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Comment Re:Js does suck (Score 1) 181

Anything which works at the OS level has threads because it can spawn processes. The JVM has threads because it can't (easily) spawn processes, but many implementations use processes for JVM threads. JS, with lambda expressions and even driven programming claims to be threaded but is not. Its just callbacks where you have no control over when the calls are going to be made (usually in a rush when your main call ends).

Like it or not, our applications require threading. Your indexer has to keep running while your user presses buttons. That sort of thing.

Comment Re:Accidental complexity (Score 1) 181

Yeah I got caught by something similar. An int set to None is False. Changed that variable to be a list and a corner case where I passed an empty list was treated as False where I expected it to be True. I as in the habit of treating None as False and it bit when I changed the type of my data.

Comment Re:I want an electric skydiving plane (Score 1) 163

Short duty cycle aircraft are horrible on combustion engines. They get hot climbing under load. They drop their load and coast to the ground. Engine temperature drops sharply once it hits altitude, and thermal expansion kills engine components. Its the same issue with glider tugs.

Electric components will get hot as well but they don't use as much solid metal so they may fair better under this type of use.

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