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Comment Re:You don't know what a free market is, do you? (Score 1) 369

You can't get patents or copyrights on a recipe.

I think the issues are a little more complex than this. No copyrights on a recipe: sort of right. You cannot copyright a simple list of ingredients or basic instructions explaining how to put them together. Cookbooks, on the other hand, which include cute or clever language, photos of meals and so on are certainly copyrightable.

I believe you may be able to get a patent on a recipe. The reason companies don't bother -- why Coca-Cola has never patented its secret formula, for example -- is because it would be pointless, because patents are public. As soon as Coca-Cola patented its formula, everybody in the world would know exactly how it was made, and it would be trivial to create taste-alike products. Instead, Coca-Cola maintains its formula as a trade secret and does not rely on government protections such as patents.

Comment Re:Now this is just getting stupid (Score 1) 562

I get various types of enjoyment out of my vinyl collection. Yes, the sound is pretty good -- in some cases better than the CD (because the CD was mastered for the "noise wars" and had to be remastered for vinyl). But there's also the enjoyment of full-sized art, lyric sheets you can read, occasional bonus artwork, colored vinyl is pretty common, have a couple of "three-sided" records where the fourth side has been etched with artwork, I have a couple of records with holograms on them ... hell, one record I own even features a playable board game in the gatefold. Choosing vinyl is a fun way to interact with your music beyond just listening to it. It's a different experience even than buying CDs.

Comment Re:"Real-world usage" (Score 1) 246

Well, yeah. What percentage of a typical user's time on his Mac is spent developing web pages? In general, very little. In many (most?) cases, none at all.

Conversely, among the web developers who use Macs (which is quite a lot of them), maybe 75 percent of their workday is spent developing web pages. What's your point?

Comment Yahoo brand (Score 5, Informative) 399

I think everybody's jumping the gun here. What's left of Yahoo after the sale -- which will basically just be an investment holding company -- will change its name to Altbaba. I see no reason why Verizon wouldn't continue to operate Yahoo's core web businesses under the Yahoo brand. To not do so sounds like a tremendous waste of money.

Comment Re: The company may be sound (Score 2) 49

I have an S7 and I quite like it. They've dialed back the TouchWiz silliness to the point that I had very little difficulty transitioning from stock Android. The keyboard is eminently usable; I have Swype installed but find myself not using it. There's some bloatware but it's easily ignored, and some of it I actually use. On the whole it doesn't bother me at all, in fact it's probably the best phone I've owned.

Comment Re:3d fails about every 10-15 years. (Score 1) 433

Hugo, Life of Pi, My Bloody Valentine (seriously -- bless it for treating the 3D like what it is, a gimmick), Great Gatsby ... there have been a fair handful of movies that got the 3D right.

But only a handful. I'd say the majority of recent 3D blockbusters are just as enjoyable in 2D -- and depending on your frame of mind, even more so.

Comment Re:people are tired of recycled movie plots (Score 1) 189

99% of movies has the same schema portrayed in various backdrops & settings, you have a protagonist battling an antagonist over either a princess or a treasure

You ever consider the possibility that it may just be your own personal predilection for certain types of material? Because it sure doesn't sound like you're watching a whole lot of historical dramas, biopics, horror movies, comedies, murder mysteries, documentaries, or any other categories that don't seem to fit the cookie-cutter you describe.

Comment Re:how often are Mac Pro's upgraded? (Score 1) 293

It's been more than 3 years. Mac Pros are not for your average consumer. It's for the professionals. While most computers don't get monumental improvement gains anymore like they did in the 90s, incremental gains are most likely wanted by the top end, the professionals.

The professionals? I've never met a doctor or lawyer who really needed anything more powerful than your typical consumer PC.

Comment Re:Good Riddance (Score 1) 207

I call bullshit. Serif fonts are indeed less fatiguing but curly quotes are nonsense, always have been, and always will be.

What's your take on curly commas and semicolons, btw?

Personally I think a book that's typeset in a serif font with straight quotes would look really bizarre and would be really annoying to read.

Comment Re:Twitter isn't helping (Score 1) 207

Some news sites have gone straight to embedding Tweets rather than using classic citation. Frankly, I think it's sloppy writing.

This has the advantage that you can not only have immediate visual confirmation that the tweet is genuine, but you can also click through to the original tweet to see any responses that may have been posted since the original article was written.

Believe it or not, some publications even post hyperlinks to their original sources when they're citing material from other sites. The internet: it's a mind-blower, bro, I know.

Comment Re:C'mon Folks! This Does Not Make Sense! (Score 1) 189

Remember they are only counting scripted shows. Another way to say that would be "fiction" shows -- dramas, soap operas, and comedies -- which does not include news broadcasts, chat shows, gameshows, sports broadcasts (of which there are many), talent contests, interviews, and so on (regardless of how scripted any of the above might actually be).

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