseled their way so deeply into our society that it's now the default behavior.

Just think about that. And watch things in your daily life. Our legal system is built to sustain the profession of lawyers. And do they actually make things better for everyone else, or just themselves?

Comment this is God's will (Score 1) 283

Clearly Zuckerberg has more right to this land that the native Hawaiians whose family have had rights to it for generations. After all, Zuckerberg is a Jew and in the book that the Jews wrote it clearly says that God will always side with the Jews over all others no matter what. This is called "The Covenant". Jews have a long history of taking the land that they want from other people who it belongs to. Not just the Palestine settlements where they kill the Palestinians who are living there and then "settle" the land, but even Israel itself back millennium ago when they murdered the Canaanites to take their land because "God gave it to the Jews" . Apparently this is how God works, he gives Jews something but he expects them to kill others including women and children to actually enforce his will.

Those Hawaiians better not piss of God by not letting a Jew have his way.

Comment nothing wrong (Score 2) 252

a large chunk of the population believes that they're doing nothing wrong

When the piracy is against someone like Disney who swears that they will continue to buy as many lawmakers as it takes to subvert the public domain clause of the Constitution and have already done so, then I have to agree with the pirates. I also have a gripe with studios like Miramax who release lower than DVD quality on BlueRay and then try to sell the consumer a better quality release later (but continue to press and sell the poor quality BlueRay discs as well). See the Stargate BlueRay release as just one of many examples. Legally the pirates may have done something wrong, but morally the studios are the bigger pirates.

Comment If only... (Score 1) 185

If only there were some sort of central repository of information that you could query to quickly find the answer to your question, ideally in less time than it took you to click Reply, type in your question with extra unimportant information, click Preview, then click Submit.

Comment Tragedy (Score 0) 307

What a tragedy. We need more of the urban youths in these schools. So what if the squandered their public school education and came out illiterate ("I gonna play sportsball anyway"), we still need their diversity in our leading universities. Otherwise the students who do graduate will come out as bleeding heart liberals and think that the world needs to appease the urbanites every time they come up with an excuse to riot and loot. Exposure to these people in your classroom when you are trying to learn is good for society.

Comment Re:Dude plays race case, threatens upper managemen (Score 2) 272

Maybe that's because the majority of slashdotters don't need to worry about waking up black or female. Waking up old, however, awaits us all...

Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.

And I strongly disagree with the GPs assertion that there is "nothing inherently wrong with bringing attorneys into it."
That seems to be such a pervasive sentiment that it has made our society one that actually believes we need lawyers to behave like reasonable people. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy that has been created by - you guessed it - lawyers.

Comment Re:love the subtle anti-brexit push (Score 1) 169

What? You think this is about sending a political message or some greedy cash grab by Apple? Well, as you say the dollar is doing very well. If it was just politics or a cash grab then Apple would not be cutting app store prices in the U.S. to reflect the growing value of the dollar.

Oh, I see your point!

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