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Comment Dear Microsoft (Score 1) 260

It is not ok to reboot my laptop in the middle of the night. I don't care what security canard you dangle in front of me, do not reboot my laptop unless you ask, and I say OK. Waking up to a rebooted laptop is pure and simple bullshit. I'm pretty sure I saw it come out of the bull and hit the ground, it's bullshit.

Spying on your users is bad. You really should not be spying on your users. Yeah, I can turn the spying off. But you turning it back on everytime I get an "update"? Fuck you.

Remind me again why my figuring out how to restart a dead Explorer every 3 days or so makes your uptime impressive. Except for those times you decide to toss a mandatory update my way at 2 AM, when I'm asleep and I assume my laptop is also.

Why do I stay with you? Games. I sincerely hope Steam kicks your ever loving ass off to government TLA's or you go the way of buggy whip makers.

Cuz fuck you and the horse you rode in on, I fucking hate Win 10.

Comment Only if you're an idiot (Score 2) 99

I get the flow. I like being in the flow, I get stuff done. When I'm in the flow human contact throws me out, but I can deal with email or text messages.

I don't have a facebook account, nor a linked in account, nor any other social media. When I'm in the flow I don't use WWW, unless it's to look up the interface to SomeAPII'veNeverUsedBefore(). When I'm in the flow I'm typically taken out of it by some dumass manager who couldn't manage their way to the coffee machine without help, or my CD (on a USB stick) ends and I realize I need to stretch, pee, and get more coffee, in that order. If you don't realize social media fucks up your productivity, you're an idiot. Pure and simple, you're a fucking idiot.


Had a manager some 15 years ago. She was a micro-manager. She couldn't keep track of what anyone was working on at any given time. She would drop into my office to ask the stupidest questions. Finally got her to send email instead of bugging me. She would send me email, then show up in my office as I was replying to it to ask "did you get my email?".

She was a hella nice woman, bad engineer (we "co-wrote" some Linux device drivers, she sucked at it), and a horrendous manager.

Comment OK, 100+ is out of line. What's in line? (Score 1) 204

I typically have 0 of these cards. After Christmas I've had as many as 6. So, what's the threshold for letting the cops scan my gift cards without a warrant? 1? 5? 99?

IMHO this is the slippery slope argument. I'll agree 99+ is questionable as hell, but if you let them do a warrantless search for 99 cards they'll cite that case to let them do a warrantless search for 1.

Reminds me of a decade or two back when they decided anyone carrying more than $10k in cash was a drug dealer and could confiscate it with no hope of you getting it back. Then it became $1k, now it's probably $250 or so. I typically hit the ATM when my cash gets below $100, this could hit me at some time.

Comment Re:A bad Ford product? (Score 2) 291

When I was young and stupid, and had a car that required refilling the radiator every 20 miles, I went to a Ford dealership and got sold an 87 Escort. Biggest pile of shit I've ever owned. Within 2 years I'd replaced every light bulb on the car. The cruise control installed by the dealer (Pearson Ford at Fairmont and El Cajon) kept coming unscrewed and would hang down as gravity took over. Battery died with no warning 2-3 years in, fortunately it was a manual clutch so I got a stranger to push start me. I'd never had comprehensive insurance, they sold me a 1 year plan for over $1k. After a year I went to renew it and found out that A) it only covered the car, not me, my passengers, nor any damage done; and B) I could have a proper insurance plan for $200. The car itself was shit. The floorpan rusted out, when it rained your feet got wet. At 80k miles the fanbelt squealed, mechanic pointed out the crankshaft pulley was wobbling, which is Never A Good Sign. The driver's seat broke so I was driving in a reclining position (this got a recall after I'd sold the car but before I bitched at the dealer for it). Fuckers ripped me off, they closed some 10 years back and move to Miramar road. Been driving imports (Infiniti rocks) ever since, I'll never buy an American car again.

Comment I'm on 805 south at 6:45 am (Score 1) 131

With a few hundred of my like minded "get to work before traffic really sucks". Which targeted ad are you gonna show? I drive this 5 days a week and know where the billboards are, how you gonna make me look at them? Geocities type flashing and blinking? Good luck with that. I'm looking to pick a lane to get me to work 2 seconds faster, not looking at billboards..

Comment I'm part of the problem (Score 3, Interesting) 310

Got divorced a few years ago, when I moved my PC the power supply went nuts and took my motherboard with it. Transferred the contents of the hard drive to my laptop, bought a PS3, and learned to love gaming in my la-z-boy with my cat in my lap. Granted, FPS aren't as good. Granted, there are no strategy turn by turn games out there (beat Civ Revolution couple years ago). I will completely admit gaming on my ps3 is nowhere near as good at it was on my desktop. On the other hand, I'm in a comfy la-z-boy with a content cat in my lap, on a 42" monitor 4 feet away, and that has to count for something.

Comment I get HBO on vacation, not worth the money (Score 1) 198

I travel a couple times a year, when I do I get a hotel that has HBO. I don't look for it, the hotels in my price range always have it. What I learn when I rent a hotel room with HBO is I really don't need HBO at home, it just shows the same crap over and over and rarely shows new stuff I might want to see.

I remember some 10 years ago, dad was in a hospital in OK with heart issues, mom was with relatives close by, and nothing was happening. Sis and I drove from San Diego to Tulsa OK, staying in hotels with HBO, when the Sopranos were going strong. I was getting the DVDs for past seasons from the library, sis hadn't seen any of them so she didn't care when I went from HBO to Movie of the Week.

Same goes for Showtime. My cable company charges me $180/month for cable, I call them once a year to bitch. They typically throw in Showtime/Skinemax and drop the price to $100. Showtime/Skinemax is nowhere near worth an extra $80/month, most of it I can get from the library a few month later for free.

Comment You think you're worried about your privacy? (Score 1) 78

Just think of how FB mines your FB page for data. Now think how it will mine your work FB page for data. You really think intelligent (yes, I had to preface what I'm about to say with that word) Cxx's will in any way let that into their company?

/ don't have a FB page
// zuckerberg can zuck off

Comment wat do? (Score 1) 756

We have 2 candidates who are both unsuited to be president, yet one will become so. I'm voting for Gary Johnson, but I'm 99% convinced he won't win due to people afraid of throwing away their votes. Keep in mind, I don't think stoned Gary is fit for the office. But he sure as shit beats the 2 assholes he's running against.

Hillary is corrupt, dishonest, deceitful, duplicative, sneaky.

Trump is, well, Trump.

Fuck em both, for gods sake lets get a third party candidate into the oval office this time around.

My prediction? Whoever wins will be impeached within 4 years. Assuming of course Clinton/Trump win.

Oh, did I say the 2 assholes? Did I forget to mention Stein? She's courting the vaccine == evil vote, fuck her.

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