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Comment ///M is for Motorsport (Score 1) 178

but in general, yes, it means Performance. :)

I agree, at this point the i for injected is somewhat a leftover. They have a pretty long history at making cars, and have stuck with it.
I actually haven't kept up with their model for the past 10 years or so. I've had a few BMWs. A 1988 528e sedan (5 series, e = efficient instead of performance), a 1997 318i sedan (3 series, 1.8 liter), and a 1988 M3. -- that one is special. :)

Yes, they haven't always strictly held to the naming convention, but you know basically what you are getting. If you say a BMW 3-series, you have a general idea what it is. The years for a model are designated by a generation you may hear about... e.g. E30 (3-series from 1982-1994) or E28 (5-series from 1981-1988). It's a pretty good system, and scales much easier than names do. But it can get pretty abstract. I have never heard of the model you mentioned.... but I would guess it is a 2-series (smaller than the 3 series, so likely a coupe - whereas the 3 is either coupe or sedan), not sure about the engine but you covered that... and xdrive I would guess is all-wheel-drive. They used to put an x in the badge for that back in the 80s.

Comment Thanks again Slashdot editors (Score -1, Flamebait) 32

The two planets will be positioned roughly five degrees above the Western horizon on August 27.

What an amazing thing! The two planets will be five degrees above the western horizon the entire 24 hours, or at least all night. Us uneducated people would think that it was necessary to give a time when the planets would be in this exact position, but apparently that isn't necessary and just the date is enough.

Of course, my question is why was "Western" capitalized?

Comment Thank you editors (Score 1) 61

As usual, "today" means "yesterday" on Slashdot. And without "today" meaning "today" this story is pretty much worthless (we all knew about the fly-by).

Better yet would have been to give us a "tomorrow" or "day after next" story, so we could have planned our fly-by parties.

Oh I wish I were a Slashdot editor. I could still live the life of a slacker, but get paid for it.

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