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Comment But hey, lets get pissed at Apple (Score 1) 448

Instead of the stupid fucking tax laws that let this shit happen. Lessee. I can pay this weird dude $300k to do my taxes, and he saves me > 300k in taxes. Win!!

Fix the fucking goddamned tax laws for fucks sake.

Oh, my bad. Dude/industry giving my re-election campaign hundreds of thousands goes away. Loophole? What loophole?

Comment Re:A budget that actually has to budget something (Score 3, Insightful) 648

The budget ceiling is a strawman. The money has been spent, now the bill is due. It's like you bought that doohickie at Kohl's a couple weeks ago, now you get the bill and decide to not pay it.

The solution isn't in the debt ceiling. We need to tell Congress "NO! You cannot spend more money without paying off your existing debt! Fuckwits".

That will never happen. sad. Hoping I'll be dead before the cows come home to roost, it'll be close (10 years).

Comment Republicans are anti-science (Score 1, Insightful) 648

Anything that contradicts their beloved bible, or their beloved campaign contributors, they hate. It's really sad.

I get you don't like accepting climate change cuz of oil donations, whatev, but physics, fusion, and superconducting? Good thing we'll have all those 20th century robots making shit the manufacturing "the jobs will come back" should have, cuz we're now behind China and Russia in the 21st century economy.

Comment So fix it for $diety sake (Score 5, Insightful) 129

Instead of billions on a stupid wall, invest billions in supercomputing tech. Hell, invest billions in semiconductor tech, cuz China is trying to take the lead in semiconductors big time.

Fucking Trump, trying to bring back manufacturing when he doesn't understand the concept of "robot".

Comment I fail to see the problem (Score 1) 456

Email and voicemail got replaced by text. Long docs via email are fine (I play online games via email), but most of my email nowdays are retailers who think they have a relationship with me but I never look at them unless I need to buy underwear and want a discount. Voicemail? Fuck off. Yeah, I can have android do email to text with hilariously bad results. Fact is, you leave me a voice mail and I pretty much ignore you unless I recognize the sender. Voice mail for me. Long, drawn out voice taking a good minute telling my phone tree options.. I enter my phone number. Long, drawn out voice. I enter my code. Long, drawn out message, I enter my code again. Long, drawn out message, I hit 1 for play. Long, drawn out rambling message from some dipshit asking a stupid question. I tell them they're a dipshit. Long drawn out message saying my mailbox has 2 more messages. Repeat 2 more times. Long drawn out message, my mailbox is mt.

Text version? Get a text. It's a stupid question. Might also say why in 142 characters.Delete, or answer, whatever. Problem solved in seconds instead of minutes.

Voicemail used to be great, now it's the refuge of people who can't condense their thought in less than 30 seconds.

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