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Submission + - A Monopsony for the Music and Movie Industry? (dreamhost.com)

SocialWorm writes: "Over at Original Cin, I've written some musings on how it may be possible for a group of technologists to form a gatekeeping nonprofit to wield monopsony power against the music and movie industry, and other copyright holders: "...given that current copyright law gives monopoly power over information for a very long time, how can this be done? I suspect that some clever contracts, marketing, and technology can combine to effectively force the information monopolists to submit to the public good.""

Submission + - Marketing Guru Seth Godin says Quigo may be No-Go

SocialWorm writes: "In response to the recent article in the NYT comparing the start-up Quiquo to AdWords, marketing guru Seth Godin, founder of Squidoo, and author of Unleashing the Ideavirus and Free Prize Inside, says that Quiquo's strategy may be fundamentally flawed

"I can understand why Jason Clement at Carat said, 'We had essentially pulled all of those big advertisers off of the ad networks [Google, Yahoo] by the end of the year.' After all, the media buyers need to demonstrate that they are using their hard-earned intuition to actually earn their commissions.
"But if I were one of those 'big advertisers,' I'd think really hard about whether Jason is doing me a service...
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - The Cost of Sneakernet

SocialWorm writes: "Jeff Atwood has posted an analysis of The Economics of Bandwidth over at Coding Horror . The surprising result is that, under most conditions, it's possible to send large amounts of data by FedEx or UPS cheaper than over the Internet. Specifically, he estimates that the cost of sending a hard drive in the mail is only 80% of that of sending the equivalent over a T3. Perhaps this indicates that it's time for a full RFC 2549 implementation."
United States

Submission + - New U.S. Senate Bill May Censor Blogs

SocialWorm writes: "The economist James D. Miller has speculated in his blog that a bill recently introduced in the U.S. senate will have a terrible chilling effect on political blogs. The bill would make "anyone promoting what the plaintiff sees as [a] 'deceptive' public argument" liable. Miller suggests that since traditional media has the financial and legal resources to fight the lawsuits such a law would bring, bloggers will be the hardest hit."

Submission + - Fit for a Nerd?

SocialWorm writes: "With a love of computers, it's easy to develop a sedentary lifestyle. I've been trying to think of ways to combat this lately, and been considering different activities that would be a good complement for coding most of the day. So far, I've come up with bowling and archery as possibly free-time activities, as they both involve looking further away and stretching the hands and wrist in a not-typing sort of way. Does anyone else have a good idea for activities that are good for people who spend on lot of time with computers?"

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