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Comment Re:Howzabout no? (Score 1) 44

Have yet to see any reason for someone to compromise my lowest level logins, including /. Wanna steal it? Have at it, I don't give a shit. Don't see any reason to give a shit, except for having a low member number.

Want more snotnose accounts? Ultimate guitar, yahoo news, reddit

Keep in mind there are at least 6 snotnoses out there, some are skateboarders, one is a priest, one an amatuer guitar player. Been 2-3 years since I've googled snotnose, less than half the hits are me.

Comment Howzabout no? (Score 1) 44

In www I have classes of websites. Each class has it's own login and it's own password. Things like /., Soylent News and Fark? Same login, same password. Things like my bank or investment companies? All have different logins and different passwords. Things in between are in between.

If you think I'm going to use my phone number for everything you've got to rethink you're strategy. At least concerning me. My worry is, 90% of your customers will jump the the "oh hell yeah" phase, completely skipping the "um, but...." phase.

Comment Qualcomm doesn't make chips (Score 1) 87

Qualcomm designs chips, from my experience based on ARM not x86, and outsources the actual making of chips to other companies (TSMC, Samsung, whomever).

Not really seeing how this threatens Intel outside of the whole ARM vs x86 thing. My understanding is most server farms are connected to dedicated nuclear power plants anyway, so power consumption isn't an issue. Heat dissipation? Yeah, that might be an issue.

Comment So far HTML 5 sucks ass (Score 1) 98

It's unreliable. With a lot of vids if you try to skip past the HEEEY KIDS, IT'S ME STEEVEEEOO AND IN THIS VIDEO IM GONNA SHOW YOU THE ABSULUTE BESTEST WAY TO DO THAT THING YOU WANT TO DO THAT I'M GONNA SHOW YOU HOW TO DO SOON AS I CONVINCE YOU HOW KEWL I AM. I mean, most vids have 1-2 minutes you can fast forward past before they finally get to it. With HTML 5 it often goes into an infinite loading screen until you restart the vid.

I also have trouble with pausing a vid, doing something, then restarting it. Maybe 1/4 of the time it goes into the infinite loading bug.

Finally, don't even think of closing your laptop halfway through a vid. You'll have to restart the vid to continue watching after opening the laptop.

Comment Forced to go to church as a kid (Score 4, Interesting) 228

Think 60s/70s. Went twice on Sunday, then Wed night. I was 10 or 11 when I started asking questions that got answered by "ya gotta have faith". Um, if I had faith I wouldn't be asking these questions.

Older I got the more I hated church. Not gonna lie, there were a lot of days when I thought about opening the car door and jumping out of the car. On the freeway. To this day I don't dress up, nor do I sing in public.

Then Wizard of Oz was shown on Wednesdays for a few years in a row. I'd heard a lot about it, never seen it, wanted to see it. But no, I had to go to church Wednesday nights, cuz reasons.

Moved out when I was 18. Only time I've been in a church since was when mom died 4 years ago. Dad keeps asking me to go to church with him, I demurr, he doesn't understand why I won't go.

During my 20's and half my 30's, whenever I found someone was religious I'd goad them. Actively tried to piss them off. I grew out of that.

I think if you have a rational, questioning mind, church is either a social thing or pure BS.

Comment How about offering a choice? (Score 3, Insightful) 351

Let us buy blended fuel, or pure fuel for more $$$. I'm gonna guess 90% of the consumers will go with the unblended fuel because it doesn't harm their engines (gearheads), gets better gas mileage (coupon clippers), and realize that ethanol is a major waste of money (anyone with half a brain).

The only reason burning food for fuel is a thing is because Iowa and other farm states ensure they vote early and often in primaries, so those for sale pander as hard as their pandering asses can pander to these 2-3 states. The rest of the country gets the shaft.

Hopefully Trump will break this. I'm hoping the bull in the china shop will break more bad stuff than good stuff.

Comment Really bad idea (Score 1) 1429

I like LL, I get most of what he says. He's wrong here

Both candidates knew about the electoral college, both created their strategies knowing about it. Whoopdedo, HRC got 2 million more votes than Trump.

Trump got more votes that counted.

Had the electoral college not existed both candidates would have run different campaigns, and who knows who would have won.

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