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Comment I not only smell bullshit (Score 0) 50

but I'm pretty sure I saw it drop from the bull. What is LTE, you may ask? A marketing term. Stands for Long Term Evolution. Nothing technical about it. There is no RFC defining LTE. Tweak your protocol to get an extra 2% throughput? That's LTE. Come up with a completely different protocol only your network supports? That's LTE.

Comment Re:Wouldn't it be nice (Score 2, Informative) 87

It just hit me. Wouldn't it be funny as hell if Snotnose got enough write in votes that the news media had to report it, even though nobody knows who the hell I am? I'm sure it would take them all of a day to track me down, but I'd deny it and there are 4-5 other snotnoses out there so it would take them another day to be sure it's me.

Even better, I'm old enough to be prez and don't think I have anything disqualifying me from being prez. Just change your vote from Deez Nutz to Snotnose.

Comment Hmmm, haven't noticed (Score 1) 408

Air conditioning in the home, car, and office work fine. Is this aimed at people who actually go outside?

FWIW, don't remember where I read the original article, but the idea of cows having fart bags to capture their "emissions" seems really ripe for a Gary Larson cartoon. Gary, do you read /.? Wanna quit snorting coke off hooker tits for an hour or so and give us the image our mind's eye is trying to show?

Comment Wouldn't it be nice (Score 1) 87

if we had a TLA agency with a billion dollar budget that could seek out, explore strange new software platforms and new exploits, to boldly go where no hacker has gone before. And then tell the vendors where the damned holes are so they could get patched, instead of sitting on them so they can attack someone else when they get their panties in a bunch.

This November write in Snotnose for president, I promise to cut the NSA budget by 75% and redirect those funds to a TLA that will find the stuff that makes us insecure, and tell the damned vendors about them so we're all, not just USA citizens, but world citizens, safer. And, if the vendors don't fix the holes in a timely fashion, my new TLA has a hotline to the DOJ to light a fire under their complacent asses.

While I'm at it I'll go after the pharma Cxx's that are profiting off Epi-pens and generic drugs. You wanna get rich at the expense of my health? You get to go to jail, where the only medication you get is generic stuff that you have to pay for with your $0.10/hour wage folding laundry. Only pharma Cxx's have to pay, regular inmates get their drugs for however they pay for them now.

Comment Um, yeah, ok, about that, ummm, howbout no (Score 3, Insightful) 290

Honestly, the way some people talk on the phone makes listening to their voice mail annoying as hell. They ramble, go off topic, clear their throat, go on and on, and finally get around to telling you what you need about when the time limit expires. So then they have to call again, tell you all about how the previous voice mail cut them off, ramble a bit, repeat as needed.

I fucking hate voice mail.

Comment I saw Star Wars opening night, neener neener (Score 1) 51

It wasn't planned. At the time I was going to night school learning welding, carpooling with 2 other guys, class got out at 11:30 PM. School was downtown San Diego, we all lived 20 miles east at the time (El Cajon). Driving home one Thursday night we'd smoked our customary 2-3 bowls when we were going past Mission Valley, where the theater sign proclaimed Star Wars with a midnight showtime. I said "Hey, anyone wanna catch a movie?". The other 2 guys said sure, I got off the freeway, parked, got in line, the rest is history.

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