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Comment 3D was a thing? (Score 5, Interesting) 354

As for whether or not 3D TVs will ever become popular again

From where I sit 3D was a nonstarter. Why? The glasses. I paid something like $2500 to get my eyeballs lasered so I didn't have to wear glasses anymore. So a new TV standard comes along that requires me to wear glasses? Non-fucking-starter.

Comment Well received my ass (Score 4, Insightful) 183

I "upgraded" to Win10 because I was about to click on something when the "psst! Hey bud, wanna upgrade?" window appeared. It started upgrading and I was afraid to stop it.

My opinions? The uptime is less than a week. It reboots whenever it wants without asking. Working on something, lunchtime, close the laptop, come back an hour later? Oh hey, fucking machine rebooted. Not to mention some of these updates take a good 20 minutes after the reboot to finally come up.

The spying pisses me off. I disable most of it, but after every "upgrade" they turn it all back on.

And it's flakey. With Win8.1 this laptop worked fine for months on end, only rebooting when I told it to. With Win10 after 4-5 days I'll open my laptop to find it won't wake up and I have to power cycle it.

IMHO, any OS that reboots without asking is a POS nobody should support. Microsoft doesn't know what I'm doing when the laptop is closed, how the hell do they feel entitled to reboot my machine without asking?

Comment I used to live by one (Score 5, Interesting) 118

25 years ago, looking for a house for the fiance and I. Ended up buying a house by I-5 on the knowledge Caltrans was going to build a wall between my backyard and the freeway. They did. They took months to do it. Not kidding. Survey team came in, did their thing, then 2-3 months of nothing. Demo team came in to get rid of the existing brick wall, 3 days work, 3 months nothing. Peeps came in to dig holes, suckers were about 8 feet deep. I was worried my cat would fall in one so I had to buy 4-5 plywood sheets to put over the holes. Few months later people actually came in to build the wall. They dumped some iron things into the pool and didn't fish them out, left stains on my pool bottom. Within a year the paint covering started to blister. And the noise. Jeez, the noise.

Got divorced, moved to a quieter neighborhood. Whenever I visited the ex (yeah, she got the house) I couldn't believe the noise in the back yard. You couldn't carry a conversation at normal volume levels.

So, when the real estate dude and anyone else says "You'll get used to it", run. Run like hell. You'll get used to dealing with it, but you won't get used to it.

Ah yes, almost forgot. The "dust". The "dust" wasn't normal dust I've dealt with everywhere else I've lived. This "dust" was black soot-like nasty stuff.I'm guessing it was a combination of tire particles and brake particles, with a scattering of diesel stuff. Whatever, whenever I dusted I didn't get a light gray on my rag, I got a dark black.

Moral of the story? don't buy a house next to a freeway or, corollary, by a busy street.

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