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Comment Re:FAKE NEWS! (Score 1) 537

Pretty funny that you post this because Comey actually did confirm that mainstream media is printing fake news. He said that information leaked was in fact wrong but he could not confirm or deny which is wrong. I found that pretty interesting that it actually shows that President Trump is right in that some of it is fake news. The level at which the President accuses is still ridiculously wrong in my opinion.

Comment Re:Counterintuitively, cheaper = jobs (Score 1) 359

Well it must be rough having memory only back 10 years.

Up until the passing of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006, the USPS was able to pass its Congressional mandate of being revenue neutral. After this act which put a financial burden of pre-funding benefits on to the USPS unlike any other government organization in existence the USPS has significantly been in the red.

So you are actually wrong. Without government interference they would be revenue neutral again particularly by making business decision to alter service that Congress effectively blocks. They are also in serious debt but have yet to be bailed out by taxpayers so again I can factually state that they do not take tax payer money.

Btw I am not speaking about these things off hand as you seem to be. I have worked in the industry for the past 8 years.

Comment Re:Counterintuitively, cheaper = jobs (Score 2) 359

This is true that UPS is disadvantaged against USPS however there are facts that need clarification.

1. USPS doesn't take tax dollars. They have been revenue neutral since the 1970's.
2. USPS doesn't own any planes so relies on FedEx and UPS cargo flights to move volume through the air
3. USPS allows their infrastructure in rural areas to be leveraged for UPS and FedEx. This is called the Last Mile program.

While they (USPS) do compete with UPS and FedEx, it is also very symbiotic more so than most people know.

Comment Re:Call it what it is (Score 1) 470

men who will DEMONSTRABLY do anything for personal power, even violate their own beliefs.

You just described 99% of people in power in today's world. In my opinion, this is exactly how both men and women.reach the highest seats of power. I mean do you really believe Hillary Clinton enjoyed spending time or watching her husband spend time with someone like Jeffrey Epstein? Her and Trump were both compromised and surrounded by people who do the same. In some regards I think if you have no dirt on you, you wouldn't be able to make it in the highest levels of power.

Comment Re:Call it what it is (Score 1) 470

If you are referencing Bannon then as Ben Shapiro says

I’ve been as critical of Steve Bannon as anybody in the media. I was the first critic of Bannon because when I left Breitbart in March, I specifically named Bannon as a nefarious influence at Breitbart, by name. And yet, I was forced last week to defend Steve Bannon. I think that he’s a terrible person. But because the left can’t just say, “This is a guy who made way for the alt-right, which is quite terrible, and he’s doing a real disservice to the nature of the country by doing so.” The left had to accuse him personally of racism and anti-Semitism, and they had to overstep. This is the big mistake.

If you think Bannon is a threat then drop the bullshit white supremacist accusation and start to analyze what his plans for the nation are. Keep repeating that accusation over and over again like a lot of people on the left and you will reap what you sow. Have you ever wondered why Bannon wears this accusation like a badge of honor? Because he knows that it is bullshit and it simply discredits those who are repeating it.

Submission + - Bruce Schneier: 'The internet era of fun and games is over' (

campuscodi writes: Internet pioneer Bruce Schneier issued a dire proclamation in front of the House of Representatives’ Energy & Commerce Committee Wednesday: “It might be that the internet era of fun and games is over, because the internet is now dangerous.”

The meeting, which focused on the security vulnerabilities created by smart devices, came in the wake of the Oct. 21 cyberattack on Dyn that knocked Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and other major web services offline.

Schneier’s opening statement provided one of the clearest distillations of the dangers posed by connected devices I’ve seen. It should be required viewing. He starts around the 1:10:30 mark in the livestream below, but we’ve also transcribed most of his remarks.

Comment Re:You're comparing a knee-jerk reaction to fear (Score 1) 978

I absolutely agree with you on this even though I find myself disagreeing with a lot of things you say. My original point still stands that this person was engaging in fear-mongering with no real facts to back it up. If the US wants to fix the issues that caused Donald Trump to be elected then the first steps are better quality and more productive communication between people (even online).

Comment Re:Ho, boy, you weren't listening either (Score 1) 978

I like how you parse out the paragraph right before it: "Trump has yet to lay out a detailed plan to replace President Obama's signature health reform law. His transition team did not return a request for comment." Your source is speculation at best but like I said continue to support your confirmation bias and fear-mongering with no basis in fact.

Comment Re:You're comparing a knee-jerk reaction to fear (Score 4, Insightful) 978

A bit of hyperbole is to be expected in the face of what's coming (hope you're health, you're about to lose pre-existing condition coverage unless you're rich enough to pay for COBRA).

Oh you mean one of the two parts of the ACA that Trump just agreed with and said he would keep on 60 minutes. I am not even a Trump supporter but the spread of misinformation and bullshit from the left at this point is absolutely horrendous. It went from sites on the right doing it to switching to the left. The man isn't even in office yet. By all means though don't let facts get in the way of your fear-mongering.

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