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Comment Virgin Mobile (Score 2) 196

$35/month, good signal in my apartment, good signal all around town.

Some 15 years ago I drove from San Diego to Oklahoma with my sister. She had Verizon. She had signal between cities when I had nothing. Then again, she was paying twice what I was. When I got close to a city I got a signal.

Few years ago I drove from San Diego to Salt Lake City, then to Montana. Never had an issue with signal strength.

Comment If the NSA wasn't evil (Score 5, Interesting) 172

They would immediately tell Intel, Microsoft, and Mr Torvalds exactly what flaws they are exploiting so they could be closed. Instead, being the evil assholes they are, they won't tell anyone. Cuz we all know the NSA is smarter than the Chinese, Russians, and random hacker groups who exploit the same holes.

I guess it's a difference of philosophy. I want my computing to be as secure as possible. The NSA wants to hack anyone's system at anytime.

My philosophy is comment sense, the NSA's is pure evil considering it lessens my security.

Comment Re:I live in a major metropolitian (Score 1) 230

I'm pretty sure the lungfuls of car exhaust will counteract that benefit

Hell, I used to bike to work daily. I had a 1/2 mile stretch that I prayed to god some dumass wouldn't turn me into a red smear on the road. Following that I had a 1/2 mile longass steepass climb I had to do.

/ 20 years ago
// knees gave out on me :(
/// traded my manual transmission for an auto, glad I did so

Comment Re:What is this 6 or 8? (Score 1) 177

The one time I don't want people overworked are my health care peeps. When my dad is in bad shape I want you to be well rested, as well as the docs who figure out what's going on. The one thing I don't want is some doc kept awake for 24+ hours coming in to figure out why dad is incoherent and shitting the bed.

Wanna pull overnighter fixing a snapchat bug? Go for it. Overnighter figuring out Facebook so folks can't real time shoot people in the face? Go for it. Figure out why dad is in such bad shape? Get some good sleep, send someone else who has had a good night's sleep. Fuck that 36 hour on-call bullshit.

Comment Re:I get to work early because (Score 1) 177

Fine by me, I can check your SVC checkins for a daily idea of what you've done, or just look at your schedule vs what you've accomplished.

I don't care what hours you work, nor where you work. Get your stuff done and I'm happy. You might have to Skype in once a week or so for meetings. Just put on a T-shirt and sit in in your underwear. Long as I don't see you in your underwear (Um, assuming your a guy here...) I'm fine.

Comment I get to work early because (Score 4, Interesting) 177

The original reason was to beat rush hour traffic. Now that rush hour starts at 6 AM it's kinda moot.

But I find most people don't show up until 9. So by getting there at 7 AM I get 3/4 of my work done in those 2 hours. After that it's meetings, random BS with co-workers (water cooler talk), and dealing with micro-managing PHBs.

It's annoying a lot of people think I'm a slacker for leaving at 3:30, but hey, I've done my 8 and I'm out.

Leaving at 1:30 would make my life a whole lot better, with pretty much 0 impact on my productivity. Hell, I'd skip lunch for those hours.

Comment Hotels lost me with "resort" fees (Score 2) 122

The wife and I seldom use the pool, never the gym, never the masseuse. We want a place to stay while we either spend the night, or spend a couple days exploring the area.

You want to charge a fee, charge it when I go into the pool. Or when I go into the gym. Or when I go wherever. But charge me for shit I don't use? Fuck that.

Comment TRS-80 with 16k RAM (Score 1) 857

Bought it in '79. Figured out how to upgrade it to 64k by way of RAM readily available at work, um, I mean, Radio Shack. Had to fold out a couple pins and solder wires to them but it worked. Also bought a PC board for the expansion interface (disc drives, printer, other stuff), then bought the parts and soldered everything together.

Learned BASIC and Z-80 assembly, the Z-80 got me a job writing 8080 assembly at work, the rest is history.

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