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Comment Re:YouTube has a long way to go with HTML5 player. (Score 1) 68

My problem with HTML5 is you can't jump around in the video reliably. Lets say it's a 5 minute vid, you're 2 minutes in and "whoa, what was that?", try to go back 10 seconds and you get the loading screen. Or you're 2 minutes in, bored, jump ahead a minute, and get the loading screen. Or 2 minutes in, someone knocks on your door, you pause, open it a few minutes later and get the loading screen.

doesn't help HTML5 seems to load at the speed of play. Forget about watching the first minute, getting bored, and jumping ahead 2 minutes.

And I can't seem to stop the auto-play videos no matter what web-sites google sends me to nor which settings I set. Autoplay video? Close the tab. Don't care what the content was, autoplay video is an automatic close the tab.

Oh yeah. Win10, fully patched, Chrome, latest version.

Comment Cheaper to ignore security than address it? (Score 1) 21

Lets turn that around. You leak my personal information, you're a CXX, you go to jail for 2 years. Plus all the additional penalties being a convicted felon bring you. Funny how many CXX's think security is something to pay attention to.

Penalties double if you're a federal employee.
>br> Penalties quadruple if you are 1 link or less from a congresscritter.

Somehow I see the NSA suddenly being tasked to secure us, instead of attack us. I don't see that as a bad thing.

Comment Fuck the spec (Score 3, Interesting) 84

I wanna know how to reliably turn off auto-play video/audio under the current version of chrome and html5. Yeah, I've googled it and set the settings. The settings are routinely ignored.

I don't know anyone who likes autoplay video/audio, which is why the marketers love it so much. Fuck them all, poke their eye out and fuck them in the skull.

Html5 is making me miss flash, something I never thought would happen.

Comment Give me local news and I'll cancel (Score 2) 92

Used to be football and news, but after the realizing last year how hard the Spanos family was totally fucking Chargers fans and San Diego taxpayers I don't really care about football anymore.

Don't say "antenna", I live in San Diego and with all the mountains I might get 1 or 2 stations.

Comment Re:I've got 2 problems with a digital wallet (Score 4, Interesting) 206

My concern is not with telling me I spent $45.27 at Vons Friday, $52.87 at the gas station on Sunday, and $19.12 at Applebee's Tuesday. I'm fine with that and need it to verify I actually made those purchases.

No, what bothers me is the end of year statement has maybe 100 categories, from food,to alcohol to gas,to prescription drugs to amusement park admission to tires you get the drift. They tell me how much I spent in each category. As none of the amounts are 0 I assume there are more categories, they only print the ones with a non-zero amount.

Comment I've got 2 problems with a digital wallet (Score 5, Insightful) 206

First, I don't trust the security of the phone. There is nothing on my phone that I would care about if a hacker got it. No logins, no passwords, no addresses. Just a couple apps and several phone numbers.

Second, I don't see why I should give big companies yet another chance to mine my data. Especially something as sensitive as my spending habits. I still use cash a lot for this very reason, every year my credit card company sends me a statement showing me exactly how closely they track my spending.

Comment Re:I have never held GM vehicles in high esteem... (Score 1) 74

Back in '05 I bought an Infinity G35 and my parents bought a Buick Regal. Still got my G35, but the Buick developed software problems soon as the warranty expired. Stuff like if they locked the car, a couple minutes to a couple hours later the burglar alarm would go off. Or something would turn on and drain the battery. Or dad would be driving down the road and all the idiot lights would light.

Mom died a few years back, my sister grabbed the car (dad can't drive any more). Haven't heard her say a single good thing about the car except it was free.

Plug for Meineke in Santee, California. Before mom died I took dad and his car there to troubleshoot it. They spent a couple hours on it with no luck, then refused to charge dad because they didn't find the problem. Never mind the labor they put into it, they refused to charge us. Been taking my car there for service for some 5-6 years, no complaints. Finding an honest mechanic is much harder than it should be.

Comment Triggering on the wrong bias point (Score 5, Insightful) 314

First off, I would never rent my house for a week or two. I just don't trust people that much.

Second, if I was going to rent my house out for a week or two I would look at age first. That 50 year old black couple is going to beat the 20 year old single white dude. Every. Single. Time.

Comment This could be hard to get around (Score 1) 91

I'm not an encryption expert, nor have I ever been. I was a CDMA expert some 20 years ago, when Qualcomm was drinking their Ovaltine. Twitter is based on SMS (Short Message Service), as defined by the IS-95 spec. Every once in a while, defined by the slot cycle index, itself defined by the carrier (it's a tradeoff between battery life and how long the user waits for their phone to ring), the handset will query the base station "Hey bud, got anything for me?" and gets a yea/nay response. One of these messages has to be 255 bytes long, and there are an unused 153'ish unused bytes in it. Those 153'ish bytes are how SMS messages are sent. Twitter has overhead, hence you have 142 byte twitter msgs.

Keep in mind this is just a simple "hey bud!" shouted across a crowded party. The handset and the base station never setup a call, which is a lot of overhead.

To encrypt this channel you need an app on both ends to do the encryption, send the encrypted message over SMS (which uses some binary codes to do things like send long DTMF tones so ya gotta convert to ASCII first), then the other end needs to decrypt the message. Which to my encryption == magic mind means you have to set up a call.....

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