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Comment Isaac Asimov (Score 2) 300

I recall that in IASFM (yes, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine), Asimov once wrote an editorial which covered this subject. Although I don't have that anymore, I think I recall the gist of it pretty well. He noted that a number of science fiction writers over the years had attempted to invent gender-neutral pronouns for the English language, but none had ever gained any traction. Asimov then pointed out that English already had gender-neutral pronouns that work just fine, in the form of "he" and "his". It's rarely difficult to tell from the context when they are being used in a gender-neutral way. The awkward "he or she" construct was a solution to a non-problem.

So, I think I'll stick with Asimov on this. However, I have to admit to being stodgy in my writing habits. I still refer to The Elements of Style (which Asimov also recommended), not to mention Webster's 2nd Edition (the "dord" dictionary), and I still capitalize God (yes, even when He is referred to by pronouns), and I still believe that "flammable" is not a real word and shouldn't be used outside of warning labels that must be understood by semi-literates.

Comment Re:There's a reason we don't block spam calls... (Score 1) 76

I don't understand what you're saying... is it that your company likes the calls because, as a user, you pay $2 extra if you're up near the border? Maybe it was just Toronto, but one of the reasons I like T-Mobile was my international service was no additional charge in just about everywhere I would likely travel. Back on subject, I use a brain enabled white list.... if I don't recognize the number, I don't answer it. If they leave a message, and it was something I wanted, I add them to my contacts so I know who it is.

Comment Re:Really, Microsoft? (Score 1) 320

That's completely wrong - most people need to use MS Office and outlook - and while there are alternatives (and you can use OWA for Outlook), alternatives aren't good enough for large organizations. We're not talking about programmers, we're talking about assistants and accountants and managers who are told from the top down what software they are using. YMMV, but MOST people need to use MS at work. A lot of places offer Mac as an alternative, but in no place I've ever worked have assistants and accountants and managers been given the choice to use Linux. This has ZERO to do with games.

Comment Re:You're the idiot who keeps using that software. (Score 1) 320

One of the most moronic things I've read in a long time.

Try not being an idiot and change it. The reality of your situation is that you can act. You're just lazy or ignorant or prefer to just complain.

Sure, I can take the moral high ground and live on unemployment.

Tell your vendor that if they don't get off Windows onto Linux then you will leave as a customer. If there is no alternative AT ALL, then take another job.

Except the reality of the situation is Windows is not that bad to lose your job over. Moreover, I'm one user of one of our dozens of systems that run this software, and we're one company of hundreds that use it. The company is very good, but I'm doubting they'll throw away their cash cow because I'm complaining. Again, you really don't get the reality of most people's situation. Let's say you're an X-Ray technician, and the software you use, which is the industry standard used at 95% of the hospitals, runs on Windows. Do you take the moral high ground and throw away your career just because the excellent software you're using runs on Windows? Good luck with that.

This isn't A Knight's Tale and you can't change your stars. Get over yourself. If I was writing website back ends (and sometimes that's the work I do), I insist on Linux because I can. If you're running Adobe AfterEffects, you have no such luxury, and Adobe doesn't give a f#@ what you think, and your company just wants you to get it done with the tool all the other artists are using that they've already paid for.

All this grandstanding the Linux zealots are throwing out there doesn't take into consideration that, in reality, Windows isn't THAT bad to lose your job over. Most of us are grown up enough to deal with it. I have a preference - I prefer Linux when possible, but I'm flexible enough to use whatever they give me.

Comment Re: Really, Microsoft? (Score 1) 320

Agreed - everything you install thinks it's the most important thing you use, as if it's the only thing you use , even just simply drivers. My video drivers nag me to update, my printer drivers nag me to update, anything from Adobe, Apple - they all run these f#@king background processes checking for updates. Like much of Windows 10 telemetry and spying, you need to jump through hoops to turn it all off.

Comment Re:Really, Microsoft? (Score 2) 320

That's an awesome post (and you deserve the insightful mods) because you answered both the parent and GP posts. I use very high end software that runs on Windows and currently nothing else. All the idiots that keep telling me to use Linux (I already do when I can) do not understand the reality of most people's situations.

Comment Re:Why not let the market sort this out? (Score 1) 266

No, the market is fully functional - unfortunately, though, it goes where the money is - and most people will allow themselves to be treated worse by the airlines if it means saving a few bucks, so they are in a race to the bottom. The only ones competing at the high end are for the longest flights, where people start to pay attention to comfort.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 266

But, those small seats are why some people can afford to fly.

Yes, and now it's a race to the bottom, as more and more people will continue to sacrifice comfort for lower ticket prices. It's like all the retail stores competing with WalMart, and the resulting drop in quality all the way around. Also, businesses generate the most revenue for airlines (from what I understand). That might include business class seats for some, but when my crew goes to a remote, nobody gets anything but coach, and I suspect most businesses are flying their non-executive employees that way.

Comment Re:Illegal Speech (Score 1) 555

Speaking of not being able to read; The DOJ did not say the videos were illegal. The DOJ ordered UC Berkeley to make them compliant with ADA standards.

The university decided to remove the media because it was not worth the trouble and cost of fighting a lawsuit over compliance, and the cost of compliance was too high.

There was - is - absolutely nothing wrong with the videos themselves. The word "illegal" does not apply to any part of this situation. Big fuckin' difference.

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