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Comment Re:COBOL isn't hard to learn (Score 0) 371

While this is an eminently sensible way of thinking you're forgetting one fact. When times are tight (read: higher up's bonuses are threatened) IT is a cost sink, not a value added proposition. So you train the COBOL folks, let them learn the codebase, then lay them off. Next quarter hire more new grads, teach them COBOL, let them learn the codebase, and lay them off.

Modern management exists to suck as much money out of the current quarter as possible, never mind the customer experience (did I really just say that?) nor the next quarter's results.

Comment Why would anybody live in a city? (Score 4, Insightful) 108

I'm in a suburb of San Diego. I have parks, recreation, low traffic (unless I want to get the Sorrento Valley from 7-9 or 4-6). I walk outside my door I have grass, landscaping, little traffic. I can ride my bike pretty much anywhere within my lung capacity.

I could move to downtown SD and walk to bars, restaurants, the harbor. Why would I want to? I outgrew bars 30 years ago. I can walk in parks here, drive to cheaper restaurants, and the harbor? Phfft. Kevin Faulconer seems hell bent on destroying Seaport Village, and they've already fucked up Anthony's beyond all repair.

Comment The hardware is the problem (Score 1) 220

I write embedded software. I always run into hardware issues, some of which can take weeks to prove it's the hardware, not the software. There's no way to predict that kind of thing.

My claim to fame was an Intel Ethernet chip that came out in 90/91. It had a bug, I found a workaround. I sent a bug report to Intel, it was in errata for the chip. 3-4 years later I was introduced to Linux. Out of curiousity I looked into the driver for this chip, they had my workaround line for line.

The problem? You could build linked lists of packets to be sent. When you built the first packet you put it on the list, then set a bit saying "I got a packet to send". Problem was, that bit didn't work until a few hundred ms later. When you built the first packet you could link to the second packet, that linked to the third packet, etc.

My hack? I had an available packet of 0 bytes at the front of the queue. Chip kept spinning looking for something to send. I built my first packet, stuck it at the front of the queue, chip sent my packet immediately.

Comment I knew SSI was useless at 16 (Score 1) 544

I was 16 in 1974, when I got my first real job and learned about SSI. As a high school kid who smoked pot it was clear to me I wouldn't see a dime of my SSI money.

I'm now 58 and unemployed for a few years (ever been over 50 and applied for a job? Good luck with that). I'm not gonna see a dime of my SSI money.

All I ask is the 400k+ I "donated" to the fund back, that would let me retire just fine.

Comment Virgin Mobile (Score 2) 208

$35/month, good signal in my apartment, good signal all around town.

Some 15 years ago I drove from San Diego to Oklahoma with my sister. She had Verizon. She had signal between cities when I had nothing. Then again, she was paying twice what I was. When I got close to a city I got a signal.

Few years ago I drove from San Diego to Salt Lake City, then to Montana. Never had an issue with signal strength.

Comment If the NSA wasn't evil (Score 5, Interesting) 186

They would immediately tell Intel, Microsoft, and Mr Torvalds exactly what flaws they are exploiting so they could be closed. Instead, being the evil assholes they are, they won't tell anyone. Cuz we all know the NSA is smarter than the Chinese, Russians, and random hacker groups who exploit the same holes.

I guess it's a difference of philosophy. I want my computing to be as secure as possible. The NSA wants to hack anyone's system at anytime.

My philosophy is comment sense, the NSA's is pure evil considering it lessens my security.

Comment Re:I live in a major metropolitian (Score 1) 232

I'm pretty sure the lungfuls of car exhaust will counteract that benefit

Hell, I used to bike to work daily. I had a 1/2 mile stretch that I prayed to god some dumass wouldn't turn me into a red smear on the road. Following that I had a 1/2 mile longass steepass climb I had to do.

/ 20 years ago
// knees gave out on me :(
/// traded my manual transmission for an auto, glad I did so

Comment Re:What is this 6 or 8? (Score 1) 177

The one time I don't want people overworked are my health care peeps. When my dad is in bad shape I want you to be well rested, as well as the docs who figure out what's going on. The one thing I don't want is some doc kept awake for 24+ hours coming in to figure out why dad is incoherent and shitting the bed.

Wanna pull overnighter fixing a snapchat bug? Go for it. Overnighter figuring out Facebook so folks can't real time shoot people in the face? Go for it. Figure out why dad is in such bad shape? Get some good sleep, send someone else who has had a good night's sleep. Fuck that 36 hour on-call bullshit.

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