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Comment Re:... Profit (Score 1) 528

I absolutely see your point, but it almost sounds like you'd be OK with letting the other 92% off with no consequences, just in case. (Not saying you said that at all, just that it could be inferred.) I have very mixed feelings about laws and false convictions, because it's *very* hard to know where to draw the line. Obviously, I'm against false convictions, but the debate arises at some point because we can't accept that every offense can't be absolutely factually verified, so we can't be sure what does and doesn't merit ruining the accused's life... but we also can't just decide that any offense that could be falsified gets a free pass. There's no one all-purpose, ironclad answer.

Comment Re:Intent is the key word... (Score 1) 528

Unless the photos in question have been uploaded to a site specifically and explicitly existing for the purpose of revenge-shaming your ex. There are plenty of cases that would be very hard to nail down, but there are also a fair amount where it would be pretty hard to wiggle out of admitting that you were doing exactly what the URL says.

Comment Re:you know what they say: you cant trust google (Score 4, Interesting) 80

I am a long time Apple fanboy, really love the iPad. But honestly, I am starting to get annoyed with some missing customizations that Android has had for ages. Not talking themes.

For example: Intents. iOS 6 looked like Apple was headed that way with the way you share pictures or links. However, only a few select companies are integrated with it. I want to be able to add a screenshot right into Evernote. Use a different "read later" provider. I use Chrome on the desktop, which doesn't integrate with iCloud reader. Same thing goes for bookmarks. I use xmarks for syncing across multiple machines and I primarily use Chrome. Xmarks is also awesome for having work profiles. iOS xmarks integration is very limited because of Apple.

Widgets: I can't believe that after all these years of widgets in OS X they haven't brought them over to iOS. It would be very nice to have a dashboard for lets say system status at work. I don't want anything too abusive on system resources, but allowing one of these widgets to update in the background or via notifications would be awesome.

I was honestly considering picking up a Nexus 7 once the LTE version is announced. The announcement of factory images for the Nexus 7 has sealed the deal for me. Will I customize it to that level ? Not sure. But I would like the option.

Comment Re:Puzzles are pointless (Score 1) 305

Let me clarify that the puzzles I am talking about have no use in case in technology ever. They are random hypotheticals that prove next to nothing and only waste the times of both people.

I am totally ok with and encourage someone to walk in and say. Ok, we have this specific project and ran into this problem. What would you do to fix it ? What technologies, tools or methods would you use to fix it ? How would you know you accomplished it ? If this failed what would you do next ?

For example:

On a very high traffic site you have a list of recent users that is updated very frequently. You are currently using memcache but every time the key expires it creates a heavy spike on your database. How do you solve this ?

There are quite a few ways this question can be answered. This is a totally legitimate interview question. You can apply a lot of different technologies to this in many creative ways.

You will get *FAR* more out of the interview asking this compared to asking riddles about the number of elephants in bathtubs and how much they weigh.

Comment Re:Puzzles are pointless (Score 2) 305

Without a doubt there is no one magic formula. In the end you have to be able to read people. I have had people come in and clam up almost instantly because they were intimidated by me or nervous about the interview. Those are the times I take a short breather to chat about some random shit. Once they relax I get back into the thick of things. I have seen many people interview people and fail at this. They might know the answer but are overwhelmed. But this is also a good indicated of how well they will fit into the place. Some companies I have been at were chaotic, fast paced and high stress. Obviously, someone who cracks under pressure might not be what we want.

I change up my interview style a lot over time. Mostly because each company is very different and has very different needs. I wouldn't interview someone at a startup the same way as a larger established company. I also don't interview juniors and seniors the same. I don't expect a junior to have all the answers, I might need to drop them a few hints or lead them a bit. Do they understand the core concepts ? Did they learn something during a chat ? Were they interested in what they learned ? And it sounds strange but did they enjoy it ?

Comment Puzzles are pointless (Score 5, Informative) 305

I have walked out of job interviews where they asked nothing but puzzles. I solve technical challenges and write code. If you really have trouble determining how many toasters you can use to cook 50 pancakes, guess what. I am not the right person for you. If you are looking for someone who can code their ass off, I am the right person.

I have interviewed hundreds of candidates over the years. I have been the hiring manager a few times and never once pulled the puzzle bullshit. I have found the best indicator in the world is to just casually bullshit about technology. You can very quickly find someones strengths, weaknesses and if they are full of it. In a casual chat, people let their guard down and you get a look in.

Comment Windows is a train wreak (Score 1) 1215

Ever since I switched to Mac I have been so much happier. My work flows have drastically improved and I am far more productive. I haven't used Windows for anything other then testing a site in IE or pure gaming on a Windows box in many years now.

I have Windows 7 installed for a few games (DCS for one) and I tell ya the UI is a train wreak. It is a cluttered mess that you can't ever find anything. Hell just launching an application is painful. Where did this application install ? Did it install based on the company name or the product name ? Did it install in program files or some other random directory ?

With OS X it has a very clean system layout that makes sense. Where are my apps installed ? /Applications. Where are my pictures, movies, music. In ~/

The system settings page is well organized and I can find what I am looking for very easy. The single navbar makes life a lot easier as well. No guessing where this app has the menu or digging through confusing ribbon menus.

Linux ... is just as bad as Windows on the desktop. There is no unity or no organization. It's just a hot mess.

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