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Comment Re:Horse Hockey (Score 1) 739

Even if they did get in (nice proof by intimidation you have there), how likely is it that there were REAL gems there? Despite all the hoopla, I can't imagine HC to be careless enough to communicate any significant secrets there.

Hope that's tasty kool-aid you're drinking there. She was Secretary of State. Anyone with half a brain knows she was sending/receiving classified emails. Even if they weren't classified they would be very interesting.

You clearly didn't listen to Comey squirming out of why he won't press charges. He said there were sensitive secrets on that bathroom server, he said she was careless as hell, he basically demolished everything she's been saying for the last year.

WTF is proof by intimidation? You think I, an unemployed 50+ y/o software engineer, can intimidate a woman who has been dealing with scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal et al? Show me where my lever of power is, I'll be sure to pull it.

Comment Re:I'm shopping for a phone now (Score 1) 511

I store my music on my SDCC card, and thought the disconnected thing was a bug in the HTC firmware. Please tell me Marshmallow has solved this problem.

Phone reboots suck ass cuz it takes 3-5 days for my HTC One V to get around to looking at what's on my SD card. Until it does both EFS file explorer and Mortplayer can see the directories, but I can't play them.

BTW, 3-5 days was not a typo. Not minutes, not hours, farking days.

Comment I'm shopping for a phone now (Score 4, Insightful) 511

expect to buy one in the next couple months (OK, I'm not all that serious about it yet). The 2 things I demand are a regular headphone jack, and an SDCC card slot. If a phone has both of those I go on to look at other features.

Using the headphone jack I can plug my phone into my stereo system and listen to MP3s. Granted, it's not top quality. But it's better than earbud, and definitely better than nothing. My stereo has neither USB nor bluetooth, and damned if I'm gonna buy a new stereo with my new phone.

Comment Am I that out of touch? (Score 5, Insightful) 377

90% of his votes in the last 6 months have been, IMHO, wrong. Guy wants more H1-Bs. Guy likes TPP. Guy likes longer copyrite protection for big companies. And he voted against abortion?

This is the Democrat "safe" nomination to both innoculate HRC against her transgressions, and help her attack Trump?


Comment Re:My tax dude is more efficient than my doctor (Score 4, Insightful) 325

Also, you need your tax prepare only once a year, while doctors get a steady stream of patients. In reality you pay to the healthcare industry probably approximately $20,000 in the form of your family insurance premiums and copays. Tax accountant can only get from you your $300 per year.

The human body doesn't change much in a year, nor does medical technology. The IT spending a doctor has to spend isn't so much to improve patient care so much as to align with Federal and insurance company requirements.

IMHO, the tax dude has to deal with bigger changes year over year than my doctor does. My doctor is dealing with insurance and the feds, which have nothing to do with my health. My tax dude is dealing with dumass changes to the tax law. Odds are, if something is really wrong with me then the changes the doctors have to deal with won't affect anything other than who pays for them, or which department of who pays for them. OTOH, having a tax dude who can save me $1k/yr (which my guy has done for 12 years) affects my life more than an insurance classification.

My point is, doctors can no longer view patient outcome as their #1 goal. The goals now are:

1) don't get sued
2) if you get sued prove you did every test imaginable
3) If you don't get sued ensure you billed properly
4) Hope for the best in getting paid
5) Patient? Who? Oh yeah, hope they got fixed.

Comment Re:My tax dude is more efficient than my doctor (Score 1) 325

There is a good chance,your tax accountant spent more than 22 minutes for you. In addition to compiling your tax return, what you do not see is scheduling, archiving work.

Granted. What I don't see is the money he spent updating his tax program, nor the 3-4 hours he spent learning the new laws congress, in their ever knowing wisdom, made happen.

That time/money is amortized over a thousand or three tax returns he'll deal with in 3 months.

He's got a secretary and an office manager. He can pull up my tax returns from 12 years back, something my doctor can't do (because I have to change doctors every 3-4 years).

One would think paying 20k/yr would bring more efficiency into a service, over the $300/yr I pay my tax dude.

Comment My tax dude is more efficient than my doctor (Score 1) 325

Time to do taxes, I gather everything up and hand the pile to him. He spends maybe 20 minutes going through my pile, asking me questions, then gives me a pretty good estimate of where I stand. Cost? $300. Time for me? 20 minutes, plus travel time/making the pile. Time for him? Probably 22 minutes.

I go to my doc (copay) and wait 20-30 minutes. He asks questions, I answer (10 minutes). Odds are, I get sent to a specialist (copay). I wait for the Specialist (20-30 minutes). Specialist orders tests (20 minutes + copays). Back to specialist (30 minutes + copay). Get a prescription, fill it (10 minutes + copay), it may or may not solve the problem. If not go to 1.

Difference? My tax guy doesn't have to answer to insurance companies, nor buy malpractice insurance. My tax guy doesn't have a good 6 feet shelf space of regulations.

Now I realize my tax guy farking up is much less serious than my doc farking up. Still, the crap doctors have to keep track of/order tests for/ just to avoid a lawsuit is mind boggling.

Comment How does it compare to GMO food? (Score 1) 351

I don't have a problem with GMO food, but IMHO vat grown meat is a huge departure from what we usually eat. I'd try it, but I'd probably be cautious eating a lot of it until maybe 10-20 years after it came on the market.

Then again, according to the insurance companies there's a 50% chance I'll be dead in 15 years.

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